God of Fishing - Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Undersea Mine

Chapter 137: Undersea Mine

Han Fei slapped Zhu Jin’s abdomen and directly destroyed her spiritual heritage . Not because he was cruel, but because Zhu Jin was so powerful that she might endanger the Heavenly Water Village in the future .

Han Fei picked up the longbow and kept shooting arrows while Fang Qing hurriedly dodged them in fright .

However, this time, she overestimated Han Fei . Han Fei’s shooting skill was so poor that he failed to shoot her after shooting more than a dozen arrows .

Han Fei held the longbow and muttered, “Keep dodging . Let me try again . Don’t worry . I think I can hit you soon . ”

Fang Qing’s face turned dark . Is he humiliating us?

Fang Qing said angrily, “I admit defeat . ”

Han Fei said, “Please don’t! Don’t you want to continue?”

Zhu Jin finally came back from the sharp pain, her face was pale, and her eyes were glassy . Only at the moment that she started to fight Han Fei did she feel how horrifying he was . She even had a feeling that he could easily cut her head off if he wanted .

Han Fei said indifferently, “Don’t blame me . Your spiritual heritage is not completely destroyed . You can still cultivate but you’ll never be able to become a fishing master again . ”

The audience fell into silence . The people of the Heavenly Heart Village had never thought that they would lose . Every year they won! What was wrong today? How did the Heavenly Water Village suddenly become so strong? Not only Han Fei, but many other players from the Heavenly Water Village were also different from before!

The referee was silent for a long time before he announced, “The juvenile team of the Heavenly Water Village won the competition . But after a comprehensive evaluation, the adult team of the Heavenly Water Village only ranked fourth, so their overall score is second place . ”

Han Fei watched Fang Qing taking Zhu Jin away and shouted to the referee, “Wait a minute . ”

The referee looked at him with a frown . “Yes?”

Han Fei grinned . “Can I challenge the adult team?”


The audience was in an uproar again . What? This was the first time in history that a member of the juvenile team had challenged one of the adult teams .

Han Fei pointed to the team of the Tianyue Village . “Shi Feiyu, do you dare accept my challenge?”

“Arrogant . ”

“I’m so pissed! I really want to kill this fatty!”

“Damn it, I, I… I want to vomit blood . ”

“Shit, kill him…”

Han Fei once again angered the public, and the team of the Tianyue Village was also in an uproar . Some people in the adult team were about to rush up, but their captain stopped them .

Shi Feiyu looked panicked . “I…”

“Don’t accept his challenge . If you win, no one will praise you, but if you lose, it will be a big disgrace for us . This fatty is dangerous . He is strong, very strong . ”

Seeing that no one dared accept his challenge, Han Fei muttered, “You guys are all chickens!”

Those who heard him just wanted to tear him apart . But Han Fei returned to the team casually, thinking that with his current strength, he should be considered a genius and should have met the standard for a genius by Old Jiang .

In the team, no one spoke to Han Fei .

Xia Wushuang finally broke the silence . “Well, Wang Baiyu, when are we going back to the town?”

Wang Baiyu thought for a while . “In a few days! Wait until we recover . Otherwise, we won’t be able to protect ourselves when we go back to the town . ”

Xiang Nan was talking to He Xiaoyu . “He Xiaoyu, I find that you’ve become prettier recently . ”

He Xiaoyu was overjoyed . “Really? How pretty?”

Xiang Nan said cheekily, “No one else is prettier than you in our village…”

Chen Qing asked Jia Tong, “Are you going to eat hot pot when we go back to the village?”

Jia Tong nodded . “Sure! We won’t be able to eat it when we go back to the town . ”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was speechless . “Do none of you care about me, the champion? I just won first place!”

Xia Wushuang passed by Han Fei . “Go, go, the competition is over . Let’s go back to the village! We’d better not stay in the Heavenly Heart Village anymore . ”

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He Xiaoyu nodded . “Yes! I’m going home to play Fish Dragon Cards with my father . Who can make up the fourth person?”

Xiang Nan responded . “Let’s go . Count me in . ”

Han Fei: “???”

They left safely as the Heavenly Heart Village dared not do anything to them . They did lose, not to mention that no ordinary people could beat Han Fei!

When they returned to the Heavenly Water Village, it was already late .

The village leader held a banquet in a Fish Dragon Hot Pot Restaurant . At the same time, he informed the whole village that the Heavenly Water Village got second place in the resource competition and won 3,000 portions of Spirit Awakening Fluid this year . Hearing this great news, every family decorated their houses with lanterns and streamers, and either played cards or ate barbecue . The Fish Dragons’ business was booming!

At the dinner table .

Qin Hai, who had just recovered a little from his injury, asked Han Fei, “Han Fei, what’s your real strength?”

Qin Hai was shocked when he heard that Han Fei had massacred the Heavenly Heart Village and won first place .

Han Fei scratched his belly . “I’m only a fishing master . ”

The others didn’t know what to say . An intermediate fishing master was a fishing master, so was a peak-level fishing master, but the two were like clouds and mud .

Wang Baiyu said seriously, “Han Fei, you should go to the town . The village may have restricted your growth . ”

Han Fei simply replied, “I’m going to the town soon . ”

In the evening .

Sitting at the door, Han Fei was drinking liquor with Old Jiang . “Grandpa, wasn’t I awesome this time? Now do you admit I’m a genius?”

Old Jiang scoffed . “Hoho, such a little achievement! How do you still have the cheek to brag? Do you think I don’t know that? You kept shooting arrows but couldn’t shoot your target!”

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Han Fei was helpless . “Is there anything that you don’t know?”

Old Jiang sneered . “Do you think you’ve done a great job? But the mayor didn’t talk to you, which means that you’re not a genius yet in his eyes, understood?”

“So only if the mayor talks to me can I be taken as a genius?”

“Gulp… Yes!”

Old Jiang took a mouthful of liquor . “You don’t understand . You have to be more excellent to enter the Fourth Academy . Do you think these little guys coming back from the town are strong? No, their strengths are only at the bottom of the barrel in the town . What is there to be proud of winning against them?”

Han Fei: “…”

At this time, Jiang Qin came out of the house, winked at Han Fe, and went towards the training ground .

The training ground .

Jiang Qin went straight to the point . “How soon will you go to the town?”

Han Fei thought for a while . “After I become a great fishing master! I think it’s not easy and may require a lot of spiritual energy . ”

Jiang Qin wondered . “Huh? You don’t have enough spiritual energy?”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly . “Yes . ”

Jiang Qin frowned . “Have you used the Spirit Gathering Array?”

Han Fei nodded . “Not yet, but I don’t think it helps . ”

Jiang Qin narrowed her eyes and looked at Han Fei . “Once you make a breakthrough, your capacity for spiritual energy will increase and you will absorb a great deal of spiritual energy from the outside world . How can you lack spiritual energy?”

Han Fei hesitated, not knowing how to explain .

Fortunately, Jiang Qin didn’t ask anymore but said, “There are still treasure lands in the level-one fishery . Don’t you have a Mantis Shrimp? It’s good at digging holes . Go to the mine! It is said that chances hide in the mine . A lot of people go there because someone once found a lucky fortune in the mine . ”


Han Fei had never considered this place at all . What are those stones used for other than refining? Every time he passed by the mine, he saw someone wandering there . So he thought that there was no chance in the mine .

But hearing Jiang Qin’s words, he wasn’t sure anymore . Dig holes? Did she mean that he should enter the mine by digging holes?

Early the next morning, Han Fei went straight to the sea without telling anyone, heading for the seabed mine .

After the resource competition, many people went to sea today . Keeping a low profile, Han Fei put away the fishing boat and dove into the sea .

Han Fei called out the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp . “Nine Tails, let’s go . ”

Although the fishing masters were not afraid of going into the sea, very few of them chose to do it, so Han Fei hardly met anyone along the way .

About two hours later, Han Fei came to the seabed mine .

Sure enough, there might have been very few people elsewhere, but there were still people carrying a pick and mining .

Han Fei asked, “Nine Tails, can you dig through the stones?”

Nine Tails waved his big claws as if saying no problem .

Han Fei patted Nine Tails’ head and dove directly to the bottom of the sea . He chose a place where nobody was, randomly picked a hole dug by others, and went into it .


Han Fei slapped the head of the shrimp . “Dig with care, OK? Do you want to jolt me to death?”

Han Fei looked at the pit that was dug out by Nine Tails . Even if Nine Tails digs up a treasure, he might break the treasure!

Suddenly, Han Fei brainstormed .

“Wait, can Little Black bite through the stone?”