God of Fishing - Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Return

Chapter 128: Return

Water surface .

Xia Wushuang carried Wang Baiyu and jumped onto the ship, and Xiang Nan, Chen Qing, Jia Tong, and He Xiaoyu came out of the sea one after another, but they were all covered with bruises and He Xiaoyu’s hair had come loose .

Xiang Nan was most seriously injured . He almost killed half of the Purple-Tailed Scorpions alone .

Xiang Nan had no more than fifty wounds on his body at the moment . “I was poisoned, who has an antidote?”

Chen Qing was lying directly on the deck and his face turned purple . “Who would have thought of bringing an antidote?”

He Xiaoyu frowned . “It hurts so much…”

He Xiaoyu’s arm, thigh, and lower abdomen were all injured and the injuries looked quite serious .

The others immediately gathered around . When they saw this scene, they were all shocked and gasped .


Hu Kun asked, “What happened to Wang Baiyu?”

Xia Wushuang explained, “He was exhausted and seriously wounded . Fortunately, his life is not in danger . ”

With that, Xia Wushuang looked at He Xiaoyu . “Where is Han Fei?”

He Xiaoyu said with a crying voice, “I don’t know . He seemed to be fighting with the big scorpion . ”

Xia Wushuang quickly took out a bottle of pills . “Stop the bleeding first . ”

The others were at loss, but then they saw the cluster of Exotic Poisonous Fruit in He Xiaoyu’s hand .

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Hu Kun was shocked . “He Xiaoyu, what’s in your hand? Spiritual fruits?”

The others inhaled secretly . What did they experience underwater? How could they directly dig out an entire fruit tree? God, there were at least a hundred spiritual fruits in this cluster!

Although He Xiaoyu was injured, she still gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t come over! It was we who discovered these fruits . They have nothing to do with you . ”

He Xiaoyu was not a fool . These fruits that Han Fei threw to her risking his life must be very important . Although she didn’t know what these fruits were, they must be some precious spiritual fruits from the seabed . She wouldn’t let Hu Kun snatch them from her!

Hu Kun and the others who didn’t go to the Scorpion Cave were embarrassed, but the cluster of Spiritual fruits looked so tempting . Hu Kun even had a crazy idea . They are all injured now . If I kill them all, couldn’t these spiritual fruits be all mine?

But Hu Kun hesitated . He wondered if someone was watching here from the sky .

Xiang Nan violently gasped . “Shit, Hu Kun, you cowards, you chickened out . ”

Someone immediately retorted, “We had the right not to go . Look at you, you’re all injured . Wang Baiyu is seriously injured and Han Fei hasn’t come up yet . You guys asked for it . ”

Another man said, “Yes, treasure is not as precious as life . ”

Jia Tong scoffed . “F*ck, if I could get up now, I’d slap you to death . ”

Chen Qing added, “If you had gone down with us, we might not have been injured so seriously . ”

The two sides were on the brink of a fight . Xia Wushuang was the one with the least injuries . He was standing in front of those people, glanced at the cluster of Spiritual Fruits in He Xiaoyu’s hand and then at the greedy gaze of Hu Kun and the others, and clenched his rod . “You’d better not covet our trophies . None of you are worthy to be my opponent . I can kill at least three of you!”

After a moment .

Jia Tong asked, “Xiang Nan, are you okay?”

“I’m going to sleep… Cough… This poison is a bit strong!”

Chen Qing was worried . “Damn, it’s still too early to end this round . Unless we quit, he won’t be able to hold on . ”

Hu Kun thought for a second . “What does it matter? We have so many Spiritual Fruits . We’re sure to win! Let’s quit!”

He Xiaoyu had been in tears for a while . Although her face had turned bluish, she still stared at the water . She was almost desperate . That big scorpion was so scary that she couldn’t imagine what happened to Han Fei .

Seeing the people getting weaker and weaker, Hu Kun suddenly said, “He Xiaoyu, give me the fruits . ”

Hu Kun’s eyes turned crazy . It’s been a long time and Han Fei probably can’t come up . The chance is only once . Now only Xia Wushuang could still fight, but could he resist six people alone?

Xia Wushuang sneered, “Hu Kun, don’t court death . If you dare to rob us, I’ll be the first to kill you . ”

“Kill me? Xia Wushuang, you’re also poisoned, right? There are at least eight wounds on your body . I admit that you could easily defeat us when you are in good shape, but now you have almost lost your combat power . ”

Hu Kun said to the others, “Guys, don’t forget that all the things we grab in the resource competition will belong to us . ”

Xia Wushuang shouted, “Fuse . ”

“Hu Kun, I’m gonna kill you . ”

In the Fishing Trial, Xia Wushuang was in the limelight . If it were not for Han Fei, Wang Baiyu would not be able to get the third place . It could be said that among all the people here, he was the strongest . Now he wanted to get the upper hand by taking the initiative . He had to subdue them as soon as possible . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to defend their trophies .


Hu Kun was sent flying through the air . He shouted to the others, “What are you waiting for?! They’ve started to attack us . We didn’t go down with them . They will despise us forever after the competition ends . ”

The others’ faces changed .

“Kill them . ”


Clang! Clang! Clang!

They immediately got into a fierce fight on the fishing boat . Xia Wushuang was really brave . He waved his sledgehammer and no one dared to come close .

Jia Tong tried to get up, but he got down again before he could stand still . He gasped hard and said to Xia Wushuang, “Take He Xiaoyu away . Don’t worry about us . ”

Hu Kun hurriedly shouted, “We can’t let them go . If they escape, what we do will be revealed . ”

Xia Wushuang kept retreating and even he himself didn’t know how many times his body had been hit by rods . He kept vomiting blood, thinking helplessly . I want to leave, but I can’t!

Little did they know that on the sea surface dozens of miles away, a fat figure suddenly jumped out of the sea .

Han Fei was breathless, but he was very excited . This trip was really worth it . After devouring the level-28 Purple-Tailed Scorpion King, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp had its seventh tail grow out and upgraded by one level .

Han Fei released the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and patted his shell . “Let’s go back . ”

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Then he compared the shrimp’s new tail with his other tails and nodded with satisfaction . “Not bad, a king-level rare creature is worth dozens of ordinary rare creatures . ”

“Let’s return!”

This wasn’t the fiercest battle that Han Fei had experienced in the last half a year, but unlike the fights with Jiang Qin, this was a life-and-death fight . But he was very satisfied with the results . Even the most common palm-sized Mantis Shrimp could punch every millionth of a second with the force of 60 kg, so now this shrimp must be very powerful . Even the level-28 Purple-Tailed Scorpion King couldn’t resist his punches . His punching force must have been at least 6,000 kg!

Han Fei was hurrying back while thinking . There must be some of them injured, but they should have no problem escaping, because all the sea scorpions went at him in the end .

“Huh? Who are fighting?”

Han Fei’s face suddenly changed, and he left at full speed .


Xia Wushuang lay on the ground, dripping with blood . He was exhausted, but he managed to kill three of them . Hu Kun was also seriously injured and two others were lying on the ground in a coma . However, he was hopelessly outnumbered . Even if he was stronger than them, he couldn’t resist human sea tactics .

Hu Kun dragged his body and walked towards He Xiaoyu . “Hand over the Spiritual Fruits . ”

He Xiaoyu held the fruit tightly . “No way! I would rather throw them away than give them to you . ”

Hu Kun laughed ferociously . “You can have a try . If you throw them away, I can take them without guilt . ”

“Hu Kun, the village leader will kill you . ”

Hu Kun laughed again . “People die in the competition . Only the mayor will know what happened and the village leader won’t find out anything . But, Master Mayor may mind conflicts among the villages but won’t bother to interfere in fights within the same village . ”

Hu Kun stepped forward and grabbed He Xiaoyu’s hand . He was very excited . If he had these hundreds of fruits, he would soon become a great fishing master or even a Dangling Fisher . Who knows, he won’t lose anything anyway .

“Bastard, let go . ”

At this moment, one hand grabbed Hu Kun’s feet . Hu Kun looked down, only to find it was Xiang Nan who was in a coma just now .

“Haha! Look at you, you’re even weaker than a level-two fishing master . Fine, since you will die sooner or later, let me help you out . ”

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With that, Hu Kun thrust a knife into Xiang Nan’s back .

He Xiaoyu burst into tears . “Xiang Nan!”

Jia Tong screamed, “Hu Kun, f*ck you! I’m gonna kill you . ”

Hu Kun laughed crazily . “Haha, then come kill me . I’d like to see how you can kill me . Now go to hell!”

Then he injected spiritual energy into his rod, but just as he was about to crush Jia Tong’s head with his rod, two cold lights shot at him from a hundred meters away .

“Who is it?”


Before Hu Kun had any time to respond, he was directly nailed to the deck by two knives .

At the next moment, under the shocked stare of everyone, a fat body came flying through the air .

A fishing master who was about to attack was smashed over by a blow before he realized what happened . His body shattered the deck and his chest was covered with blood .

Xia Wushuang shouted, “Damn it! You… Are still alive!”

Jia Tong was overjoyed . “Han Fei, don’t … Don’t let any… Of them go . ”

Hu Kun panicked . How could Han Fei still be able to come back? How could this be?! Even He Xiaoyu had thought he had already died!

He Xiaoyu cried out loud, “Boohoo . ”

Hu Kun shouted desperately, “Hurry up, kill him! We will all die if we can’t kill him . ”