God of Fishing - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Then, someone next to Han Fei said enviously, “Is this one of the legendary experts? He can walk on air . How strong…”

He Xiaoyu was also envious . She did not forget to encourage Han Fei . “Look, that’s the legendary Hidden Fisher . One of them is from our village . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “What?”

Many people leaned closer to her . They had never heard anything about it before and were interested in He Xiaoyu’s explanation .

He Xiaoyu said, “It’s said that above the grand fishing master, there are Rising Fishers and Hidden Fishers… Only the Hidden Fishers have such wings . ”

Everyone was stunned . “I’ve never heard anything about it before!”

He Xiaoyu returned to herself . “Stand straight! Even the village leader is too far from their level, not to mention you . ”

The village leader, a grand fishing master, was the strongest expert in Heavenly Water Village . It was said that he could travel the level-two fisheries .

Han Fei knew that his father was even stronger than the village leader before the man died in the unknown land beyond the level-three fishery .

In the sky, the angel, who was essentially an envoy, stopped and looked down . He said indifferently, “Do you have any Heavenly Talents in your school?”

The village leader replied in a hurry, “The Heavenly Talents of our school have gone to a level-one fishery for cultivating . They’re coming back as quickly as possible . ”

Looking into the distance, the angel said expressionlessly, “My name is Fang Ze . I’m here to look for the most distinguished Heavenly Talents . In the next three days, all children between eight to twelve will have a Spiritual Heritage test . Also, the resource supply for the school will be doubled . I’ll stay here until the Soul Awakening this time . ”

Everyone went crazy after hearing that . The village thanked him nonstop, and He Xiaoyu clapped her hands next to Han Fei . “Wow, the angel is recruiting a disciple! It hasn’t happened in a dozen years!”

In the crowd, Hu Kun’s eyes glowed . It was a great opportunity for him . He was determined to become an advanced fisher in order to catch the angel’s attention .

Han Fei did not really care about it since he had his calabash . He scorned that a random person from the sky was respected by them as an angel .

After they were dismissed, Han Fei returned to the classroom with He Xiaoyu .

Suddenly, a teacher looked at Han Fei and asked in surprise, “Han Fei, you made a breakthrough?”

The teacher was certain . He only asked it because he sensed that Han Fei’s vibe was much more powerful .

He Xiaoyu and other students looked at Han Fei in surprise . The guy had made a breakthrough after four years of dawdling?

With a smile, Han Fei said, “Thank you for your concern, sir . I understood a lot of things after the two near-death experiences, which allowed me to make breakthroughs . ”

“Wow! Finally! Are you level three now? If you work harder, it’s possible that you can reach level four before the Fishing Trial . ”

He Xiaoyu was quite delighted . Han Fei was her classmate after all .

Someone else said in disdain, “A breakthrough after four years in school . I’ve never seen anyone with worse aptitude . ”

Ignoring the mockery, Han Fei simply smiled and said, “I’m level four now . ”


Some were surprised; others doubtful .

Even the teacher frowned . “What’s going on?”

Han Fei said, “Master, I think it’s because I stayed in level two for too long . After I advanced into level three, I reached level four very quickly . I feel that I may have more breakthroughs before the Fishing Trial . ”


The middle-aged teacher immediately beamed . “Punch me . ”

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That caught Han Fei’s attention . Was he being tested?

Without any hesitation, Han Fei roared and punched out, with only fifty percent of his strength, of course .

“Huh . You’re truly a level-four fisher now, even stronger than the usual level fours . In such a case, you don’t need to have Tang Ge’s Swallowed Spirit Soup anymore . You can ask for a bowl every five days . ”

“Thank you, sir . ”

His other classmates were uninterested . They even felt humiliated that a useless guy had caught up with them . The guy was also confident of another breakthrough? Did he really think that it was so easy?

The teacher was naturally not excited . After all, almost every student in the school was a level-four fisher . In fact, few people in Heavenly Water Village above the age of twelve were lower than level five .

The greatest obstacle of cultivation was the peak of level six, where most people got stuck . Some couldn’t break through after decades, and some did it in only days . The latter were often praised as geniuses .

Obviously, Han Fei was far away from being called a genius .

He Xiaoyu was the only one who was happy in the crowd . She circled and surveyed Han Fei while pulling her ponytail, giving Han Fei quite a headache .

Han Fei said, “Okay, it’s enough . I still have to continue my cultivation . ”

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He Xiaoyu said, “I can teach you! I’m free now anyway! Your results in the last test were too poor . If you can’t pass the Fishing Trial, you will be demoted into a common fisher, and you will lose your share of battle techniques and cultivating resources . ”

Han Fei stopped walking . “Battle techniques?”

He Xiaoyu said, “That’s right! My father said that I’m already proficient with Sweeping Stick now . It’s a Mortal Level, High Quality technique . I can teach you . ”

Han Fei considered for a moment . Battle techniques could only be learned by intermediate fishermen . Since he was one now, he needed a battle technique .

Taking this opportunity, he asked about matters regarding battle techniques .

The world had some publicized, with tiers above Mortal Level being High Quality and Ultra Quality . However, the latter two were not something the typical person could obtain .

Han Fei wanted to test his strength and chose to battle Xiaoyu . As it turned out, an hour later, Han Fei was sitting on the ground, unable to stand up .

His arms, calves, thighs, abdomen, and butt had been hit more times than he could count .

Han Fei was surprised that such a little girl could wield a stick so intimidatingly . He used fifty percent of his strength at first, then eighty percent, and then a hundred percent, but she still crushed him easily .

Pleased with herself, He Xiaoyu taught him Sweeping Stick .