God of Fishing - Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Their Strength Really Let Me Down

“Protective Cover!”

Han Fei roared and a palm-sized knife appeared in his hand .


Clank, Clank, Clank…

Han Fei took three steps back, and his protective cover was shattered by the three arrows . He took a breath . This bow-bearing boy was strong! Even a peak-level fishing master wouldn’t be able to stand these three arrows!

Unfortunately, he, Han Fei, was not an ordinary person .

While he was attacked by these three arrows, the bow-bearing boy groaned and fell from the sky . His chest was pierced and his heart was almost shot by Han Fei .

The sword-bearing boy coughed up blood and glared coldly at Han Fei . “Despicable!”

“Oh, I’m despicable? So is it glorious that the five of you have ganged up on me?”


Han Fei swung the rod at them again, saving no strength, because he found that these boys weren’t afraid of him and their offense and defense were still organized . If Han Fei guessed right, the person in the sky was their dependence .


However, the next moment, a middle-aged man suddenly appeared in front of him who blocked his attack with a rod . Han Fei was shaken off more than three meters away and then took four or five steps back .

“Stop it!”


Han Fei shouted, “Stop my ass!”

Han Fei’s strength skyrocketed in an instant, and he activated Crazy Devil’s Rod again . This time he reserved no strength . If it weren’t for the fact that he looked a bit creepy after fusion, he would have already fused with Little Black and Little White .

“Huh? What a strong force! Don’t you feel that he has become stronger?”


The middle-aged man was forced to fight back, and they were locked in a dogfight .

Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling were dumbfounded, and Han Fei’s strength was beyond their cognition . These people were Heavenly Talents from the town! One of them beat the two of them with a single blow . But Han Fei knocked all five of them down alone!

Chen Jia’er shouted, “Han Fei, the man is a great fishing master . ”

The middle-aged man pleaded, “Boy, stop it . They’ve lost . I’ll take them away . ”

“Are you kidding me? Do you think you can just walk away? You’ve gotta give me compensation!”

The middle-aged man frowned . “Boy, don’t overdo it . ”

“Hoho, I overdo?”


Han Fei didn’t know whether he could beat a great fishing master, but when it came to spiritual energy, he was sure that this man was definitely no match for him .

“Explode! Explode! Explode!…”

Bam! Bam! Bam!…

Even a great fishing master couldn’t resist Han Fei’s crazy attacks and the five boys behind the middle-aged man were all dumbfounded . How could this fatty be so strong? This was their teacher! And they fought to a draw?

The middle-aged man also seemed to be a bit embarrassed and burst into a roar, “Electric Shock…”

Immediately, Han Fei saw an electric arc flash past his eyes and a jellyfish floating on the head of the middle-aged man . The jellyfish was generating electricity that made his body numb .

However, this pain was completely incomparable to what he got from the Hexagon Starfish . So Han Fei just shook his body and swung his rod at him again .

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“Shit . ”

The middle-aged man didn’t know what to say . Is this fat man’s spiritual energy infinite? Why hasn’t his spiritual energy run out yet?

When he blocked this attack, Han Fei suddenly retreated and shot out a knife at him as fast as a bolt of lightning .

“Universe Broadsword . ”

The middle-aged man’s face changed greatly . “Fuse . ”

In an instant, the middle-aged man protected his body with a spiritual energy cover, fused with his spiritual beast, and held the rod in front of his chest .


The middle-aged man was hit flying, his hand was bleeding, and a trace of blood oozed out of his mouth . He didn’t seem to be seriously injured, but his protective cover and fusion with his spiritual beast were both shattered .

“Cough… Boy, don’t challenge my patience . Although your strength is formidable, with me here, you can’t hurt my students . ”

In fact, Han Fei was also breathless . After all, he was only an intermediate fishing master and his attacking methods were limited . Although he was already strong, in front of a real great fishing master, he didn’t seem to be strong enough . He had used the Universe Broadsword technique to see whether he could withstand using it in combat or not .

But this time, he felt much better, at least not as weak as when he first used it in the fight against Jiang Qin . At the same time, he also confirmed the fact that a great fishing master was much stronger than a fishing master . If the person in front of him was Li Jue, he would have been killed by him .

Han Fei gasped . “Your students hurt innocent people for no reason, but you just let them! You must compensate me for my loss!”

The middle-aged man snorted . “What do you want?”

Han Fei sneered, “Don’t forget, I haven’t fused with my spiritual beast yet . ”

The man’s face changed slightly . “Even if you fuse with your spiritual beast, so what?”

“Even if I can’t kill you, none of your five students will escape . ”

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The middle-aged man’s eyes turned chilly . “Boy, are you provoking me?”

“Hahaha…” Han Fei laughed . “I dare not! You are a great fishing master . You are stronger than me . You have the final say . Are you from the town? Dare you tell me your name? When I go to the town, I will challenge you . ”

The middle-aged man was thinking about whether or not to take the opportunity to kill Han Fei . Anyway, there was no one around, and killing him should cause him no trouble .

Han Fei enticed him, “What? Want to kill me? Even if you are a great fishing master, you can’t kill me! You are an intermediate great fishing master at most, or even only a junior one . Even if I stand still and let you cut me, you won’t be able to kill me!”

The middle-aged man frowned . What the fatty said is right . His defense is too strong . God only knew how the villages have such a strong man . Why didn’t this guy go to the town?

“Of course, when I challenge you, I will fight you one on one . But can you explain why your students ganged up on me? Don’t they need to pay for their mistake?”

Behind the middle-aged man, the sword-bearing boy shouted angrily, “Fatty, what do you want?”

Han Fei’s face suddenly changed, and his momentum rose . “Let me say it again . Whoever dares to call me fatty again, I’ll kill him! Yes, your teacher is here, but so what? If you really piss me off, I can kill all of you in front of his eyes!”

The sword-holding boy muttered, “Arrogant . ”


Han Fei waved his hand and cut off the Spirit Entangled Grass on Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling’s body, and at the same time, two columns of spiritual energy were poured into the body of the two .

At this moment, including the middle-aged great fishing master, everyone was shocked .

Middle-aged man couldn’t help but ask, “Are you a spirit gatherer?”

The bow-bearing boy cried out, “How is it possible? How can these fishing villages have a spirit gatherer?”

As soon as Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling’s spiritual energy recovered a little, they immediately stood up and held their rods, ready to fight .

Han Fei spoke again, “So, do you still want to walk away as if nothing happened?”

Han Fei knocked on the deck with his rod . “After such a fierce battle, my boat is unscathed . Gee, what a sturdy boat!”

The middle-aged man’s face changed again, and he had noticed this just now . Yes! The quality of this boat was so good that it was absolutely impossible for Han Fei to own it . There was someone behind Han Fei, who was definitely more powerful than him .

The middle-aged man answered, “I am a teacher for the Fighting Department of the Third Academy of Blue Sea Town, Ye Nanfei . Boy, I’ll wait for you to come to the town to challenge me . As for compensation, what do you want?”

The middle-aged man directly mentioned compensation . He had no doubt that this fatty would fight with them to the death, but he didn’t dare to kill him now .

“The five of them attacked us, so I want 5 rare fish . You can go after giving them to me . ”

The five boys behind the middle-aged man immediately shouted angrily .

“Are you out of your mind?”

“What makes you think we have 5 rare fish?”

“You want too much!”

Han Fei said with a smile, “I want too much? Losers, I’ve found that all your spiritual beasts are exotic fishes . Can’t you even take out 5 rare fish?”

The sword-bearing boy answered, “I will only give you two! That’s all you can have!”

Han Fei’s voice suddenly rose by eight octaves . “Do you think I’m kidding with you? Do I look like a beggar to you?”

The middle-aged took a deep look at Han Fei . “Which village are you from?”

“The Heavenly Water Village, I’m Han Fei . If you want to take revenge, you can come as long as you dare . ”

The middle-aged person squinted . “I have a rare spiritual crab here . We will give you three rare fishes first, and the other two will be sent to your village leader in two days . ”

Han Fei didn’t care what he got . At last, he got a crab and two squids, neither of which were fish . But since they were all rare, Han Fei didn’t reject them .

“Okay, you can go now . ”

The middle-aged man snorted and left with his five students .

As soon as they boarded the ship, they heard Han Fei say, “Their strength really let me down…”