God of Fishing - Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Han Fei, The Bastard

Chapter 125: Han Fei, The Bastard

The juvenile team of the Heavenly Water Village only had three fishing boats, while the Heavenly Sun Village had seven fishing boats which caused Han Fei and his team members great pressure .

Gu Longyu called again, “Fatty, do you know that if there is a conflict between two sides, it can be solved by fighting?”

“Sorry, what are you talking about? Referee, where is the referee? Someone picked a fight for no reason . Come and punish him . ”

Everyone looked at Han Fei . Is this really okay?

Gu Longyu sneered, “Fatty, you cut our fishing lines! Do you think we don’t know it?”

Han Fei questioned, “Sorry, which of your eyes saw us cutting your fishing lines? Young man, don’t talk nonsense . Where is the evidence?”

Gu Longyu wanted to strike Han Fei’s head with his rod, but he did not have any evidence . Someone should have noticed them now . Now they couldn’t start a fight with them . He was really angry .

Gu Longyu scoffed . “Okay! I happen to like this place too . Let’s fish here together then! Everyone, fish in place . ”

Han Fei said with a smile, “No problem! Come on! Let’s see who will win!”

He Xiaoyu tugged on Han Fei’s arm . “Why not change places? We will catch nothing with so many people here!”

Han Fei assured him, “We have infinite spiritual energy . Are we afraid of them? Everyone, fish on the spot . ”

In the distance, in the sky .

The village leader of the Heavenly Sun Village said to that of the Heavenly Water Village, “Old Zhao! The leader of your village’s juvenile team is really tough!”

The village leader agreed . “I think he’s fine! The team leader of your Heavenly Sun Village is tougher . I’m afraid they will regret it . ”

“Regret? For what? Can’t you see there are twice as many of us as there are of you?”

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The people continued to fish . Han Fei’s fishing rod kept twitching and the line was swaying, but he was still waiting .

“He Xiaoyu, where is your Little Red . My Little White wants to play with her . ”

He Xiaoyu: “???”

He Xiaoyu was speechless . “Han Fei, will you play with your spiritual beast?”

“Yes, he often accompanies me to go out to bask! Hurry up, call your Cardinals out . ”

He Xiaoyu was stunned . Is my cute Little Red a playmate for your spiritual beast?

Han Fei suddenly sang happily, “Hey, boy, please don’t fish me… Otherwise, I will spit on you… Don’t think you can fool me with spiritual energy bait… I can tell at a glance that you’re a fishing master…”

Everyone looked at him helplessly . What made him so happy as to sing a song, a terrible fish’s song?

He Xiaoyu asked, “Wow! Is this a fishing master’s song? My father said that few people can sing fishing master’s songs . ”

“This is called rap…”

He Xiaoyu: “???”

Han Fei suddenly pointed at the water . “Look, look… Ho Xiaoyu, your Little Red caught a rare spiritual fish!”

At the next moment, Little Red dragged a Pearl Fish several times larger than her onto the ship .

Everybody: “???”

The others were dumbfounded . “Wow, awesome!”

Gu Longyu cursed secretly, “Shit, why are they so lucky? I have never seen a spiritual beast catch a rare spiritual fish!”

He Xiaoyu was very happy . “Wow! Little Red is great!”

“My Little White can bring good luck . ”

“Nonsense! It was Little Red who caught it . ”

“Little White brought her luck . If you don’t believe me, try letting Little Red go out to play with Little White . ”

Gu Longyu sneered, “Hey, fatty, why don’t you just say it’s because Sea God sent the rare spiritual fish to your mouth? Are you out of your mind?”

Han Fei ignored him and continued to rap . “I can tell at a glance that you’re a fishing master… Especially that dumbass from the Heavenly Sun Village… Who dreams of catching me without a fishing hook…”

Han Fei became the focus of attention once again .

Gu Longyu’s face turned black, and he suddenly retracted his fishing rod, only to find that the hook was really gone, and only half of the line was left .

“Fatty, how do you explain it this time? How did you know my fishhook was gone?”

“Haha, you are really interesting . Can’t you see your fishing line is loose? Are you blind?”

Gu Longyu’s face changed greatly . Strange, where is the spiritual energy on my fish line? It’s supposed to be transmitted to my hand, but now it’s gone .

Gu Longyu’s eyes turned bloodshot and he glared at Han Fei . “Is this because of you?”

“Don’t frame me . I will tell the referee that you tried to frame me . I can’t believe you’re the leader of your team! Use your brain, OK?”

Then he suddenly pointed at the water . “Look, look… He Xiaoyu, your Little Red caught another rare spiritual fish!”

Little Red floated up again, with a starfish in her mouth . The starfish was blue when it came out of the water, but turned pale gold after a while, and when it was thrown onto the boat, it turned the color of wood .

“Is this… A Color-Changing Starfish?”

He Xiaoyu stroked Little Red’s head . “Good girl, go catch more . ”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . Go catch more? What makes you think there are so many rare spiritual fish waiting for your Cardinals to catch?

At this time, the people from the Heavenly Sun Village finally realized that something was wrong . Obviously, Han Fei’s team had simpler skills for fishing rare creatures .

Gu Longyu’s face kept changing and then he said to his team members, “Stop, let’s change our spot . ”

Han Fei immediately shouted, “Guys, let’s follow them . ”

Gu Longyu stumbled . “What do you mean?!”

Han Fei rubbed his belly and said innocently, “I feel like we get luckier with you around . What do you think, He Xiaoyu?”

“Umm, yes… I feel the same way . ”

Half an hour later .

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Gu Longyu shouted at Han Fei angrily, “Fatty, if you don’t want to be killed in the third round, stop following us!”

“Let’s follow them!”

Gu Longyu: “… . ”

Gu Longyu gave up . “Fine, I’d like to see how long you guys can fly . ”

One hour later, the people from the Heavenly Sun Village had exhausted their spiritual energy . Noticing the people from the Heavenly Water Village all looked pale, Gu Longyu sneered and said to his team members, “Let’s change to another place . Hold on a little longer . They’re running out of spiritual energy . ”

But as soon as he said so, Han Fei pointed a finger and a column of spiritual energy entered into Xiang Nan’s body .

“What?! A spirit gatherer?”

Gu Longyu felt as if there were ten thousand Iron-Headed Fish galloping in his heart . What kind of person is this fatty? Why is he also a spirit gatherer? Why is there a spirit gatherer in a village?

Gu Longyu waved his hand and all his team members landed .

Han Fei’s team also landed . Xia Wushuang laughed . “Hey, Heavenly Sun Village guys, why aren’t you flying?”

Gu Longyu looked at the sky . They were running out of time . They had gotta hurry to fish .

“Everyone, fish right where we are . Release your spiritual beasts to guard your fish hooks . ”

After a moment .

“Boss, my fishhook is gone . ”

Gu Longyu turned red . “Didn’t you make your spiritual beast guard the fishhook?”

The man said aggrievedly, “I did! But it’s still gone!”

“Boss, mine is gone too . ”

“Brother Gu, me too . ”

Gu Longyu immediately retracted his fishing rod . Staring at the bare fishing line, he rolled up his sleeves and rushed up to hit Han Fei .

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Han Fei pointed to the sky . “Asshole, don’t blame us . We followed you just to collect luck! If you dare to hit me, you’ll get the last place in this round . ”

Just then, Xiang Nan took a Pearl Fish out of the water and exclaimed with a smile, “We really do become luckier by following them . ”

Xia Wushuang also caught a rare fish . Soon, a Swift Squid was lifted out of the water . Although he was sprayed with ink all over his face, he laughed . “Great! We do become luckier . ”

Gu Longyu’s eyes narrowed to a thin line . “I warned you not to follow me . Otherwise, we will kill all of you even if we lose this round . ”

Han Fei just smiled . He looked up at the sky . It was completely dark!

“Little Black, go and eat all the rare creatures in their fish cabin . ”

After a moment .

Han Fei suddenly said, “You can go now! We need to focus on fishing . It seems that we’ve used up the luck you brought us . ”

“Will you stop following us?”

“I don’t want to talk to a dumbass . ”

Gu Longyu and his team members immediately sped away .

Xiang Nan asked, “Han Fei, shall we still follow them?”

Xia Wushuang added, “Let’s just follow them . They dare not do anything to us!”

“Yes! With them here, Little Red becomes amazing . ”

Everyone looked at He Xiaoyu speechlessly . Why is this girl so simple-minded? Do you even know whether these fishes were really caught by your Little Red or not?