God of Fishing - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: You Guys Can Fight Me Together

In the arena, when Shen Tong fused with his spiritual beast, numerous tentacles stretched out from behind him like long whips .

 He Xiaoyu’s body was burning with flames and she agilely dodged the tentacles in the arena . Every time the long whips were about to hit her, she seemed to expect it, twist her body into strange positions, and easily escape the attacks of the tentacles .

 The audience couldn’t help but worry for her . People were usually more tolerant of girls and didn’t want to see her being whipped by the tentacles .

 Xia Wushuang glanced at Han Fei and said, “Han Fei, I think I have seen you doing the same postures as He Xiaoyu?”

 Xiang Nan mocked, “Are you two in love? So you and she learned a set of mysterious moves together that no one else knows?”

 Han Fei’s face turned black . “Go away! Fang Ze taught me this! And he didn’t allow me to teach it to anyone . ”


 The others were surprised . Fang Ze taught them? Fang Ze secretly taught them combat skills? That was too much! Why didn’t he teach me?

 Wang Baiyu frowned . “Although He Xiaoyu can avoid those tentacles, Shen Tong’s attack seems a bit too dense . How should He Xiaoyu approach him to launch her own attacks?”

 Han Fei shook his head . “He Xiaoyu is going to lose . If she had learned the least bit of bow combat skills, she could win . She won’t be able to win if she can’t approach him . ”

 As he expected, in the arena, He Xiaoyu pouted .  Shen Tong was so hard to deal with! Why does he have so many tentacles? These tentacles keep swinging about and I just can’t draw near!

 He Xiaoyu was so angry that she threw out her bamboo rod with a swoosh, using all her spiritual energy .


 Several tentacles were directly crushed, but still unable to block the power of this rod .

 Hit by the rod, Shen Tong retreated four or five meters and vomited a mouthful of blood .

 But before he fought back, he heard He Xiaoyu shouting, “I concede defeat . Even if I can’t win against you, at least I wounded you . ”

 Shen Tong blushed in anger .  Is she serious?!

 He Xiaoyu walked slowly over to pick up the rod . When she walked past Shen Tong, she said to him seriously, “It’s useless even if you enter the top five . You are doomed . ”

 Shen Tong shot back, “Humph! It’s none of your business!”

 He Xiaoyu said again simply, “You’re doomed to lose . ”

 Han Fei laughed . “At least she was not defeated . ”

 In the finals, only Han Fei had no opponent . No matter if it was intentional or not, the four others were all relieved .

 Shen Tong met the girl named Zhu Jin from the Heavenly Heart Village . The girl’s weapon was a bow . The powerful bow combat skill she demonstrated showed the power of the bow once again .

 Shen Tong didn’t even last for five minutes . Although he was good at attacking from a distance, his opponent could attack from a longer distance . His tentacles couldn’t even touch her, so he was doomed to lose .

 Gu Longyu was very unlucky that his opponent was Fang Qing . To everyone’s surprise, Gu Longyu admitted defeat without even entering the arena .

 Gu Longyu sat on his seat and grunted . “Do you think I’m stupid? Fang Qing can lead the juvenile team of the Heavenly Heart Village . How can she be weak?”

 So the following scene was very embarrassing . There were two girls left in the Heavenly Heart Village’s team, Zhu Jin and Fang Qing . In the Heavenly Water Village’s team, only Han Fei was left . Even if Han Fei lost in the following battles, he was already the dark horse of the resource competition this year, leading the Heavenly Water Village to win an unprecedented ranking, the second place .

 Seeing the referee was preparing to draw lots, Han Fei stood up and said, “No need to draw . You two can fight me together!”

 Everybody: “???”


 Fang Qing and Zhu Jin were stunned . Is he serious? Fang Qing knew that Han Fei was very strong, but he didn’t even know her real strength! How could he be so confident about himself?

 Once again, the audience was in an uproar .

 “Kill him . ”

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 “He said it himself . ”

 “Gang up on him! Teach him a good lesson . ”

 The referee repeated, “Han Fei, do you really want to challenge two people at the same time?”

 Han Fei snorted . “Yes, I’ll solve this problem in one go!”

 The referee ignored him and looked at Fang Qing and Zhu Jin . “What do you think? If you two do not agree, then I’ll continue to draw lots . ”

 Fang Qing said firmly, “No problem . ”

 Fang Qing suspected Han Fei’s combat power . He hadn’t used any combat skills . As she observed, he only had strong defense power . Che Jie’s attack was very powerful but failed to even leave a mark on his body .

 Han Fei stepped on the arena and scratched his belly . “A wise choice . But since you two are girls, I don’t like killing, nor do I like to bully girls . Unfortunately, Pei Heng lost . Otherwise, I’d definitely cut off his head here . ”

 Sitting on his seat, Pei Heng turned green . He was very angry but dared not say anything . His strength was not much higher than that of Che Jie . If he did fight Han Fei, he might really be killed by him .

 Old Zhao’s face was all black .  What are you waiting for? Stop bragging, alright? Just get first place and go home!

 In the arena, Fang Qing whispered something to Zhu Jin .

 Then they shouted at the same time, “Fuse . ”

 Han Fei narrowed his eyes, and at the moment they fused with their spiritual beasts, they disappeared .

 “How did they do that?”

 “It’s just a trick . ”

 Han Fei heard something swishing at him, which seemed to be Zhu Jing’s arrows, but then he heard something else .

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 He suddenly tilted his head and waved the double knives in his hand . With a clang, someone retreated and Han Fei was about to chase when three spiritual energy arrows blocked his way .

 Clang, Clang, Clang…

 Han Fei swung his knives and the three spiritual energy arrows were smashed, making the air surrounding Han Fei oscillating .

 “Humph, not again!”

 Han Fei moved his body sideways and one of his knives suddenly flashed with spiritual energy . He waved it as fast a bolt of lightning and a violent explosion erupted in the air .

 Fang Qing suddenly appeared . She was gliding on the ground .

 Han Fei swung his knives and shattered a spiritual energy arrow shot from behind . He felt like a demon, looking at Fang Qing with a sarcastic look .

 Han Fei taunted them, “That’s all you’ve got?”

 Fang Qing was shocked . She could feel that he only had the strength of an intermediate fishing master . How could he be so powerful? As a hunter, even a peak-level fishing master would have to be very careful in a fight against her . But he blocked her all-out blow so easily!

 “Jin, arrow rain . ”

 Fang Qing disappeared again, and Zhu Jin shot an arrow into the sky . When the arrow fell, it had become a dense rain of arrows, which undoubtedly affected Han Fei’s perception and hearing .

 “Not bad…”

 “Attach . ”

 Seven tails suddenly appeared behind Han Fei, and at the same time, he clenched his Purple Bamboo Rod .

 In others’ eyes, Han Fei was posing . The sky was full of arrows, and Fang Qing was lurking around, but this guy was standing still and holding a rod in one hand to play it cool .

 Some people were surprised . What was Han Fei’s contractual spiritual beast? How could he have tails? Moreover, why were the tails look like chains?

 When the rain of arrows fell, the seven chains behind Han Fei moved .

 Clank, Clank, Clank…

 Staying in the arrow rain for five seconds, Han Fei suddenly shouted and swept the Purple Bamboo Rod in a 360-degree circle . The Purple Bamboo Rod flashed with spiritual energy and drew a shiny circle in the air…

 At this moment, Fang Qing suddenly appeared . In order to avoid Han Fei’s rod, she jumped up and thrust the dagger in her hand at Han Fei .

 However, when she saw the playful smile hovering over Han Fei’s lips, she was shocked . She knew she underestimated her opponent .

 Han Fei suddenly thrust the rod into the ground and pulled the tip of it sharply in the opposite direction from Fang Qing .


 Fang Qing was bounced away and she spouted a mouthful of blood .

 Han Fei didn’t look at her but quickly took the fishing rod from his back . With a swoosh, the fishing rod cut through the air and shot directly at Zhu Jin .

 Zhu Jin frowned and kept shooting arrows at the rod, but the fish hook dodged as if it had eyes .

 Xia Wushuang was shocked . “Shoot! It’s a hook technique! When did he learn such a powerful hook technique?”

 The audience had forgotten to shout as their mouths just hung open . Where was this fatty from?! This was crazy! He is way too powerful!

 At the moment Zhu Jin tried to escape, the fishhook suddenly accelerated, tied her up, and flew back to Han Fei .

 Han Fei sneered . “What is the difference between a man and a fish? Since I can catch fish with a fishing rod, I can catch people with it too . ”

 In the rear, Fang Qing struck again . This time, Han Fei didn’t look back . He pulled the tip of Purple Bamboo Rod again and bounced her away again at the moment Fang Qing attacked .

 Fang Qing was sent flying again and Zhu Jin was already caught in Han Fei’s hand .

 Han Fei loosened the fishing rod and grabbed the long bow in Zhu Jin’s hand . “I thought there would be a great fishing master among you, but to my disappointment, there is not . ”