God of Fishing - Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: A Strange Academy

Chapter 143: A Strange Academy

Many people were shocked in the vicinity at Han Fei’s shot to fame . He defeated Ye Nanfei, a teacher from the Fighting Department of the Third Academy, and he simply swaggered off .

Then someone found out that Han Fei was heading towards the Fourth Academy .

At the moment, Ye Nanfei was healing himself with the help of a female teacher beside him .

“How is that brat so powerful?” the female teacher exclaimed .

Ye Nanfei rubbed his chest . “Yes . He attacked very quickly and effectively . From the moment the fight started, he had taken the upper hand . ”

“Can he enter the top 100 Heavenly Talents?”

Ye Nanfei mumbled, “Maybe more than that . ”


The female teacher couldn’t help asking, “Should I chase after him?”

Ye Nanfei shook his head and smiled bitterly . “No, this boy is very stubborn and knows what he is doing . ”

At the moment Ye Nanfei noticed that his students, especially the sword-bearing boy, were in low spirits .

“Do you know why I didn’t allow you to fight him? You can be defeated once, but not again! He is no longer your whetstone . If I let him defeat the five of you again, it will seriously hurt your confidence and even become your psychological shadow . ”

The sword-bearing boy looked up . “Teacher, will he really become one of the top 100 strong masters?”

Ye Nanfei was a little stunned . “I don’t know! But, you know, this is his first time to the Blue Sea Town!”

Hearing this, everyone around Ye Nanfei was shocked . Although this was his first time in the Blue Sea Town, he created such breaking news!

After a while, someone came to report, “Mr . Ye, do you know where Han Fei went? He ran to the Fourth Academy . ”


“Fourth Academy?”

The sword-bearing boy asked, “Teacher, the Fourth Academy, isn’t that a run-down school? It doesn’t have any students or teachers . What is he doing there?”

Ye Nanfei was silent for a moment . “The Fourth Academy also had its day in the past . At that time… That school was the No . 1 school in the Blue Sea Town . Even Thousand Star City was not its opponent . It used to be a legend . Unfortunately, it has fallen away . The Fourth Academy was too arrogant and aroused public wrath, so many of its students and teachers were hunted down and killed…”


For the first time, the students heard about the glorious record of the Fourth Academy . Even Thousand Star City was not its opponent? Was this a joke?

Fourth Academy .

A strong bearded man came back carrying a bamboo basket . When he saw the plaque on the ground, he said helplessly, “Old Bai, the plaque fell . ”

The old man said lazily, “So what . It was about fall anyway . ”

The bearded man shook his head, wiped the plaque with his sleeve, placed it aside, and then flaunted to the old man, “Old Bai, you know what, I sold a Bull Conch today and earned 100 mid-quality Pearls . ”

The old man scoffed . “Big deal! I earned 100 mid-quality pearls doing nothing . ”

Suddenly, the old man opened his eyes and sat up . “Ah! That brat didn’t give me money . ”

The bearded man was stunned . “Which brat? Oh yeah, today it is said that a boy from the countryside blocked the gate of the Third Academy and claimed that the people of the Third Academy were all cowards . ”

The old man was not surprised at all . “What he said is true, isn’t it?”

The bearded man smiled bitterly . “Well, at least it’s better than our school . But, that boy beat Ye Nanfei, a teacher from the Fighting Department of the Third Academy in less than five minutes . Gee… Unfortunately, that boy is a soul warrior . If he wasn’t, we may consider recruiting him . ”

While the bearded man was speaking, he saw a meatball-like boy carrying a huge package that was several times larger than him come in .

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Han Fei waved to the old man . “Sir, I’m back . I’ve done something big!”

The bearded man froze . “Who is this kid?”

The old man raised his eyebrows . “I don’t know . He said he wanted to come to our academy to study . It was he who made the plaque fall, so he owes us 100 mid-quality pearls . ”

The bearded man: “???”

Han Fei towed his big package over and exclaimed when he saw the bearded man, “Oh! I seem to have seen you at the port’s fair? You were the one selling Bull Conches . ”

The bearded man scratched his head . “Really?”

Han Fei said to the old man, “Sir, did I pass the test? Today I crushed the Third Academy! Am I awesome? Now am I qualified to join the Fourth Academy?”

The bearded man was startled . “Was that you? Are you that Han Fei who made a scene at the gate of the Third Academy?”

Han Fei scratched his belly . “Did you see it?”

The bearded man shook his head . “No, I heard it… Do you want to join our Fourth Academy?”

Han Fei nodded . “Yes! You see, I’ve brought all my belongings with me . Pots, quilts, bowls… Low-level spiritual fruit… Fresh ingredients… Is there a kitchen here? Let me put these in the kitchen . ”

The old man looked stunned and quickly stopped Han Fei . “Wait, boy, when did I say you’ve passed the assessment?”

Han Fei stared at the old man . “Didn’t you ask me to do something big?”

“Did I say that it was an assessment? Besides, you just beat a teacher . What’s the big deal of that? How do you have the cheek to claim you’ve crushed the Third Academy?”

Han Fei: “???”

The old man sneered . “Okay! I like your style . It’s a bit like our school’s . But our academy’s tuition is very high . You’ve gotta pay this number . ”

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The old man raised two fingers complacently .

Han Fei was stunned . “2,000 mid-quality pearls? It’s a little expensive, but that’s okay, I can pay it…”

The old man: “…”

The bearded man: “…”

The old man muttered in his heart, I wanted to say 200! Aren’t you from the countryside? How are you so rich?

Han Fei took out a bag from the big package, which was full of mid-quality pearls . The old man and the bearded man were stunned . Wow, is this fatty so rich?

Han Fei couldn’t show Forge the Universe, so he had to carry such a big package himself .

The bearded man kept winking at the old man, and the latter looked back at him in bewilderment .

“Cough… Well, kid, since you are so sincere and have paid the tuition, I will give you a formal assessment, but the assessment fee… . ”

The old man raised a finger again . Seeing his movement, the bearded man almost rushed up to cover his mouth .

Hurry up, accept this kid! Why the hell do you still want to assess him? We need him!

Han Fei scratched his belly again . “Is there a charge for the assessment? Well… OK! If I need to pay for the assessment, I guess the accommodation is not for free either, right? Fine, here are 5,000 middle-grade Pearls . Take them and keep the change!”

“Cough, cough…”

The old man coughed and almost fell off the chair .

He stood up and said to Han Fei, “Although, our academy is recruiting spirit gatherers, not soul warriors…”

Before he had finished speaking, his eyes widened . Han Fei’s hands flashed with spiritual energy, and as Han Fei stamped on the ground, a spirit gathering circle appeared on the ground, and in an instant, spiritual energy rushed into this circle from all directions .

Han Fei grinned . “Spirit gatherers? I happen to be a spirit gatherer!”

The old man quickly looked up at the sky . “Well… Uh, Xiao Zhan, what are you waiting for? Call those little bastards over!”

As the old man said this, he tucked away the 5,000 mid-quality pearls in his chair and then said to Han Fei seriously, “Meet your classmates . If you can hold out under their attacks for ten… Uh… Five… Forget it, three minutes, you’ll pass the assessment . ”

Han Fei’s face changed dramatically . Are the students of the Fourth Academy strong? Three minutes? Are you kidding me? I must hold out for ten minutes!

In less than 10 minutes, Han Fei saw five people running from a distance, one was the bearded man who had just left, and…

Han Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up . Wow, what a cute, pretty girl! Han Fei’s mouth almost watered . In his heart hid a 30-year-old soul . It was normal he was attracted to this pretty girl!

This girl, with a ponytail, had snow-white teeth, rosy lips, watery eyes, and pink cheeks . She looked quite energetic with two daggers hanging from the waist, from which he could tell she was a hunter… What a beautiful girl! Han Fei stared at her and couldn’t move his gaze away .

“Hey! Fatty, what are you looking at? ”

“Ahhh… Well… Ah, hi, beauty!”

Han Fei soon realized that he shouldn’t act like this! How could he be so evil as to covet such a little girl?

“Oh, here comes another fatty, fatter than me! Haha, I am not the only fatty in school now . ”

Han Fei looked aside and saw a fatty who was much thinner than him and was looking at him excitedly at the moment .

Han Fei’s face changed . “Classmates, I must tell you that I am not fat . I am just not noticeably thin . ”