God of Fishing - Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: An Adventure Game

Wei Huo of Heavenly Fire Village shouted, “Gu Longyu, don’t say that . I saw them sitting in a spot, and eating!”

 Shen Tong of Heavenly Moon Village added, “Humph! The Heavenly Water Village doesn’t even need to exist . ”

 At this moment, everyone was looking at Han Fei .

 Han Fei scratched his belly and murmured a few words . Then he took out a small tree, on which it was densely packed with thumb-sized fruits .

 In an instant, it fell into silence and only the sound of sea breeze could be heard .

 The village leader, who was already desperate, suddenly beamed with a smile . Spiritual Fruits?

 Han Fei counted seriously, “1, 2, 3… 100… 101… 108 . ”

 1Han Fei waved his hand . “I didn’t go mining but went to dig the ground . Well, I only dug 108 Exotic Poisonous Fruits in total… Huh? Why are you all looking at me? Why don’t you speak? Why don’t you laugh like you were before?”

 Everyone fell silent as if they were choked with Small White Shrimp .

 Suddenly, Wei Huo of the Heavenly Fire Village said, “Exotic Poisonous Fruit? Never heard of it . This fruit doesn’t even have any fragrance . Aren’t they just ordinary fruits? How can they be regarded as Spiritual Fruits?”

 He Xiaoyu immediately jumped out . “You ignorant fool, this is Exotic Poisonous Fruit . After taking it, one can be immune to any mortal-level poison . ”


 Qin Hai and his team members were stunned . What happened? Where did they find more than one hundred pieces of this fruit? If what He Xiaoyu said was true, wasn’t this fruit more valuable than ordinary Spiritual Fruit?

 “That’s impossible! How can anyone get so many Spiritual Fruits at once? All fruits have guardian beasts . To gain so many spiritual fruits, how strong of a guardian beast would you have to beat? You must have cheated . ”

 Standing on the Heavenly Sun Village’s team, Gu Longyu said with a dark face . He would never believe that Han Fei and his team could get so many Spiritual Fruits . There must be something wrong .

 Before Han Fei said anything, He Xiaoyu pointed at Gu Longyu and shouted, “You’re just jealous of us! We not only got these spiritual fruits, but also caught a Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion . ”


 “Excuse me?!”

 Hearing this, the village chief hurriedly landed . “Where is it? Let me see it!”

 With a flash in Xiang Nan’s hand, a palm-sized purple scorpion appeared in front of everyone .

 The captains’ faces all changed greatly . A mutant creature! It was much stronger than rare creatures!

 The village leader of Heavenly Heart Village was stunned . “Did you go to the Scorpion Cave?”

 Many people were shocked . The Scorpion Cave? There were only a dozen of them and they went to the Scorpion Cave?!

 Han Fei remained calm . “Couldn’t we go there? It’s just a bunch of bugs . Why should we be afraid?”

 “A bunch of bugs?”

 Everyone was speechless . Were the Purple-Tailed Scorpions in the Scorpion Cave only a bunch of bugs in your eyes?

 Han Fei turned around and blamed He Xiaoyu . “Don’t expose the good stuff you have to others! Don’t you know that?”

 He Xiaoyu chimed in . “Xiao Nan is not afraid! Right, Xiang Nan?”

 Xiang Nan was speechless . Do you think I’m an Iron-Head Fish?! Of course, I’m afraid! I dare not come to the level-one fishery again!

 Since Han Fei showed the Exotic Poisonous Fruit, the result had come out . More than a hundred pieces of Spiritual Fruits! The other seven villages added up would still be no match for the Heavenly Water Village!

 Han Fei looked at Gu Longyu with a smile, “Well, perhaps we should try mining next time . What if we find something unusual?”

 Gu Longyu snorted coldly . “Humph, look at your crew, they are either wounded, disabled, or defected . Even if you win the second round, so what?”

 Han Fei continued to scratch his stomach and clicked his tongue . “But I can beat all of you alone!”


 Gu Longyu turned purple in anger and everyone else was stunned . This fatty was really arrogant!

 Especially the girls, Fang Qing from the Heavenly Heart Village narrowed her eyes . Miao Mumu from the Heavenly Wood Village and Yun Qian from the Heavenly Rain Village both looked at Han Fei strangely, thinking to themselves that this fat guy must be the most arrogant person they had seen in the villages!


 After fishing and treasure hunts, the third round was actual combat . After all, if you wanted to survive in this ocean, you must be strong enough!

 The Heavenly Heart Village was the closest to the level-one fishery and the other villages surrounded it from far to near .

 The third round was held in the Heavenly Heart Village . When hundreds of fishing boats landed in the Heavenly Heart Village at the same time, they discovered that it was already packed with people .

 Han Fei took a slight breath . No wonder the Heavenly Heart Village ranked number one among the villages . The floating island of the Heavenly Heart Village was well-arranged with mountains and waterfalls, and the area was larger than the Heavenly Water Village .

 Looking at Han Fei’s surprised face, He Xiaoyu nudged him . “It’s only better than our village . You will find that the town is more than ten times larger than here . ”



 Han Fei was speechless . This was an island floating in the sky . He had thought the Heavenly Water Village was very big . When he saw the Heavenly Heart Village, he thought the Heavenly Heart village was much more beautiful and bigger, but He Xiaoyu said that the town was dozens of times larger than here?

 Xia Wushuang smiled and said, “There is nothing to be surprised at, but do you see that waterfall? It’s said that every outsider who comes to the Heavenly Heart Village for the first time will challenge that waterfall, I guess we have to do it too . ”

 Han Fei was confused . “How do you challenge a waterfall?”

 Wang Baiyu explained, “Jump down from it . ”


 “The Heavenly Heart Village advocates bravery . They take waterfall jumping as a challenge . We are all injured now, and they will not let this opportunity pass . ”

 Han Fei looked at them . “You can say you are still wounded… And refuse to go . ”

 “Of course we can do that, but then we will be laughed at, so what do you think?”

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 Sure enough, as soon as the fishing boats landed, Fang Qing went up to the other villages’ teams .

 When she came to their team, Fang Qing said with a smile, “Hi, welcome . We’d like to invite you to participate in an adventure game . Would you like to take part?”

 Han Fei shook his head . “No . ”

 Fang Qing was stunned .  How could he refuse me so bluntly? Didn’t he even care about his village’s face?

 He Xiaoyu tugged on Han Fei’s arm . “Let’s go! Actually, it’ll be fine . ”

 Han Fei said again, “No!”

 “Han Fei, no one who comes to our Heavenly Heart Village will refuse the adventures game, which can prove your bravery and fearlessness . ”

 Han Fei looked her straight in the eye . “Little girl, do you think I’m a fool?”

 Fang Qing looked embarrassed . Now she knew why Gu Longyu didn’t like Han Fei . This guy was outrageously arrogant and rude!

 However, Fang Qing was not in a position to blame Han Fei . After all, they had the right to refuse .

 “Coward . ” Wei Huo snorted when he walked past Han Fei .

 “You’re such a chicken . ” Wei Huo also sneered when he led his team to walk past .

 When all the people walked away .

 Xia Wushuang tugged on Han Fei’s arm . “It’s just a waterfall jump . Han Fei, let’s go!”

 Han Fei’s face turned black . “Do you really want to see a fatty go into a free fall and then make a huge splash of water? The most important thing we should do is to beat the hell out of them in the third round . ”

 Everyone: “???”

 When Han Fei left, the public booed .

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 Han Fei suddenly walked out of the team and made a provocative gesture to the public, a thumbs-down gesture .

 “Shit, kill this bastard!”

 “Fatty, let’s wait and see . ”

 “Damn it, I’ll beat you skinny during the battle . ”

 “What the hell? Is the Heavenly Water Village team so arrogant because they have Tang Ge?”

 He Xiaoyu cautioned, “Han Fei, you’ll be beaten to death . ”

 Xiang Nan added, “I can’t imagine what will happen if you go to the town . ”

 Wang Baiyu thought for a moment . “I’m afraid that you will put a sign at the gate of the three academies, reading ‘Peerless in the World’ . Then I’m afraid even we couldn’t help you . ”

 Han Fei sneered . “What do you know! This is the aura of the protagonist . ”

 2Han Fei hummed and walked towards the competition court . After all, killing was allowed in this round unless one party admits defeat in advance .


 Behind the statue of Sea God .

 All the fishing masters of the eight villages were sitting on spectator seats except the juvenile team . Now Qin Hai was speaking to a group of fishing masters .

 Han Fei asked, “What are they doing?”

 “They were selecting players . Each village will send five players and the teams will draw lots to fight each other . Which village loses first will get the last place . If they lose at the same time, their rankings will be the same as last year,” Wang Baiyu explained .

 Han Fei glanced at Wang Baiyu and thought that this pretty boy knew really much . However, he was not very optimistic about this round . It seemed that there were many peak-level fishing masters in other villages!