God of Fishing - Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Set the Whole Town Astir

Hearing Han Fei’s words, all the students around got angry .

 Someone immediately shouted, “Fatty, you are too arrogant . Let me teach a lesson . ”

 Han Fei glanced at him . “You’re too weak . ”

 “F*ck you . ”

 The young man rushed up and swung his rod at him, and the surrounding people cheered up for him .

 Some people sneered . “This just serves him right . ”


 The young man who attacked with his rod was shaken out violently and bumped into several people .

 Han Fei thrust the Purple Bamboo Rod into the ground . “I said you were too weak… Is this all you guys have got? Anyone else?”

 “Fatty, shut up . Let me fight you . ”

 “Han Fei, come on, let’s fight one on one . ”

 “Bastard, I’m gonna cut you into pieces . ”


 All Han Fei heard was a constant buzzing in his ear and he looked at these people in disdain, saying, “I’ll give you a chance to challenge me . You can come up together!”

 “Shit… I’m gonna fight you . ”

 A man thrust a long spear at his body with a jerk and the tip of it was shining with flickering spiritual energy .

 Han Fei slightly moved his body sideways and waved the Purple Bamboo Rod in an instant . Then the attacker was sent flying at a faster speed than which he himself moved .

 The students froze . “This fatty doesn’t seem to be simple . ”

 “Brat, not bad, but you are too arrogant . You’ve gotta learn to respect . ”

 “Let me fight him . I come first . ”

 “Go away . Let me fight him!”

 They all began to gang up on Han Fei .

 Bam, Bam, Bam…

 At the gate of the Waterfall Academy, there was a large crowd of people and after only several minutes, more than a dozen people were sent flying through the air .

 There were still many students who surrounded Han Fei and were preparing to fight him . Suddenly someone shouted behind him, “What’s going on here? What a mess!”

 “Damn, it’s Wang Ming of the Fighting Department . This time, Han Fei will be doomed . Wang Ming is already an advanced fishing master . He can beat this fatty easily . ”

 Han Fei looked at Wang Ming and shook his head . “You are not my opponent . Call Ye Nanfei out . ”

 Wang Ming was stunned for a moment, then when he saw the words written on the sign, he got furious . “That’s too much! Which school are you from? THe Blue Sea Academy or Peerless Academy?”

 “I’m not in any school . I came from the Heavenly Water Village!”

 Wang Ming was shocked again .  Came from a village? Then how dare he be so provocative!

 Wang Ming sneered . “I’ll fight you . ”

 Han Fei said flatly, “I said you were not my opponent . ”

 Wang Ming was furious again . “Then let’s see who will lose . ”

 Someone shouted, “Fatty, who do you think you are! I bet you can’t survive a single blow from Wang Ming . ”

 Some people sneered, “Yes, maybe his head will be chopped off!”

 Wang Ming’s weapon was double axes . He jumped into the air, and the axes in his hand flashed with cold glints .

 Just when Wang Ming was about to launch a spiritual energy explosion attack, he suddenly found that Han Fei’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him .



 Han Fei’s Purple Bamboo Rod flashed, and Wang Ming was shaken away and spat out a mouthful of blood .

 Han Fei fully released the power of a great fishing master and spiritual energy surged in his body, causing the people around him to keep retreating .

 “What, a great fishing master?”

 “How is it possible? How old is this fatty? How is it possible for him to be a great fishing master?”

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 “He just said that he had not yet entered a school . ”

 “Really? How can a person from the villages be so strong?”

 “Hurry up, report to the teachers . ”

 Although there were still people around him, they stayed far away from him . There was nobody within five meters of Han Fei .

 Not only was the Third Academy astir, but the whole town was in an uproar .

 A passerby was surprised . “Did you hear that? A brat from the countryside blocked the door to challenge the Third Academy and claimed that the people in the Third Academy are all cowards . ”


 “Yes, they’re already fighting . ”

 “Let’s go check it out . ”


 After ten minutes or so, dozens of people came towards the gate .

 The man walking in front was Ye Nanfei, who Han Fei knew . Apart from Ye Nanfei, there were several elder people . They were teachers, all of whom were great fishing masters .

 In addition to these teachers, Han Fei also saw a few students who were also great fishing masters .

 “Not bad! It seems that there are quite a lot of great fishing masters among the students . ”

 “Han Fei, Han Fei…”

 Han Fei suddenly saw a figure rush over . It was Jia Tong .

 Jia Tong couldn’t believe his eyes . It was really Han Fei!

 “Shoot… Why are you here?”

 Han Fei was surprised . “Are you studying here?”

 Jia Tong nodded . “It’s not just me . Chen Qing is also here . He is coming here now . I didn’t believe it when I heard your name . What are you doing here?”

 Han Fei smiled . “I’m here to challenge someone . Look, he’s come . ”

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 Ye Nanfei had walked up to Han Fei . “Little fatty, it turns out to be you… Wow! You have lost weight . ”

 Han Fei held his head high . “I used to be thin . Your students ganged up on me the other day . Now I’m here to challenge you . Dare you accept my challenge?”

 Han Fei looked behind Ye Nanfei and saw the sword-bearing boy and the bow-bearing boy he met that day and he smiled at them . “It seems that I came at the right time . ”

 The sword-bearing boy said coldly, “That day, five of us fought you, and today I will challenge you alone . ”

 Han Fei scoffed . “I know you’re already a peak-level fishing master, but that’s not enough . You don’t deserve to fight me before you become a great fishing master . ”

 The sword-bearing boy shouted, “You’re too arrogant!”

 Han Fei said lazily, “The five of you can fight me together . I don’t mind defeating you again . ”

 The sword-bearing boy was about to speak but was stopped by Ye Nanfei . He said simply, “OK, Han Fei, I accept your challenge . Come on!”

 Ye Nanfei had just said that when a female teacher said, “Mr . Ye, are you sure to accept the challenge of a boy?”

 In the opinion of this female teacher, this was very unwise . Since Han Fei dared to come, he must have something in him . They had all heard about Han Fei’s one-to-five fight . If he was not confident with his strength, he wouldn’t have come here .

 More importantly, it was nothing new for students to beat a teacher . There were many students who could beat their teachers almost in every school!

 Han Fei looked around . “Fight here?”

 Ye Nanfei nodded . “Yes . ”

 “Okay, as you wish . ”

 Ye Nanfei said to the surrounding people . “Everyone, step back 20 meters . ”

 Han Fei held his rod . “Now, let’s… Start…”

 With that, Han Fei stepped out as quickly as a bolt of lightning, leaving a deep footprint on the ground .

 Ye Nanfei suddenly pulled out the long rod in his hand, which turned into dozens of rod shadows . Han Fei’s Purple Bamboo Rod was shining with spiritual energy and he quickly drew a circle in mid-air, and immediately a large circle of spiritual energy appeared, blocking the dozens of rod shadows .

 Han Fei took the opportunity to attack . His attack was as fast as lightning and extremely powerful and violent . Although he didn’t use much spiritual energy, his attack was as powerful as a spiritual energy explosion .

 “Fuse . ”

 Ye Nanfei looked solemn . This boy was too strong! Although he had just become an intermediate great fishing master, he still couldn’t resist Han Fei’s violent force .

 “An exotic Red-Brow Shrimp . ”

 Not far away, a student shouted very excitedly .

 Han Fei sneered . So what? When the shrimp swung its two whiskers at Han Fei, he stepped into the air, turned back, and shot out the Purple Bamboo Rod in his hand like a bow .


 The surrounding students were shaken as they retreated from the huge force .

 Han Fei touched the ground with the tip of his toes and drew out his double knives .

 Clang, Clang, Clang…

 Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned . It was too quick! How could he use the knives so quickly?

 The sword-bearing boy turned pale .  Is this guy already so strong?! He can even overwhelm Mr . Ye in combat skills…

 Ye Nanfei was also shocked . His Shadow Whip combat skills were completely suppressed and his spiritual beast couldn’t exert its ability either .

 “Rotating Blade…”

 Han Fei threw out the two knives in his hands and appeared behind Ye Nanfei in a blink of an eye .

 “Spiritual Energy Protective Cover . ”

 Ye Nanfei immediately covered his body with a spiritual energy protective cover and the long rod in his hand swept back, while Han Fei grabbed his Purple Bamboo Rod in mid-air .

 “Spiral Strike . ”

 The rod twirled and went straight to Ye Nanfei’s chest . Ye Nanfei had just blocked Han Fei’s rod and double knives when another strike came at him .


 Ye Nanfei was sent flying dozens of meters, and before he had any time to react, Han Fei had put his double knives against his neck .

 In the shocked stare of everyone, Han Fei withdrew his double knives, picked up the Purple Bamboo Rod, crushed the wooden sign with one foot, and turned away .

 “Wait,” Ye Nanfei shouted .

 “Han Fei, how about you join our academy?”

 Han Fei said without looking back, “No, I’ve chosen another school . ”

 The crowd made a way for him, and after Han Fei disappeared into the crowd, Ye Nanfei spat out a mouthful of blood .