God of Fishing - Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: 123

Chapter 123: A Despicable Lightning Crab

This kind of meeting was all about bickering and cursing . Han Fei thought that his team had almost annoyed all other teams, but of course, it didn’t matter . If anyone dared to provoke him, he just needed to knock them down .

Wang Baiyu had the most information on these teams . “The woman from the Heavenly Heart Village is named Fang Qing . She is said to be a peak-level fishing master . Some people say that she is already a great fishing master… I’m not sure . Her spiritual beast is a Green Snake Eel . The captain of the Heavenly Sun Village is called Gu Longyu . He is from the Combat Department of the Second Academy . He is said to be a soul warrior and his spiritual beast is a Dragon-Head Fish and his strength remains unknown . ”

Han Fei asked, “Did you meet them in the town?”

Xia Wushuang nodded . “Yes, they are famous . Besides them, the weak-looking girl from the Heavenly Wood Village is also famous . Her name is Miao Mumu and she is a manipulator . ”

Han Fei suddenly said, “Are there any hunters or armorists on their side?”

“Not sure… But there should be . ”

Han Fei glanced back . “Of the five major professions, there is only a hunter missing, so let’s assume there is at least a hunter among them!”

On the other side, the teams of the other villages also had heated discussions on the way back .

The captain of the Heavenly Fire Village addressed his team, “It’s strange that the captain of the Heavenly Water Village is not Wang Baiyu or Xia Wushuang, but a fatty . Be careful, this fatty looks strange . ”

The people from the Heavenly Heart Village were also talking about them . “If we fight the Heavenly Water Village, avoid that fatty . He is not in the three academies in the town but he can even lead Wang Baiyu and Xia Wushuang . We must be careful of him . ”

This was the same case in the other villages . They all came back from the town and knew each other well, so when they first saw Han Fei, they felt strange and then grew wary of him .

When the crowd returned, eight fishing boats were floating in the air and the village leaders were standing at the bow . In front of them, there was a person . He was the mayor of the Blue Sea Town . He had two wings on his back and was already a Dangling Fisher, at the same level as Fang Ze .

The mayor said flatly, “The competition will end this hour tomorrow, and the ranking will be based on the number of rare spiritual fish obtained by the fishing masters . Now I announce that the competition has officially started . ”

For a moment, the sky was full of fishing boats .

Han Fei also drove his fishing boat away, asking Qin Hai, “Let’s go together?”

“No, you leave on your own . Our side is more dangerous than yours . ”

In the two days of the resource competition, no one else was allowed to enter the level-one fishery, so this thousand-mile sea area looked particularly vast .

Han Fei and his party found a random place to land, and Han Fei said to the people in the other two fishing boats, “Once you run out of spiritual energy, come to me to replenish it . ”

With a flash between He Xiaoyu’s brows, the Cardinals appeared .

He Xiaoyu called out his spiritual beast . “Little Red, we’re counting on you to track rare spiritual fish . ”

Then the four of them took out their fishing rods and started fishing .

“He Xiaoyu, fish at a depth of 10 meters . Xia Wushuang, 30 meters . Wang Baiyu, 50 meters,” Han Fei instructed .

Everyone looked at Han Fei and He Xiaoyu asked, “How deep do you go?”

Han Fei grinned . “All the way to the seabed . ”

They didn’t use bait but compressed spiritual energy into a mass and put it on the tip of the hook . After a while, He Xiaoyu’s fishing rod moved, and as she retracted the fishing rod, a cold light shot out .

He Xiaoyu seemed to have been prepared . She waved her bamboo stick and hit the Swordfish hanging on her fishing rod into the sea .

He Xiaoyu exclaimed, “A Swordfish! Shall I take it?”

Han Fei shook his head . “Common Swordfish are of no use . Now we’re in a competition, so we just need rare spiritual fish . ”

Suddenly, Wang Baiyu’s face changed, and everyone was looking at him . Wang Baiyu’s fishing depth was 50 meters . This depth was very dangerous . What fish would he catch?


Then a prawn with a giant head burst out of the water, with a row of spikes on its head .

Big-Head Prawn



120 points

It can increase one’s health if it’s eaten over a long period of time .

Spiritual spikes

“Big-Head Prawn, a common shrimp . ”

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Wang Baiyu grabbed the box beside him, and as soon as he patted the box, a hammer-shaped weapon appeared .


The Big-Head Prawn was hammered into the water .

Han Fei immediately said, “Xia Wushuang, keep your fishing depth 50 meters, activate the illusions, and turn your spiritual energy into a rare spiritual shrimp full of spiritual energy . Make sure it’s only one forearm long . ”

Xia Wushuang froze for a moment and quickly followed suit, but then she said, “I don’t have enough spiritual energy . ”

Han Fei pointed a finger at her and a column of spiritual energy shot into Xia Wushuang’s body .

In less than five minutes, Xian Wushuang’s eyes flickered . “Got it!”

As she retracted the fishing rod, a half-meter-long conch appeared, and a strange yet nice sound was floating out of its shell .

Wang Baiyu was surprised . “Singing Conch, a rare spiritual conch . ”

A string of data appeared in front of his eyes .

Singing Conch

It sings to attract fishes . When it attacks, dozens of scimitars will pop out of its shell, killing the enemy .



120 points

Long-term consumption of it can nourish one’s skin .

Singing Conch’s shell

Xia Wushuang instructed, “Wang Baiyu, shield . ”

Wang Baiyu patted the box again, and suddenly a huge turtle shield appeared in front of Xia Wushuang . Dozens of scimitars hit the turtle shield, producing clanking sounds . When the sounds were about to end, Wang Baiyu threw out a hook-shaped weapon and hooked the Singing Conch back .

He Xiaoyu lit up . “Wow! It’s a Singing Conch! I want it! The Singing Conch Powder sells at a high price in the town . ”

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Han Fei asked, “What is Singing Conch Powder?”

Xia Wushuang smiled helplessly . “It’s applied on the face . The girls from rich families in the town like to buy Singing Conch Powder . They’ll look prettier after applying it to their faces . ”

Han Fei smiled . There are also fish for cosmetics here? So they caught a material for cosmetics together? Look how happy He Xiaoyu is .

Not far away, Xiang Nan said in surprise, “Did they catch the first rare spiritual creature so quickly?”

Hu Kun yelled back, “It’s a Singing Conch . ”

“Oh, Singing Conches are very expensive . It is said that a small bottle of Singing Conch Powder costs dozens of mid-quality pearls and its supply often falls short of demand . ”

On the white fishing boat .

Xia Wushuang looked at Han Fei wonderingly . “Han Fei, why did you ask me to keep my fishing depth 50 meters after the Big-Head Prawn was caught?”

“Well, I guessed the Big-Head Prawn would come after the Singing Conch? It bit at Wang Baiyu’s hook because it couldn’t catch the Singing Conch . ”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Han Fei turned aside from the topic . This is my experience . How can I explain it?

Han Fei changed the topic . “Wang Baiyu, your box is magical! Where did you get such a big shield?”

Wang Baiyu said lightly, “This is our armorists’ unique talent, a space box, but only weapons can be placed in it . ”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows . Interesting, this is also a space .

Suddenly, He Xiaoyu pointed at Han Fei’s fishing rod and said, “Han Fei, you have a bite . ”

Han Fei glanced at his fishing rod and said casually, “No hurry . ”

“Something bit at your hook . Why are you still so calm?”

“It doesn’t feel like a rare spiritual fish . Let it swim for a while . ”

Everyone: “???”

One of the three techniques of the second level of Void Fishing was Winding Snake Technique, which simulated a swimming fish with spiritual energy .

Little did the others know that Han Fei was waiting for a rare spiritual fish . There were not only rare spiritual fish in the sea, but also a large number of ordinary fishes, so Han Fei was waiting for a rare spiritual fish to bite at his hook .

Suddenly, Han Fei felt something biting at his hook . He paused and then suddenly pulled the fishing rod hard . “Wang Baiyu, shield . ”

Wang Baiyu was stunned . I haven’t started fishing again and you want my shield already?

Wang Baiyu immediately placed his shield in front of Han Fei, and the next moment, a Swift Squid was pulled out of the water .

Wang Baiyu muttered, “Damn…”

“He Xiaoyu, get down”


Half a minute later, Wang Baiyu’s face was all black . Shit! Why didn’t you remind me of this?! I gave you my shield, but I was sprayed with squid juice all over my face .

Han Fei scratched his belly awkwardly . “Well, I didn’t expect it to be a Swift Squid!”

Wang Baiyu said seriously, “It seems that I should prepare two shields next time . ”

He Xiaoyu was getting excited . “Wow, we are quick . We’ve already caught two rare spiritual fish!”

The people on the other two boats were speechless . Was this luck? When did they catch that Singing Conch? Two minutes ago?

Half a day later, Han Fei and his party had caught a total of 4 rare spiritual fish . The other two boats only caught one, which was sent to them by Han Fei with the Winding Snake Technique .

Han Fei thought to himself, I should have gone into the water to catch rare spiritual fishes . In the past six months, I’ve fed hundreds of rare creatures to the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp . He is an expert in catching rare creatures!

He Xiaoyu was getting bored . “There haven’t been any rare spiritual fish within the hour! Should we change places?”

“Okay . ”

Just as everyone was ready to retract their fishing rods, Han Fei suddenly shouted, “Wait a minute . ”

Han Fei vaguely saw that in the water, a Lightning Crab had cut off He Xiaoyu’s fishing line . He thought it was just a coincidence and was about to catch this Lightning Crab . But then to his surprise, the Lightning Crab turned around and snapped Xia Wushuang’s fishing line .

“A spiritual beast?”