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God of Fishing - Chapter 115

Published at 12th of June 2020 05:48:07 PM

Chapter 115

Chapter 115: A Manipulator

Han Fei’s speed was so fast that before the man behind him reacted, Han Fei’s double knives had been respectively inserted into his left and right shoulder .



“Damn you, fatty! You’re seeking death . ”

“Go to hell . ”

At the moment, a total of 5 people landed on Han Fei’s white fishing boat . Apart from this boy who had been stabbed by Han Fei, there were 4 other boys .

Han Fei was surprised . Why were they all boys about his age?

“Kill him . ”

The four boys all pounced at Han Fei . Two of the four launched spiritual energy explosion attacks at him, one of them held a bow and the arrow was already on the string, and the left one was thrusting the sword in his hand at Han Fei .


Han Fei wrapped his double knives with spiritual energy and also launched a spiritual energy explosion attack . In an instant, with Han Fei as the center, air billow went off in all directions .

“How could that be?”

The four boys were shocked to find that Han Fei was unscathed after being shot by the arrow, thrust by the sword, and hit by the rod .

“I’m gonna hack you to death . ”

Han Fei aimed at one of them who called him a fatty . The double knives twirled in his hands and then chopped down as fast as a bolt of lightning .


The boy reacted very quickly . He immediately protected himself with a spiritual energy cover and then fused with his spiritual beast . Han Fei saw a turtle’s shadow merge into the boy’s body .


However, he was still hacked down by Han Fei, and his clothes were torn apart, revealing a bloody long cut .

At this time, Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling had fused with their spiritual beasts, covered their rods with spiritual energy, and rushed to help .



The sword-bearing boy retreated, and suddenly numerous amounts of seaweed emerged from his sides and tried to entangle Chen Ling and Chen Jia’er .

Chen Jiaer’s face changed greatly . “Spirit Entangled Grass? Are you from the town?”

A shrimp shadow appeared in front of Chen Jia’er and tried to cut off the Spirit Entangled Grasses with its pliers .

The sword-holding boy shouted, “Bind!”

The sheet of Spirit Entangled Grasses moved instantly, tying Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling up . The two pliers of Chen Jia’er’s shrimp were crushed by the grasses and she was powerless to resist .

Seeing this scene, Han Fei picked up his rod on the deck with one foot, took it in his hand, and swung it at the boy .

The boy didn’t panic at all . The sheet of grasses quickly came at him .


As Han Fei launched another spiritual energy explosion attack, the grasses were destroyed and the sword-bearing boy retreated five or six steps before stopping .

At this moment, Han Fei had been surrounded by the five of them . Although two of them were injured by Han Fei, they could still fight . The boy who was stabbed in the shoulders by Han Fei had taken a pill and was especially ready for revenge as he stared at him ferociously .

Han Fei was confused . “I remembered they said that people from the town will not attack us!”

But the boy with a sword said, “We just wanted the Treasure Digging Fish, but how dare you hurt my companion? Now you must die . ”

Han Fei scratched his belly . “That means you can attack us, but if we fight back, we should be slaughtered?”

The boy who was injured by Han Fei shouted, “You damn pig, if you present the Treasure Digging Fish to us, get on your knees and beg, maybe I will consider sparing your life . ”

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Han Fei continued to scratch his belly . “Spare my life? How do you have the cheek to say so? Do you forget you’ve just been beaten by me?”

The bow-holding boy said calmly, “Be careful . This fatty has very strong defense power . He blocked all our attacks with his own body . We didn’t even break his protective cover, so we must try our best . ”

Chen Jia’er interjected, “That’s unfair . The level-one fishery doesn’t belong to you guys . How can you bully us like this?”

The sword-bearing boy replied, “As you said, the level-one fishery doesn’t belong to anyone, so it’s normal for us to snatch your Treasure Digging Fish . ”

Chen Jia’er was angry but she still said to Han Fei, “Han Fei, don’t get entangled by the Spirit Entangled Grass . It will suck up your spiritual energy . ”

Han Fei nodded slightly . “I see . ”

Han Fei looked at the sky . “It seems that someone has not come down yet . He seems to be certain that you will win . ”

A boy sneered, “If we can’t even beat a pig like you, how can we be called Heavenly Talents?”

Han Fei’s face was turning darker and darker and his fat lips trembled . “You know what? I hate people calling me fat . The one in the sky, listen well . If you still don’t come down, I’ll slaughter these guys . Don’t blame me for not reminding you . ”

“Slaughter us? In your dreams?”

In the next moment, they moved, but so did Han Fei . In an instant, he activated “Crazy Devil’s Rod, and his rod was so fast that only shadows could be seen . The five boys were stunned .

“Damn it, so fast . ”

“How is this fatty so agile?”

Han Fei was targeting no one but the guy holding the bow . His bow nearly pierced his skin .


Clang, Clang, Clang…

Three boys were guarding the bow-bearing boy, but to their horror, they could hardly resist the fatty’s attacks . His speed didn’t match his figure at all!

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Behind him, Han Fei felt that Spirit Entangled Grass secretly crawl at him again . He dodged and then, in the horrified stare of everyone, set foot on the wind and flew into the air .

At that second, everyone was stunned . This man who was so fat could step into the air?!


Han Fei injected 300 points of spiritual energy into this attack, which was almost all spiritual energy a junior fishing master could have . The boy whose spiritual beast was a turtle suddenly moved forward and roared, and a turtle shadow appeared in the air and seemed to try to block this attack .



The turtle’s shell was crushed and the boy flew into the sea like a stringless kite .

Han Fei was confident that this attack had broken the boy’s hands, and without hands, he would be dead meat after falling into the water .

But several Spirit Entangled Grasses appeared in the air and the boy was pulled back by the sword-bearing boy behind him .

“Did you think I was dead?”

Han Fei immediately threw down the rod and stepped on the wind . His double knives were as fast as a bolt of lightning and quickly cut off the Spirit Entangled Grasses .

But what surprised Han Fei even more was that the bow-holding boy waved the fishing rod in his hand, wrapped the boy’s body with the fishing line, and pulled him back again .

At the moment when the boy was pulled back, Han Fei noticed that besides the spiritual energy protective cover, the two had an extra layer of armor, which was woven from spiritual energy .

“Huh? Not bad!”

Han Fei glanced back at the sword-bearing boy . “So, are you a manipulator?”

The sword-bearing boy frowned . He didn’t seem to expect that this fatty would be so strong, but he still said arrogantly, “Humph, it seems that you’re not as stupid as I thought . ”

“Unfortunately, you don’t have a soul warrior, no hunter, and no spirit gatherer in your team . What makes you think you can beat me?”

Han Fei moved again, but this time instead of attacking the bow-holding boy, he rushed at the sword-bearing boy . Old Jiang once said that in a team, the manipulator and the spirit gatherer were the most dangerous . If he were met by them, he should kill them as soon as possible .

The sword-bearing boy’s face changed, and the Spirit Entangled Grasses rushed towards Han Fei crazily . However, in front of Han Fei who was as fast as a phantom, the Spirit Entangled Grasses were of no use and were all torn to pieces .

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The sword-bearing boy knew that he couldn’t beat Han Fei, so he controlled the Spirit Entangled Grasses to wrap himself up, and then detoured back to the bow-bearing boy .

Han Fei scratched his belly . “A smart move!”

Han Fei looked at the sky and said again, “The guy in the sky, if you don’t come down now, I’m gonna kill them all . I’ve warned you twice . ”



“Fatty, how dare you?!”

“Fatty, you are nothing but an intermediate fishing master . I’m afraid that your spiritual energy is already exhausted! You’re just bluffing!”

Seeing the man in the sky still not come down, Han Fei was angered .

“Explode! Explode! Explode!…”

Han Fei was really angry . He didn’t want to expose his real strength . These boys were not weak . Although they were not his match, they didn’t suffer a crushing defeat .

However, when his spiritual energy burst out seemingly endlessly, everyone was dumbfounded .

They could withstand one blow from this fatty, but what about two? Or even three?

When Han Fei launched the first blow, the spiritual energy armor and protective covers of the two rod-holding boys were shattered .

With his second attack, Han Fei ignored the flying arrow and directly struck the two rod-holding boys away . One boy’s rod was bent by Han Fei, and his hands broke with a crack .

With his third attack, the Spirit Entangled Grasses tried to protect the boys, only to be smashed by Han Fei’s single blow . The sword-bearing boy was hit flying and vomited blood, but fortunately, the Spirit Entangled Grass tied him to the railings in time so that he didn’t fall into the sea .

They seemed to earn some time for the bow-bearing boy . The bow-bearing boy stepped on the railings and jumped up sharply, and the three long arrows in his hand turned into three white flashes that shot at Han Fei .