God of Fishing - Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Captains Meet

“Han Fei!”

With clicking sounds, Xiaoyu rushed down the stairs with a cheerful look .

“He Xiaoyu, I came to ask you about the situation in the town . ”

He Xiaoyu questioned, “Aren’t you going to the town?”

“I’ll go there one day, but not now . ”

At this time, He Xiaoyu’s mother came out . “Oh, hi, Han Fei! Old He, why don’t you let him in?”

He Mingtang said crossly, “I’m afraid that he may abduct my daughter…”

He Xiaoyu blushed . “Dad, what are you talking about?”

“Mr . He, don’t worry . I won’t take her out . ”

“Humph . ”

He Xiaoyu stood on the stairs and shouted, “Come play Fish Dragon Cards with me . Wow! This game is really funny! ”

“No, I don’t want to play…”

He Xiaoyu called again, “Come play with us! Dad, Mom… Come play cards . There happens to be four of us here . ”

Surprisingly, both He Mingtang and He Xiaoyu’s mother didn’t object, and both went to the table as soon as their daughter called .

Han Fei muttered, “So I happen to make up the fourth player…”

He Xiaoyu’s mother looked up at him . “So, Han Fei, come here more often in the future . We’re going to be a family anyway, so you can be the fourth for our card game . ”

He Xiaoyu blushed again . “Mom! Stop it…”

He Xiaoyu’s mother smiled and did not speak . He Mingtang questioned, “Why do you ask Xiaoyu about the town? Do you want to go to the town?”

“Maybe, but I’m still considering it . ”

“A pair of three . Why didn’t you go last time?”

Han Fei replied, “A pair of fives . I didn’t have time to go to the town and I thought it was better to stay in the village . There’s more freedom here . ”

He Xiaoyu said excitedly, “A pair of eights . But we’ve mostly become fishing masters after we went to the town! This is much faster than in the village . ”

It was He Xiaoyu’s mother’s turn . “Pass . Don’t brag . Han Fei made breakthroughs much faster than you! He didn’t waste any time although he was in the village . ”

He Mingtang went next . “Pass too . It’s not the time for you to go to the town . The schools in the town have not started to enroll students, not to mention that you refused to go to the schools before . ”

“A pair of twos . I heard there is a Fourth Academy in the town . Do you know about it, He Xiaoyu?”

“Pass! Wow, are you going to the Fourth Academy? Don’t choose that school! There are very few students in it . It sucks . ”

Han Fei pondered . Old Jiang once said to him that if he wanted to go to the town, choose the Fourth Academy! The school recommended by Old Jiang should be reliable but why did He Xiaoyu say it sucked?

After finishing a round, He Xiaoyu was still nagging, “You can go to the town next year! Why don’t you go to our school? We have a lot of geniuses who have exotic spiritual beasts, and many students engaged in the five major professions!”

“No, I’ll go to the Fourth Academy, and I believe, with me, it will outshine your school soon . ”


After dinner at He Xiaoyu ‘s home, Han Fei learned a lot of information . It turned out that rare spiritual fish could be bought in the town’s market and there were actually many people engaged in the five major professions . They just didn’t want to come to the villages . And there were actually various kinds of fishing techniques…

The next day .

All the people gathered at the village leader’s home, a total of 38 junior fishing masters, 63 intermediate fishing masters, 32 advanced fishing masters, 8 peak-level fishing masters, but no great fishing masters .

Han Fei’s juvenile team had only 14 members including himself, most of whom had not yet become fishing masters and were still studying in the town . Of these 14 people, only Xia Wushuang was an intermediate fishing master, and even Wang Baiyu was only a junior peak-level fishing master .

The village leader started off the meeting . “Han Fei, the juvenile team you lead will compete with those of other villages . Don’t underestimate the strength of other teams . Most of them came back from the town and some are already engaged in the five major professions . ”

“Leader, can I hit them? Don’t we just win if we knock them all down?”

The village leader rolled his eyes . “…It’s not allowed in the first two rounds . The mayor will watch from the sky, but the players can fight when they compete for the same item, provided that they stop where they should . Players are only allowed to fight in the third round . ”

“Let’s go . ”

More than 30 fishing boats took off and sped away, especially the white fishing boat that was the most conspicuous .

At the moment, many people in the Heavenly Water Village looked up .

Someone murmured, “I hope this time our ranking can be higher! There is too little Spirit Awakening Fluid in our village every year!”

Some people sighed . “What can we do? Heavenly Heart, Heavenly Moon, and the Heavenly Sun villages occupy the best positions . It is difficult to win against them!”

Someone said in a deep voice, “I just hope that this time not so many people die . ”

There were 4 people on Han Fei’s fishing boat including him, Wang Baiyu, Xia Wushuang, and He Xiaoyu . The other ten people were on two other fishing boats .

Xia Wushuang asked, “Wang Baiyu, are the weapons ready?”

“Yes, you can rest assured . ”

Han Fei asked curiously, “What’s in your box?”

Wang Baiyu said with a smile, “Some weapons that assist with fishing . After all, rare spiritual fish are not easy to catch . Once they come out of the water, we must catch them immediately . ”

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Han Fei turned to look at the others . “He Xiaoyu, what is the ability of your Little Red?”

“Her tracking ability is very strong, so is her combat power . Once there is a bite, it wouldn’t be a big problem for her to catch the rare spiritual fish . ”

Han Fei looked at Xia Wushuang .

“My spiritual beast is a Human-Faced Crab, with the ability to create illusions . ”

Han Fei was shocked . “Is there such a crab?”

“Yes, it’s an exotic species but its combat power is poor . ”

Han Fei thought for a while . “Do you know what rare spiritual fish like most?”

He Xiaoyu’s hand raised . “I know! I know! Cardinals like to eat spiritual energy-filled food, and fish brains . ”

Wang Baiyu added, “All spiritual creatures like things full of spiritual energy, so Han Fei, your identity as a spirit gatherer is very helpful . ”

In the center of the level-one fishery, nearly 600 fishing boats floated on the water .

Han Fei was shocked . “Why are there so many fishing boats? I think our village has less than 50 fishing boats combined, right?”

He Xiaoyu looked helpless . “What can we do? The other villages have many more fishing masters than us! This is not a fair competition . ”

The fishing boats of the eight villages met each other . Han Fei, as the team leader of the juvenile team of the Heavenly Water Village, also needed to meet with other captains . He didn’t know the leader of the adult team from the Heavenly Water Village, all he knew was that his name was Qin Hai and he was a peak-level great fishing master .

“Qin Hai, I’m surprised you’re still alive,” the captain of the Heavenly Sun Village said with a smile .

Qin Hai responded to the man, “I would not die before you . ”

The captain of the Heavenly Wood Village added, “Old Qin, you won’t win me this time . ”

“Everyone knows you always win the last place!”

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The captain of the Heavenly Moon Village was a woman . She snorted . “The third-last mocks the last, so interesting . ”

The captain of the Heavenly Wood Village scoffed, “Zhang Yue, put away your disgusting look . ”

“Hey! Fatty, are you the leader of the juvenile team from the Heavenly Water Village? You are so fat! Can you even swim in the water?”

Han Fei was watching the great fishing masters bickering with each other with interest when he suddenly heard this . He looked at the person who provoked him . Was this guy from the Heavenly Sun Village again?

Han Fei laughed and said, “When I first came to the level-one fishery, I killed two fishermen from the Heavenly Sun Village . Umm… I remember, eight or nine people in your village died that day, right?”

The Heavenly Sun Village boy snorted coldly . “I hope you can make it to the third round, and then I will cut your fat off piece by piece . ”

A sturdy boy from the Heavenly Fire Village looked at Han Fei coldly . “Fatty, Ding Yu said that you had snatched three fishing boats from us alone . Dare you try it this time?”

“Which Ding Yu? I don’t know him . But look at yourself, do you have anything worth snatching?”

“Great! Let’s see then . ”

The leader of the juvenile team from the Heavenly Heart Village was a girl . She rolled her eyes at Han Fei . “You’re so ugly . ”

“Young lady, don’t judge people by appearance . I was handsome before I got fat, right, He Xiaoyu?”

He Xiaoyu froze for a while . Were you handsome? Why didn’t I feel it? But she must take sides with Han Fei now, so she immediately said, “Yes! He was much better-looking than you ugly skanks . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Wang Baiyu: “…”

Xia Wushuang: “…”

Everyone was speechless . He Xiaoyu, you win! You’ve successfully pissed off the seven villages!