God of Fishing - Chapter 117

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Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp

The boys paused their steps and looked back angrily, only to see that Han Fei was scratching his belly casually and didn’t look like that wild fatty in the fight just now at all .

When the fishing boat took off, a boy said resentfully, “Han Fei, you bastard! Don’t let me see you again! I swear I’ll kill you one day!”

The sword-bearing boy paused for a moment . “Teacher, is that man really an intermediate fishing master? Why is he so powerful? And he is also a spirit gatherer?”

Hearing his words, everyone fell silent . Yes, the fatty was too strong . They had used all their combat skills but couldn’t even pierce his skin . This huge sense of frustration overwhelmed them . If Han Fei was a genius in the town, they might be able to accept it, but he was only an ordinary fishing village boy .

The middle-aged man said, “He is not simple! His spiritual energy is exceptionally sufficient . Although he is a spirit gatherer, he did not absorb spiritual energy for himself during the battle . Moreover, his defense power is even stronger than mine, so I think he must have got some special chances . But no matter what, it’s not a bad thing that you failed this time . However strong you are, there is always someone stronger . You must bear in mind that there is no shortage of geniuses in this world . ”

The middle-aged man paused . “And, this man won’t stay in a fishing village forever . One day, when he sets his feet in the town…”

He didn’t go on, but everyone shivered . If the fatty came to the town, what would happen?

“Can he make it to the top 100?” the sword-bearing boy asked tentatively .

The middle-aged man nodded . “It’s possible . ”


Everyone gasped . Oh, my gosh! The top 100 of the three colleges are at least peak-level junior great fishing masters .

The bow-bearing boy secretly clenched the bow . He always felt that his explosive power was unparalleled . Even in the town, he could be ranked among the top one hundred, but he couldn’t break the fatty’s defense . He muttered, “Did I choose a wrong cultivation path?”

When they left .

Han Fei collapsed to the deck like a dead pig, humming, “Sister Jia’er, let’s go back! Oh, I’m exhausted, I can’t move…”

Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling were dumbfounded . Didn’t you just clamor that you would fight those people to death if they didn’t give you rare fish? So you were just pretending?

Chen Jia’er asked, “Are you OK?”

“No, I feel that my hands and feet are not my own . The great fishing master is really powerful . I attacked him with all my strength, but he was only slightly injured . If I really fought him, I’m afraid that I would have had to run away . ”

Chen Ling said slowly, “Han Fei, you’re already great! We can’t believe that you suddenly became so strong!”

Chen Jia’er nodded and thought to herself, That was a great fishing master! How dare Han Fei start a fight with him! And he even injured him! Although he was slightly injured, Han Fei should still be proud of himself! At the level-one fishery, they hadn’t seen anyone dare to fight a big fishing master from the town!

“You may not believe it, but my experience is that you must try your best in each fight . Just like this case tonight, no matter if you can win or not, you’ve gotta fight . ”

Han Fei scratched his belly again . When the middle-aged man gave him three rare fishes just now, he really wanted to take out the Water-Stirring Seal and crush them . But then he thought that he might not be able to handle the subsequent troubles, so he dismissed the idea .

After a long break, Han Fei slowly got up and looked at the three rare fishes .

Lightning Crab



210 Points

Lightning Crab roe can enhance your explosive power .

Crab Claws

Han Fei remembered that Zhang Peng’s spiritual beast was a Lightning Crab, and today he got one .

Han Fei turned to look at the two squids .

Swift Squid



140 Points

Long-term consumption can enhance the tolerance of the human body’s meridians .

Squid gallbladder, used when running away

Han Fei secretly took a breath . In addition to the mutant Mantis Shrimp King he already had, now he had four rare creatures . He really wanted to refine them here to see what he could make . But of course, this kind of secret couldn’t be revealed to outsiders . Han Fei suppressed his inner excitement and decided to go back to the village first .

Han Fei informed them of his current plan . “Sister Jia’er and Sister Ling, you can go to the village leader and take the two rare creatures . I’m going back to cultivate . ”

Chen Jia’er shook her head . “No, they should belong to you . ”

Chen Ling added, “Yes, you should keep them!”

“Don’t be polite to me! After all, we were on the same boat! Besides, we’re friends! Just keep them . I don’t need so many rare fish!”

Chen Jia’er thought of the opportunity . “Well…”

“I really don’t need that much . You know the members of The Fish Dragons are mostly fishermen . They don’t need rare fishes yet . ”

Chen Jia’er smiled . “Ok, thank you, Little Brother Han Fei!”

Chen Ling tilted her head . “Wow, we were out only for a day and harvested 6 rare fishes! Jia’er, this seems to be the most fruitful day we’ve ever had, right?”

“Far more than that . We haven’t gotten such a big gain in decades . ”

The Heavenly Water Village .

The village leader was stunned and looked at Han Fei as if looking at a monster .

He asked, “Did you fight a big fishing master?”

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Han Fei scratched his belly . “Yes, we fought for a bit, but it wasn’t a real fight . ”

The two girls rolled their eyes . It wasn’t a real fight? Do you know how fiercely you hacked him in the end?

“Umm… I see . Han Fei, you really don’t want to go to the town?”

Han Fei could imagine how He Xiaoyu would laugh her head off when she saw him, and immediately shook his head . “No, I still have a lot of things to tend to . Grandpa Leader, I’m going to cultivate… Bye…”

The village leader: “…”

Han Fei took to his heels . He couldn’t bear the old village leader’s interrogation because it was not convenient to answer some of his questions .

The village leader looked at Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling . “Don’t tell others about this matter including the fishing masters of our village, understood?”

“Yes, Leader . ”

In the training hall of The Fish Dragons .

Han Fei stuffed all four rare creatures into the Demon Purification Pot . He didn’t care what was in the Treasure Digging Fish’s head . Could its treasure be compared to the Hexagon Starfish’s? The damned starfish spent hundreds of years accumulating a pile of junk . What could this Treasure Digging Fish find in the level-one fishery?

Then a string of data appeared in front of his eyes .

Mutant Mantis Shrimp King, Treasure Digging Fish, Lightning Crab, Swift Squid, Swift Squid .

10,000 points


Refine or not?

Han Fei looked at his over 680,000 points of spiritual energy . The 10,000 points of spiritual energy were nothing to him .

“Yes . ”

The five rare creatures shattered in the blink of an eye and were sucked into a dark vortex, and what gradually emerged was a pale golden Mantis Shrimp with a long tail .

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Contractual Spiritual Pet:

Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp (Three-Tailed Now)

A mutant Mantis Shrimp, having a quick speed and strong attacking power, good at hiding itself and attacking prey . When it has grown into its complete form, its nine tails will turn into nine divine chains, which are extremely powerful .



690 Points

Omnivorous, prefers shrimps

The current state: three-tailed . It can continue to refine

“Wow… Shit! This is awesome!”

Before Han Fei finished speaking, a three-meter-long mutant Mantis Shrimp appeared in front of his eyes, and the three long tails on its buttocks were swinging .

As soon as the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp saw Han Fei, it rushed up and hugged Han Fei with its six claws .

“Go away . Do you think you are a dog?! You don’t have a tongue and you are covered in shells…”

Bam, Bam…

Han Fei looked down, only to find the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was humping him . He immediately kicked it off, and it curled up in fear .

Han Fei scolded, “You’re a shrimp! Why do you act like a rutting male dog?! Bastard, how did I synthesize such a thing?! Come on, get into my body!”

With a swish, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp turned into a golden light that went into Han Fei’s arm and disappeared .

Han Fei hurriedly looked around . Fortunately, it was the training hall of The Fish Dragons . If it were outside, people would have laughed their asses off . Han Fei was nearly f*cked by a shrimp!