God of Fishing - Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: The Bloody Third Round

Chapter 132: The Bloody Third Round

Han Fei sat with his team .

Chen Jia’er and Zhang Peng moved to Han Fei and asked him curiously, “Why didn’t you go to play the adventure game?”

Han Fei curled his lips . “We don’t play children’s games…”

The two of them went speechless . You speak as if you aren’t a child!

Han Fei asked, “Sister Jia’er, why does our village have only one peak-level fishing master?”

Of the 5 players of the Heavenly Water Village, only Qin Hai was a peak-level fishing master . Zhao Dabai, Cao Fei, and the other two who he didn’t know were only advanced fishing masters .

Not far away, Zhang Peng snorted . “Because other peak-level fishing masters were killed in the previous resource competitions . ”

Han Fei and the others were shocked . Were they all killed?

Zhang Peng continued, “This is a live-or-die fight . Unless you admit defeat early, the other party will definitely kill you . ”

He Xiaoyu asked blankly, “Weren’t they all peak-level fishing masters? Why were they still killed?”

Han Fei scoffed . “Are you stupid? There is also a gap in strength between peak-level fishing masters!”

Han Fei thought to himself, This was also a trial . It was a way to cultivate the most excellent people but it was a bit cruel .

Soon, the 40 people were divided into 20 pairs .

The referee stated, “The results of the draw: Zhou Min from the Heavenly Heart Village V . S . Zhao Ren from the Heavenly Fire Village… Li Sen from the Heavenly Wood Village V . S . Wang Kai from the Heavenly Moon Village… Zhao Dabai from the Heavenly Water Village V . S . Lu Feng from the Heavenly Wind Village…”

Soon, the battle sequence was decided and with the cheers of the crowd, the battle began .

The first battle, Zhou Min from the Heavenly Heart Village V . S . Zhao Ren from the Heavenly Fire Village .

The two of them seemed to be acquaintances, and without greeting, they immediately started to fight .

Zhou Min took out a bow and shot seven arrows in a row . The seven arrows followed Zhao Ren from the Heavenly Fire Village as if they had eyes .

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched . “Damn! Do the arrows have eyes?”

Since he saw someone from the town using a bow half a year ago, he had been preparing to try a bow . With a bow, he could kill the enemy from a long distance even without moving . Wasn’t it awesome? But he was busy dealing with training from Jiang Qin, he had no time to try the bow . Now he wanted to use a bow as his weapon again .

Chen Jia’er explained, “It’s a bow combat skill . Our village doesn’t have such a powerful bow combat skill . ”

Zhao Ren had no ability to fight back at all . He was busy ducking the arrows and couldn’t even get close to Zhou Min . Arrows were flying all over the arena .


As Zhao Ren’s body was pierced by an arrow, he immediately shouted, “I admit defeat . ”

However, the arrows in the air did not stop . When he shouted “I admit defeat”, his body was penetrated again and directly nailed to the ground .

Zhang Peng said, “He is still alive but I think he won’t be able to recover within half a year . Zhou Min didn’t want to kill him, or else he was already dead . ”

Everyone in the juvenile team looked grave . This guy was too strong . Even the most talented Xia Wushuang turned pale . “I don’t think I can block these arrows!”

He Xiaoyu frowned . “I don’t like fighting . People die in fights . ”

Facts had proved that what she said was true .

The second battle was Li Sen from the Heavenly Wood Village V . S . Wang Kai from the Heavenly Moon Village . Both of them were advanced fishing masters, but Wang Kai’s combat power was very strong . He attacked very fast and powerfully . Within only seven strikes, he struck Li Sen’s head with his rod, and the latter died on the spot .

Chen Jia’er looked solemn . “It’s just so cruel in the arena, where there is no victory or defeat but only life or death . ”

He Xiaoyu was a bit scared . “I wanna go home . I wanna eat hot pot . ”

Han Fei instructed, “If the enemy is too strong, let’s just admit defeat . ”

Zhang Peng and Chen Jia’er both nodded .

Soon, Zhao Dabai and Lu Feng from the Heavenly Wind Village started to fight . Fortunately, both of them were power-type fishing masters . After fighting fiercely for ten minutes, Zhao Dabai won .

One battle .

Two battles .

Now there had been three people killed in battle despite the fact that many people admitted defeat in advance . An advanced fishing master from the Heavenly Water Village was seriously injured .

The 20-into-10 battles were even fiercer . Four people died in battle and one person from the Heavenly Water Village admitted defeat as soon as the battle started .

The battles continued into the afternoon . Now it was the 10-into-5 battles .

At this moment, Cao Fei fought against Shi Feiyu from the Heavenly Moon Village, who was a newcomer less than 20 years old, using a spear .

As soon as they began to fight, Cao Fei launched three spiritual energy explosions in a row, knocking Shi Feiyu backward dozens of meters . Cao Fei roared and continued to bombard him with great force .

However, at this moment, Han Fei suddenly shouted, “Admit defeat!”

Cao Fei paused . He could tell it was Han Fei’s voice, but he didn’t understand why Han Fei said so . Obviously, he had taken the upper hand .

But at the next moment, Shi Feiyu retreated by three steps, quivered the spear in his hand, condensed spiritual energy on the tip of the spear, and suddenly thrust it at Cao Fei’s chest .


The crowd broke into cheers, but the people from Heavenly Water Village were silent .

Cao Fei was pierced in the chest and hung on the tip of the spear .

The village leader called, “Admit defeat . ”

Shi Feiyu casually waved his spear and threw Cao Fei to the ground . Cao Fei’s chest and mouth were dripping with blood .

Chen Jia’er said under her breath, “Captain…”

Zhang Peng shouted, “Damn it!”

Shi Feiyu smiled contemptuously . “Only a fool will fight with brute force . ”

Zhao Dabai patted his head . “F*ck you, little bastard! If I meet you in the arena, I’ll kill you . ”

Dozens of minutes later, on the Heavenly Water Village’s side, the village leader returned with a black face . “His internal organs were all shattered . He is… Dead . ”

Han Fei couldn’t help but clench his fists . He had treated Cao Fei to hot pot more than once . This man looked ferocious but was actually a very kind man .

At this moment, Shi Feiyu glanced at Han Fei and seemed to be surprised that Han Fei urged Cao Fei to admit defeat .

Han Fei glared back . If he could, he would have rushed up to kill this bastard .

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Xia Wushuang was angry . “That guy is laughing at us . Damn, I must kill him . ”

Wang Baiyu said with a cold face, “Then cultivate hard, strive to become a peak-level fishing master and kill him . ”

Just when everyone was furious, they heard the referee shouting, “Zhao Dabai from the Taishui Village V . S . Yang Pei from the Heavenly Moon Village . ”

Xiang Nan was anxious . “Damn, why is the Heavenly Moon Village up again?”

Wang Baiyu frowned . “It’s already 10-into-5 battles now . Every player is very strong . We should admit defeat in this battle!”

The village leader suggested, “Zhao Dabai, admit defeat . ”

Zhao Dabai touched his head and roared . “Admit my ass! Fight!”

Cao Fei and Zhao Dabai were very good friends, but Cao Fei was killed by a person from the Heavenly Moon Village! Zhao Dabai’s eyes were all bloodshot . Now he just wanted to avenge Cao Fei!

Zhao Dabai jumped onto the arena . “Bastard from the Heavenly Moon Village, I’m gonna avenge Cao Fei today!”

Yang Pei used a broadsword . He slowly dragged the long broadsword along the ground . “You’ll only lose your life . If you can admit defeat now, you don’t have to die . ”

“Bullshit, fight!”

Zhao Dabai was fighting him like crazy, reserving no spiritual energy . After dozens of rounds, blood oozed from Yang Pei’s mouth, while Zhao Dabai had dozens of wounds .

The village leader shouted angrily, “Zhao Dabai, admit defeat!!”

But Zhao Dabai didn’t listen to him . “F*ck… Kill . ”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Soon, Zhao Dabai was stained with blood and he fell to the ground . Everyone in the Heavenly Water Village’s team stood up nervously . Yang Pei carried his knife and was drenched with blood too . Blood was dripping to the ground, but he smiled and walked to Zhao Dabai . “Still don’t admit defeat? Then die!”

“I admit defeat . ”

Everyone: “???”

Someone immediately shouted angrily, “Shit, didn’t you say you would avenge your friend? Why did you admit defeat?”

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Someone cursed, “Coward!”

Some people scolded, “Damn, You’re wasting our time!”

Zhao Dabai grinned . “I’ll keep my life to kill the bastards from the Heavenly Moon Village . It is not worthwhile to die here . ”

Yang Pei looked deeply at Zhao Dabai . “The next time I meet you, you will die . ”

Zhao Dabai grinned ghastly . “Even if I die, you’ll be seriously injured!”

At this time, there were only Qin Hai and a man from the Heavenly Wind Village among the players from the four weaker villages .

However, as soon as the battle started, the guy from the Heavenly Wind Village had conceded defeat .

But Qin Hai didn’t . His opponent was from the old enemy, the Heavenly Sun Village . How could he admit defeat without a fight?

Twenty minutes later .

Qin Hai was carried off the arena, just like Zhao Dabai, who conceded defeat at the last minute, seriously wounded .

The juvenile team’s competition would be on the second day, and the adult team of the Heavenly Water Village gained fifth place .

Qin Hai and Zhao Dabai needed to be treated immediately and then were sent back to the Heavenly Water Village for recuperation .

Qin Hai beckoned Han Fei over with his last bit of strength .

He was still vomiting blood, but he gritted his teeth and said, “I know you are very powerful . Cao Fei said that you are much stronger than him . I believe him… Cough, Cough… Tomorrow, the Heavenly Water Village will count on you . ”

This time, Han Fei didn’t joke but nodded very seriously . “Okay! I will try my best tomorrow, but unfortunately, you can’t see it . ”

Qin Hai grinned . “I really wanted to see it…”