God of Fishing - Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Heading for the Blue Sea Town

Chapter 139: Heading for the Blue Sea Town

Han Fei strolled to the hot pot restaurant and Li Gang was shocked when he saw him . “Young Master, you’ve lost weight!”

Han Fei laughed and the fat on his face wobbled . “Hahaha! Yes . How do I look now? Am I much more handsome?”

Li Gang smiled fawningly . “Sure! But Young Master, you have always been handsome!”

Han Fei beamed with a smile . “Okay, go about your business . I’m going to the village leader’s home . ”

When Han Fei arrived at the village leader’s house, the latter was talking to two fishing masters in the village who had just become fishing masters . When the village leader saw him, he widened his eyes .

The village leader was surprised . “Han Fei, how did you become thinner?”

Han Fei said happily, “I used to be thin . Isn’t it natural for me to become thin again? Don’t look down upon me . ”


“Well, forget it . I just came here for a walk . By the way, Grandpa Leader, do you have the third level of True Spirit Fishing Art here?”

The village leader blinked and said to the two fishing masters, “Well, you go back first and come here tomorrow . I have something to tend to now . ”

After they left, the village leader said seriously to Han Fei . “Are you already a great fishing master?”

Han Fei was surprised . “Wow! How did you know that?”

“If you’re not, why would you need the third level of True Spirit Fishing Art?”

Han Fei scratched his belly . “Ha, haha! I made the breakthrough by a fluke…”

The village leader was stunned . He never expected that Han Fei would become a great fishing master so quickly . His spiritual heritage was not that good . How could he make the breakthrough so quickly? Was it because of Old Jiang?

The village leader shook his head slightly and took Han Fei’s hand . “Han Fei, have you considered changing your cultivation art?”

Han Fei shook his head dumbfounded . “Oh? Can one’s cultivation art still be changed?”

The village leader nodded . “Of course, the True Spirit Fishing Art is only a mortal-level, mid-quality art . There are also some high-quality or even ultra-quality arts . Don’t you want to have a try?”

Han Fei asked, “Where can I find them?”

The village leader smiled and quickly said, “In the town . Of course, there may be some ultra-quality arts in the town, but ordinary people won’t be able to get them . But it would be easy to get a high-quality art!”

Han Fei pondered a bit . He didn’t need to change his cultivation art . His Void Fishing is a divine-quality art . Why did he need an ultra-quality one?

Han Fei asked, “Grandpa leader, can you give me the third level of True Spirit Fishing Art first? Let me keep it first . If I can get a better cultivation art, I’ll use the better one, but if I can’t, I’ll still have the True Spirit Fishing Art to practice!”

The village leader sighed . “You don’t understand . The True Spirit Fishing Art has defects . ”


“What defects?”

The village leader said with his hands behind his back, “It’s said that True Spirit Fishing was rewritten from an incomplete cultivation art handed down from the ancient times, so its effect is greatly reduced, and it is said that the longer you practice True Spirit Fishing, the more difficult you progress . Are you sure you still want it?”

Hearing his words, Han Fei was more certain that he wanted it . This art had high potential!

“Yes! It’s too early for me to worry about this problem . ”

The village leader paused . Yes, Han Fei only has a level-three spiritual heritage . Perhaps he would just stop at being a great fishing master in his life . It was probably impossible for him to become a Dangling Fisher . Even if he did, it would be extremely difficult for him . Why do I worry so much about him?

Han Fei successfully got the third layer of True Spirit Fishing, but after he checked the data, his face turned green .

True Spirit Fishing (incomplete)

Water Control Technique (incomplete)

This generic ancient art is now incomplete after the passage of time . Repairing it will cost 1,000,000 points of spiritual energy .

Superseding Art: Void Fishing

Water Vein Technique (incomplete)


Han Fei was dumbfounded . Is the Demon Purification Pot a devil? He felt that he had known the deduction rule of the damn pot . Ten times the amount of spiritual energy was required per level . Then, when I practice the fourth level of Void Fishing, wouldn’t I have to spend 10 million points of spiritual energy?

Han Fei was desperate . Ten million points of spiritual energy wouldn’t make him desperate . After all, he could spend two or three years to save this amount, but when it came to the fifth floor, it would be 100 million! Then he would have to spend decades to save enough spiritual energy!

Damn, is it because you know I’ve just gotten an ultra-quality spiritual stone? It seems that I have to go to the town to earn spiritual energy . I’ve used the ultra-quality spiritual stone… Fine, let me go to the town first .

Han Fei walked in with his chin up and chest out .

Old Jiang was drinking and eating barbecue as if he didn’t see Han Fei .

So Han Fei kept walking around, one circle, two circles… When he walked seven circles, Old Jiang cursed, “Fuck off, fatty . ”

Han Fei was furious . “Are you blind, Grandpa? Can’t you see I’ve lost weight?”

Old Jiang sneered contemptuously . “Yes, so now you’re a slightly thinner fatty . ”

Han Fei was silent . “… Senior man, do you believe I’ll become even thinner in a month?”

Old Jiang still scoffed . “I don’t care if you are thin or fat! Why are you still in the Heavenly Water Village? Don’t you want to go to the town?”

Han Fei stuck out his belly . “Yes, I will! So I came to say goodbye to you . ”

In the evening, Jiang Qin came back . When she saw the table of dishes that Han Fei made, she smiled happily . “Are you going to the town?”

Han Fei nodded . “Yes! I’d like to see how awesome the Fourth Academy that Old Jiang recommended to me is . ”

Jiang Qin froze for a moment and then nodded . “Okay, but with your current strength, you can barely go to the Fourth Academy to have a try . ”


Han Fei was stunned . I can barely go to the Fourth Academy? Is this Fourth Academy a devil? But why is it a garbage school in He Xiaoyu’s view?

Han Fei wondered if it was the kind of school that looked shabby but was actually very strong .

Old Jiang ate with relish . Han Fei was thinking about the Fourth Academy while Jiang Qin was a little absent-minded .

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After dinner, Old Jiang threw a letter to Han Fei . “You can go now!”

Han Fei picked up the letter and glanced at it, which read, “To the old bastard . ”

Han Fei was dumbfounded . If I take this letter out, will I be killed?

Jiang Qin sent Han Fei out of the plantation . After a moment of silence on the road, she said, “Don’t forget what you promised me . ”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Of course . When I become strong, I will come back . I’m especially good at treasure hunting . No matter how mysterious a place is, I can always find some treasure . ”

“OK! Go to the town! It’ll be a waste of your time if you continue to stay in the Heavenly Water Village . ”

Han Fei nodded and left without looking back . One day, I’ll return with glory, he thought to himself .

In the headquarters of The Fish Dragons, a meeting of core members was held .

Li Gang, who was in charge of the hot pot restaurants .

Elder of the Fish Dragons, Li Gan .

Li Qing, who was running the barbecue stall .

Chen Eryu, manager of the Fish Dragon Card Room .

Everyone was sitting properly and no one dared to speak .

Han Fei said seriously, “Today I’ve gathered you all here to tell you that I am leaving for the Blue Sea Town . ”

Although it was not surprising to the others, they were still in an uproar .

Li Gang choked . “Young Master, I can’t bear to part with you!”

Han Fei kicked him . “Stop that fake crying! You can go with me if you really love me so much . ”

“Well! Young Master, I shall stay here to guard your properties!”

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The others all secretly despised him . Everyone knew that as the second richest man in The Fish Dragons, Li Gang and his wife were living a heaven-like life .

Han Fei patted the table . “Okay, let’s come straight to the point . The Fish Dragons have their rules . It is forbidden to violate the law and discipline, bully common people, or commit embezzlement or corruption…”

Han Fei talked a lot about the rules, and in the end, he suddenly released his power to shake everyone present to the ground, including Li Gan .

Li Gan panicked . “Great… Great… Great fishing master?”

Han Fei withdrew his power and then said to the frightened people, “Although I am not in the Heavenly Water Village, I have friends and teachers here . If anyone dares to throw his weight around after I leave, I’ll let him know what price he’ll pay . By the way, A-Gang, send half of The Fish Dragons’ monthly revenue to the Blue Sea Town every month . ”

Li Gang hurriedly nodded . “Yes, Young Master . ”

Han Fei continued, “By the way, take care of my cabin . I want my home still there when I come back . ”

Li Gang agreed, “Yes, Young Master, I’ll clean it myself . ”

Han Fei patted Li Gang’s shoulder . “People walk high and water flows low . If I stay in the Heavenly Water Village for a lifetime, I’ll never know how high the sky is . ”

With that, he turned and left . “I’m leaving . ”

After he left, Li Gang and the others were still standing in the meeting room stunned .

The village leader’s home .

Han Fei called out . “Grandpa Leader, I’m going to the Blue Sea Town”