God of Fishing - Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Hothead

Chapter 124: Hothead

Han Fei’s face immediately changed and he whispered to the others, “Get ready to attack . ”

When Wang Baiyu and the others were still wondering what happened, with a flash in Han Fei’s hands, he launched Instant Hook and Thousand Twining at the same time . Although Lightning Crab was famous for its speed, it was still tied up in a ball in an instant .

As a light flashed past the others’ eyes, a tied-up Lightning Crab flew out of the sea .

Then Han Fei launched a spiritual energy explosion attack at the crab .

The other three didn’t know what happened . Wasn’t Lightning Crab a rare creature? Why did he kill it? However, although they were confused, they still followed Han Fei to attack .

Wang Baiyu patted his box and a broadsword and a sword flew out .

He Xiaoyu also launched a spiritual energy explosion attack .

Xia Wushuang hammered at the crab with a sledgehammer .

Being attacked by four fishing masters, with a crack, the carapace of the Lightning Crab was broken and one claw and three legs of it were hammered off . In the next moment, however, the Lightning Crab turned into a shadow and disappeared .

The others were all stunned . “Is this crab a spiritual beast?”

Han Fei muttered, “Is a spiritual beast so hard to kill? Being attacked with all our strength, it’s only injured . I think it’ll recover in less than a year . ”

Xia Wushuang asked, “Did someone sneak up on me just now?”

Wang Baiyu looked around . “Let’s leave here . Anyway, it seems that we’ve already caught all the rare spiritual fish here . ”

Just as Han Fei and his party attacked the Lightning Crab, dozens of miles away, someone screamed and vomited blood . He seemed to be seriously injured .

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If Han Fei and the others were there, they would have recognized this was a fishing boat from the Heavenly Sun Village .

“Liu Junyu, what happened?”

The seriously injured boy was still vomiting blood . “My… Spiritual beast… Was almost killed . ”

Gu Longyu, the captain of the Heavenly Sun Village, changed his face . Really? A spiritual beast could be taken back immediately once its owner issued an order even if it was tens of miles away . But the other party almost killed Liu Junyu’s spiritual beast, which meant that their reaction speed was extremely fast and they attacked Liu Junyu’s spiritual beast almost instantly .

Someone said, “Longyu, are we still going to challenge the Heavenly Water Village?”

“Not now . Players are not allowed to fight in the first round, and Junyu’s spiritual beast can be injured by them even underwater, indicating that they have a very special attack method . It’ll be a waste of our time even if we challenge them . ”

Gu Longyu wouldn’t take revenge on Han Fei, but it didn’t mean that Han Fei would not take revenge on them .

With a flash between Han Fei’s eyebrows, Little Black and Little White came out . For the last half a year, when Hanfei and Jiang Qin were fighting on the seabed, Little Black, Little White, and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp were put idle . Now, they had already reached level 13 . On average, they went up a level a month . This speed was not quite fast but not slow either . Most importantly, Little Black had very strong attack power!

At this moment, Han Fei asked Little Black to secretly follow up on the Lightning Crab . Shit, since you started the fight, let’s fight then! Let’s see who will win in the end!

When the three boats from Han Fei’s team gathered up, they discovered that everyone except Wang Baiyu and Han Fei had their fishing line cut off .

Jia Tong was angry . “Damn, they must be somewhere around here . ”

Chen Qing added, “Let’s get them!”

Xiang Nan shut them down . “No, it will only waste our time . Let’s use the spare hooks and fishing lines first . ”

“What if they play this trick again?” Hu Kun didn’t want to waste their resources .

Xia Wushuang assured him, “No, that Lightning Crab is dying . It won’t dare come again . ”

Han Fei said, “Actually, it’s not impossible! If they don’t have a spirit gatherer in their team, it’ll be easy for us to snatch their rare spiritual fish!”

The others immediately looked at Han Fei with a complex look . Han Fei made a point! They must not have a spirit gatherer, or else they wouldn’t have secretly cut off their fishing lines .

“I found them . I found where they are . They’re about 30 miles away to the west of us . ”

Han Fei pretended that he had just known it and waved his hand . “Go, get them . ”

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After a moment .

About ten miles away from the fishing boat of the Heavenly Sun Village, they stopped .

Han Fei had a good feeling . “Let’s fish here . I’m sure the fishes will all be attracted here by our sufficient spiritual energy!”

Han Fei transmitted some spiritual energy to everyone else’s bodies, and 14 spiritual energy light balls appeared underwater .

Han Fei shouted, “Each of us is responsible for a certain depth, according to our respective strength, from shallow to deep . ”

At the other end, Gu Longyu and the others were fishing, and suddenly they felt their fishing rods tremble slightly . They immediately pulled their rods up, only to find their fishing hooks were gone .

He shouted, “Everyone, retract your fishing rod!”

Then they were astounded to find that their fishing hooks were also missing! What the hell happened?

Underwater, Little Black and Little White were entwined with each other and seemed to be waiting for them to drop fishing hooks again .

On the surface . “Damn, someone secretly attacked us! Find him! He must be around here somewhere . ”

Xia Wushuang asked, “Han Fei, give me some spiritual energy- my spiritual energy is not enough . ”

“You’ve got a bite?”

“Yes . Something is madly sucking spiritual energy . ”

As Xia Wushuang shouted, his muscles bulged .

“I feel I’ve caught something big . It’s too heavy . ”

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“It’s either a turtle or a crab . What do you think?”

Xia Wushuang was excited . “I think it’s a crab!”

As they spoke, a big crab more than two meters long climbed up and looked blankly at them, as if asking, ‘Hey, where is my spiritual energy?’

“Wow, a Sapphire Crab!”

Wang Baiyu’s face changed . “Xia Wushuang, be careful . I don’t want to waste a shield on this crab . ”

Sapphire Crabs were slightly-mutant Large Green Crabs in the first-class fishing ground . After they mutated, their claws seemed to turn into two drills, which could even drill through fishing boats . Of course, although they had a strong attack power, they were slow-witted and reckless and got angered easily, so some people called them a Hothead .

Wang Baiyu lifted his shield to block only to be sent flying through the air with a bang .

He Xiaoyu swung her rod at the crab hard, but her rod was blocked by the crab’s drill-like claws and she stumbled and fell to the deck on all fours .

Xia Wushuang’s eyes suddenly shone . “Illusion… You can’t see me, you can’t see me . ”

Han Fei was speechless . He just wanted to kick Xia Wushuang into the sea . Yes, it can’t see you, but now it is staring at me and going to punch me with its big claws!

Han Fei moved his fishing rod and a mass of spiritual energy appeared on his fishing hook . He put the fish hook on the head of the Hothead . The Sapphire Crab was immediately attracted by the spiritual energy and reached out its claws, trying to grab it .

Holding his fishing rod, Han Fei kept spinning round and the Sapphire Crab closely followed the spiritual energy on his fishing hook . Han Fei hummed . “Spin, spin, one circle, two circles… . ”

Sure enough, as the Hothead spun and spun, it went dizzy, and when Han Fei retracted his fishing rod, it was still spinning around on the spot .

Xia Wushuang was dumbfounded . “Wow! I can’t believe you got it so easily!”

Wang Baiyu looked at the hole in his big shield and couldn’t help but ask, “Han Fei, why didn’t you give me some help earlier? Look at my shield!”

“Don’t you know that he is slow-witted and reckless? Isn’t it simple to take advantage of its weakness to get the better of it? Use your brain . ”

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Just when they were chatting, a boy of their team caught a Ball Fish .

“Shit . ”

“Throw it away . ”

“Get down…”

As dozens of spikes shot at them, at least four people were hit in the boat of Xiang Nan . And the boy who caught the Ball Fish activated a spiritual energy protective cover to protect himself as soon as he found it was a Ball Fish, but still ended up looking like a hedgehog .

Fortunately, he protected the vital parts of his body and survived .

Han Fei sailed past, transmitting each of them some spiritual energy as he looked at the hedgehog-like boy . “From now on, he rests, but the rest continue . ”

Han Fei was about to leave and suddenly looked up .

“Hey! Are you guys coming down or not? Is your spiritual energy free of charge? Why do you keep staying in the sky?”

Xiang Nan asked, “The guys from the Heavenly Sun Village? It was strange that the Ball Fish suddenly appeared out of nowhere . It must be their trick . ”

At this time, dozens of meters away, seven fishing boats landed .

Gu Longyu called out, “Fatty, not bad, you discovered us . But since you destroyed our fishing rods, how can we still let you fish happily?”