God of Fishing - Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Slaughter

Han Fei had almost annoyed everyone present except the people of the Heavenly Water Village . Now they all wanted to watch Han Fei be killed .

 In the Heavenly Moon Village’s team, someone said, “Relax, Lin Yuan’s spiritual beast is an Armored Turtle . Even if he loses, this fatty cannot kill him . ”

 Another man wondered, “I wonder what the fatty’s spiritual beast is . If it’s an exotic spiritual beast, that’s not good . ”

 However, Han Fei didn’t even open his mouth when Lin Yuan called out, “Fuse” .

 Lin Yuan burst into anger . “Damn, fatty, since you want to die, then I can help you . ”


 Lin Yuan pounced at him and the broadsword in his hand glinted with cold light . Seeing that the tip of the broadsword was only a few meters away from him, Han Fei was still motionless .

 Someone from the spectator seats said, “Is this fatty a moron?”

 But at the next moment, when the long broadsword was about to reach Han Fei’s face, he slightly moved . In the blink of an eye, a knife was suddenly thrust into Lin Yuan’s chest and it penetrated his body .

 Han Fei took out the knife, wiped it on Lin Yuan’s clothes, pulled out the rod he stuck into the ground just now, and walked back .

 It wasn’t until Han Fei walked five or six meters away that Lin Yuan fell to the ground .

 For a time, the audience was silent .

 In the Heavenly Water Village’s team .

 Xiang Nan rubbed his eyes . “Oh…! I didn’t see him draw a knife!”

 Xia Wushuang grinned . “He is so cool! He killed that guy without even moving his body . He is really strong . ”

 Wang Baiyu smiled . It suddenly occurred to him what Han Fei’s real strength was and why he could survive the Purple-Tailed Scorpion King .

 Before the referee said anything, the people of the Heavenly Moon Village had already rushed up .

 Someone immediately let out an angry cry . Lin Yuan had died .


 In the referees’ seats, the leader of the Heavenly Moon Village took a deep look at Old Zhao . “Who is this person? Isn’t he studying in the town?”

 Old Zhao said slowly, “Half a year ago, a teacher of the Third Academy in the town specially went to our village to invite him to study in their school, but he refused . ”

 Hearing this, all the other village leaders turned their eyes to Old Zhao .

 Everyone knew that the opportunity to go to a school in the town was very precious, but this boy rejected it?

 Old Zhao was very proud in his heart . If they knew that this guy was also a spiritualist, would they be shocked and speechless?

 If Old Zhao knew that Han Fei was also a soul warrior, he would be shocked speechless too .

 Han Fei sat down on his seat and looked sideways at He Xiaoyu . “I’m cool, aren’t I?”

 He Xiaoyu grunted . “If you weren’t so fat…”

 1Han Fei: “…”


 Then it was the draw lots for 20-into-10 battles .

 Han Fei’s opponent was from the Heavenly Sun Village, named Che Jie .

 Wang Baiyu said, “I know this guy . His spiritual beast is an exotic Three-Headed Snake and he uses double knives . ”

 Han Fei shrugged . “Whatever . ”

 In the Heavenly Sun Village’s team .

 Gu Longyu looked anxious . “Che Jie, do you want to admit defeat now? This fatty is not simple . Even if Lin Yuan is not very strong, he should not have died so easily . ”

 Che Jie frowned . “I don’t think he can kill me if I protect myself with my spiritual beast and spiritual energy . I will admit defeat after a round . I want to see if he will use his spiritual beast . ”

 Gu Longyu thought about it . Che Jie was very strong . He was at the same level as Wei Huo and Xia Wushuang . The Three-Headed Snake could spit out three kinds of ice flames, and it should be impossible for Che Jie to be killed by a single blow .

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 In the arena, the manipulator Miao Mumu controlled his spiritual plant to tie up her opponent and won .

 Han Fei got up and said casually, “Okay, it’s my turn . ”

 When Han Fei walked into the arena again, although there were still people clamoring to kill him, there were very few of them now . Come on, this fatty was very dangerous . He killed his opponent without even using his rod!

 Fang Qing said, “Che Jie is very strong . Let’s see what will happen . ”

 However, Fang Qing didn’t think Che Jie could win . In her view, no one present could win against Han Fei in close combat .

 In the arena Han Fei poked his rod into the ground again and hooked his finger at Che Jie again .

 Che Jie scoffed . “Asshole, do you think I am Lin Yuan? Han Fei, use your spiritual beast . ”

 Han Fei thought for a while . “My spiritual beast is just a Spirit Swallowing Fish . It’s useless”


 The audience was in an uproar . A Spirit Swallowing Fish? Are you kidding me?

 Gu Longyu was stunned . “No wonder this guy has never shown his spiritual beast . It turns out that his spiritual beast is a Spirit Swallowing Fish?”

 Shen Tong sneered . “Haha, it seems that he can’t use his spiritual beast . In that case, although he is strong in close combat, if I attack him from a distance…”

 Che Jie muttered, “Humph, fuse… Attach… Spiritual energy protective cover…”

 Che Jie fused with his Three-Headed Snake, had his contractual spiritual beast, a rare Lightning Crab attached to him, and protected himself with a spiritual energy protective cover . He had taken Han Fei as the strongest enemy he had ever met in his life .


 He hacked at Han Fei with his double knives, but this was not his real move, which were three ice flames .

 When Che Jie got close to him, there was a sudden flash of cold light .

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 His spiritual energy protective cover, broken .

 Lightning Crab, crushed .

 The Three-Headed Snake flew out to protect his master but in the next second, its three heads were cut off .

 Che Jie’s double knives finally fell on Han Fei, but… Why did he hear a clang?

 Che Jie wanted to admit defeat, only to see a chilly glint flash past . Admit defeat after a round? He never had a chance to speak again .


 The audience fell into silence again .

 Han Fei said lightly, “I don’t need to summon my spiritual beast . ”

 At this moment, Gu Longyu no longer wanted to challenge Han Fei . That bastard was too strong! Che Jie’s strength was only second to his in his village, but… He was killed by him so easily!

 It was not just Gu Longyu but all the players who looked terrified . Is that a human body? Isn’t it steel? We certainly have no chance to win against him!

 Fang Qing’s pupils constricted . “Everyone be careful . If you meet Han Fei in the competition, just admit defeat . ”


 Han Fei returned to his seat, and everyone looked at him like a monster .

 He Xiaoyu hesitated and asked, “Are you really an intermediate fishing master?”

 Han Fei thought for a while . “I only used the power of an intermediate fishing master . ”

 The others went speechless . This guy didn’t even use any combat skills . He just stood there and killed his opponent without pulling out his rod . What was more, no one knew what his real strength was!

 Xia Wushuang sighed . “Forget it, I had thought to challenge you . But now… I’ll just challenge the strong master in the town!

 Xia Wushuang feared that his illusion would be useless on Han Fei, and then if he still rushed up like a fool, he would be dead meat .


 Half an hour later .

 Now it was the draw lots for 10-into-5 battles .

 Only Miao Mumu entered this round among the Heavenly Wind, Heavenly Rain and Heavenly Wood villages, and Han Fei’s opponent happened to be her .

 Miao Mumu immediately raised her hands . “I admit defeat . ”

 Referee: “…”

 Han Fei was also speechless . You admit defeat before the battle even starts… How strong is your desire to survive?

 But everyone else was relieved . It was great that they didn’t have to fight Han Fei . Just let him directly enter the top five! Don’t give him the chance to kill one more person!

 However, although Han Fei entered the top five, He Xiaoyu’s opponent was Shen Tong, the captain of the juvenile team from the Heavenly Moon Village .

 Han Fei immediately looked at Wang Baiyu .

 Wang Baiyu explained, “Shen Tong, his spiritual beast is a rare Buddha Octopus that can suck its enemy’s spiritual energy dry . He is good at attacking from a distance and his weapon is a rod . ”

 Han Fei nodded and looked at He Xiaoyu . “You can win, right?”

 He Xiaoyu hesitated . “Maybe!”

 Han Fei nodded . “Just don’t let the Octopus touch you . ”

 He Xiaoyu nodded hard . “Octopus, just like Bloody Anemones, is gross . ”

 Han Fei seemed to think of something unpleasant . “There will always be something more disgusting . ”

 1The others were speechless . Are you serious? Disgusting? It may be disgusting but it’s also very powerful, okay?

 It was half an hour before it was He Xiaoyu’s turn . Han Fei, Fang Qing, Gu Longyu, and a girl from the Heavenly Heart Village, Zhu Jin, had already entered the top five .

 He Xiaoyu was about to jump into the arena when Han Fei said, “If you’re going to lose, admit defeat . Do it when I tell you to . ”

 He Xiaoyu nodded . “Okay!”