God of Fishing - Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: You’re All Trash


 Liang Xia’s spiritual beast was hacked to death . This was the first spiritual beast to die in this round . If Chen Zhou’s weapon was a rod, the crayfish would not die . But he used an axe, so the poor crayfish was dead .

 Gu Longyu was furious . “Asshole, I’m gonna kill him . ”

 And Han Fei had already jumped onto the arena and took Chen Zhou back, shouting, “Wang Baiyu, medicine, medicine…”

 Chen Zhou grinned . “I failed to kill him . ”

 Han Fei was very anxious . “You killed his spiritual beast . He can no longer cultivate . ”

 Chen Zhou grabbed Han Fei by the hem of his clothes . “I am not a traitor . ”

 Han Fei nodded . “I know!

 Chen Zhou passed out, and Wang Baiyu quickly poured the pills into his mouth . “He only has one fatal injury and probably can survive . ”

 At this time, the village leader had arrived and he looked at Chen Zhou . “Leave him to me . ”

 Everyone else was stunned .

 Miao Mumu from the Heavenly Wood Village was dumbfounded . “The Heavenly Water Village, changed!”

 In the Heavenly Rain Village’s team, Yun Qian took a deep breath . “Wow, this is a real life-or-death battle . ”

 In the Heavenly Heart Village’s team, Fang Qing’s eyes flickered . “He’s a tough guy . ”

 The audience was stunned . This was the quickest battle they had ever seen . Within ten seconds, the battle was finished .

 In the Heavenly Water Village’s team, many people burst into tears . Why should a child bear all this?

 Luo Chu looked grave . Chen Zhou had already won the battle . What about himself? Can he fight a way out like Chen Zhou?

 Soon, the referee declared, “Pei Heng from the Heavenly Heart Village V . S . Luo Chu from the Heavenly Water Village . ”

 Luo Chu took a deep breath and went to the arena with his rod .

 “Fuse . ”


 Luo Chu wanted to adopt Chen Zhou’s strategy, but Pei Heng seemed to realize this . He snorted, “Do you think I’m as stupid as Liang Xia?”

 Pei Heng muttered, “Combat Skill, Strangle . ”

 A long-tail phantom suddenly tied Luo Chu up .


 Luo Chu suddenly released almost half of his spiritual energy and broke free of the phantom .


 At the moment, Han Fei suddenly shouted, “Quick, concede defeat . ”

 However, before Luo Chu had any time to open his mouth, Pei Heng had slashed across his neck with the broadsword in his hand . At the next moment, Luo Chu fell to the ground and blood spurted out of his neck .

 Han Fei’s face was black and his heart was trembling . He glanced at the people from the Heavenly Heart Village and then at the audience who were cheering crazily . He didn’t expect the third round to be like this . He killed because he would have to die if he didn’t, but why did people kill in this competition?

 Han Fei silently took Luo Chu back, who was already dead .

 Han Fei asked, “He Xiaoyu, is your opponent also from the Heavenly Heart Village? Kill…”

 He Xiaoyu’s face was covered with tears . She nodded hard . She didn’t hate Luo Chu, because they were all instigated by Hu Kun . She only hated Hu Kun .

 Wang Baiyu frowned . “That Pei Heng is not from our academy, so we don’t know his real strength . If I had known it, I would have asked Luo Chu to admit defeat . ”

 Xia Wushuang struggled to sit up . “I can still fight . ”

 Han Fei glared at him . “Shut up . ”

 On the other side, Fang Qing said lightly, “Now we become their enemies . ”

 Pei Heng, who had just returned, sneered . “So what? When will the people from the Heavenly Heart Village be afraid?”


 The referee sounded again, “He Xiaoyu from the Heavenly Water Village V . S . Luo Yun from the Heavenly Heart Village . ”

 In the arena .

 He Xiaoyu pointed her bamboo rod at Luo Yun . “Although you are a girl, I will kill you . ”

 Luo Yun sneered . “Haha! Are you kidding me? Isn’t He Xiaoyu a cry baby? I can’t remember how many times you cried when you were in the town! Ten times? One hundred times?”

 “Fuse . ”

 He Xiaoyu shouted and Little Red entered her body . In an instant, He Xiaoyu’s body was burning with a blazing flame . This was the difference between an exotic spiritual beast and a common one .

 Luo Yun’s face changed slightly . Her body turned the color of sapphire and a big pair of pincers appeared .

 Xia Wushuang gasped . “Sapphire Crab, a rare creature, with very strong combat power . ”

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 Han Fei had seen Sapphire Crab whose two big pincers were just like two drill bits, but Han Fei smiled . “She wins . ”

 Xia Wushuang: “???”

 Xiang Nan asked, “Why did you say that?”

 The battle had already begun in the arena . He Xiaoyu’s long rod was burning with flames, and every time she waved her rod, a fire column would shoot out . Looking at the rotating drill bit, He Xiaoyu rushed up .

 Luo Yun smiled disdainfully .  Are you silly? This is a Sapphire Crab!


 With just one blow, Luo Yun’s face changed drastically . How could He Xiaoyu’s power be so great and so overwhelming?

 Clang, Clang…

 He Xiaoyu’s rod was like a part of her body, moving with her thoughts, picking, piercing, sweeping, splitting, bouncing, and waving…

 Luo Yun was sent flying and hadn’t fallen to the ground after quite a while .

 “I ad… . ”


 He Xiaoyu’s rod hit Luo Yun’s mouth, breaking all her teeth .

 Would the battle just end like this? Little Red was a flaming fish . Anywhere that was hit by He Xiaoyu was burning .

 “Ah… I admit…”


 Luo Yun was interrupted the second time . From the spectator seats of the Heavenly Heart Village, countless people were shouting, “Luo Yun has admitted defeat… Referee, this girl fouled…”

 Fang Qing also shouted to the referee, “We have already conceded defeat . ”

 He Xiaoyu’e eyes were all red . She could make Luo Yun shut up, but suddenly a hand blocked her rod .

 The referee stated, “The other party has already conceded defeat . ”

 He Xiaoyu was stunned . “When?”

 “Even if she said only half a word, she is considered to have admitted defeat . ”

 In the the Heavenly Water Village’s team, people roared, “Bullshit! The referee is covering for her! You cheat!”

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 “Warning, the juvenile team of the Heavenly Water Village! If you speak improperly again, you’ll be expelled . ”

 Xia Wushuang was not reconciled and he still wanted to speak . Han Fei pressed him down . “Shut up, leave it to me . ”

 He Xiaoyu stomped on her foot in anger .  How could this be? I had interrupted her!

 At this time, someone on the spectator seats threw something at He Xiaoyu, scolding, “Bitch, why don’t you let her admit defeat?!…”

 “Bastards from the Heavenly Water Village, don’t let me meet you again . ”

 “Bitch, do you want to die?”

 Han Fei shouted to the audience with his rod, “Hey, you, people of the Heavenly Heart Village, come at me if you have the guts…”

 “Who the f*ck are you?!”

 “Fat-ass . ”


 With a cold flash, a flying knife shot through the air and pierced the palm of the man who called Han Fei fat-ass, and his hand was immediately dripping with blood .

 The referee was furious and pointed to Han Fei, shouting, “Guy from the Heavenly Water Village, stop, I can expel you now!”

 Han Fei turned around and pointed at the referee with his rod . “What? Your Heavenly Heart Village people can insult us at will but we can’t fight back? You can kill others, but once any of your people are going to lose, you start to curse?! If you can’t judge fairly, I don’t mind giving you a good beating!”


 Hearing his words, the audience fell into silence . What did this brat say? Beat referee? Was he crazy?

 Everyone else was stunned .

 Miao Mumu exclaimed, “Oh! This fat man is so overbearing, so fierce… Wow, so overbearing . ”

 Gu Longyu disdained . “Idiot, beat the referee? Is he out of his mind? He’ll only be punched to death if he dares . ”

 Wei Huo sneered . “What a madcap! I’m starting to like him . ”

 “He is arrogant and ignorant . He is just digging his own grave . ”

 At this very moment, the village leader of the Heavenly Water Village came back and snarled . “Han Fei, shut up, what are you doing?”

 Han Fei waved at He Xiaoyu and then spoke to the spectator seats . “If there is any unfair treatment again, I don’t mind teaching you guys a lesson… You are all trash!”

 The village leader shouted angrily, “Han Fei, shut up . ”

 Han Fei scratched his belly . “Fine, fine, l’ll shut up . ”

 Xia Wushuang swallowed . “Shoot, when can I be as overbearing as him?”

 Wang Baiyu shook his head . “Impossible, you will be beaten to death immediately . ”

 Xiang Nan’s mouth was open . “Will he not be beaten to death?”

 Jia Tong thought for a moment . “Maybe not . Even that big scorpion couldn’t kill him . ”

 Chen Qing took a deep breath . “I… Think so . ”


 Everyone in the juvenile team of the Heavenly Heart Village was angry . This was sheer provocation! How dare he?!

 Fang Qing shouted, “Calm down! Don’t forget . If Xiaoyu is so powerful, why is Han Fei the captain?”

 Soon, it was Han Fei’s turn .

 The referee was angry too . He looked deeply at Han Fei . “Han Fei from the Heavenly Water Village V . S . Lin Yuan from the Heavenly Moon Village . ”


From the spectator seats .

 “Kill him . ”

 “Kill this fat man . ”

 “What a crazy bastard . ”

 “He must think this is in their Heavenly Water Village . ”

 Han Fei walked into the arena with his rod, and in the angry curse of the audience, he made a thumbs-down gesture towards everyone . Then he stuck his rod into the ground and hooked his finger at Lin Yuan .

 Lin Yuan immediately flew into a great rage . What did he mean? Did he mean he wouldn’t use any weapon in the battle?

 Shen Tong, the captain of Heavenly Moon Village shouted, “Lin Yuan, be careful and try your best . ”