God of Fishing - Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: A Bunch of Monsters

Chapter 144: A Bunch of Monsters

A boy holding a rod said in a low voice, “I bet this fatty has a thing for Xia Xiaochan . I can tell it from his eyes . I have to say I admire his courage . ”

The little girl glared at the boy, who immediately shut up and looked up at the sky .

Han Fei looked at the boy and felt so jealous . This boy was so handsome!

But Han Fei immediately turned to the girl, trying to show his elegant side . “Xia Xiaochan, what a nice name . A cicada is dormant for years just to chirp for a single summer as does Epiphyllum bloom in a flash but waits for the entire day . ”

Xia Xiaochan narrowed her eyes . “Do you know about cicadas?”

“Ah! What a nice voice…”

Han Fei grinned . Her voice was really nice .

Huh? There was also an iceberg-like beauty next to Xia Xiaochan . Although she was good-looking too, she was not as energetic as Xia Xiaochan .

Han Fei paused and quickly said, “I read about cicadas from an ancient book . ”

“Alright… Stop chattering! Han Fei, as long as you can hold out for three minutes under their attacks, you’ll be admitted to our school . But I have to remind you that if you fail, I won’t refund your tuition . ”

The slovenly old man said proudly and seemed to be very confident about these teenagers .

At this time, the little iceberg beauty who remained silent said, “I’m Luo Xiaobai, a manipulator and junior great fishing master . My spiritual plant is an exotic Blue Cannibal Flower . ”

The fatty, who was a lot thinner than Han Fei, laughed and said, “Brother, I’m Le Renkuang, a junior great fishing master and armorist . My spiritual beast is an exotic Spiritual Clam . I hope you can hold out for three minutes! Then we will definitely make good brothers . ”

Han Fei despised him in his heart . Are you so nice to me because I’m fatter than you?!

As for that handsome boy, he said lazily, “I’m Zhang Xuanyu, a peak-level fishing master . I’m a soul warrior and my spiritual beast is an exotic Bloodthirsty Shark . Brother, I know you’re rich . I like to make friends with rich people . May you pass the test!”

A cunning gleam flashed across Xia Xiaochan’s eyes . “I’m Xia Xiaochan, a junior great fishing master and hunter! My spiritual beast is an exotic Shadow Shrimp . Oh, yes, I also have a second spiritual beast, an exotic Giant Arowana… And, I don’t like fat people . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was dumbfounded after hearing their self-introductions . Are great fishing masters so easy to come by? They are almost all great fishing masters! What a bunch of monsters!

More importantly, each of them had an exotic spiritual beast that sounded quite awesome .

And this little girl even had two exotic spiritual beasts! He had never heard of anyone having two exotic spiritual beasts . This shabby academy seemed to be full of great talents!

Han Fei took a deep breath . “I’m Han Fei, a junior great fishing master, as well as a spirit gatherer and soul warrior . My spiritual beast is… A Spirit Swallowing Fish . ”

They immediately looked at Han Fei strangely . What? A Spirit Swallowing Fish?

The bearded man looked at Han Fei with interest . Interesting! A guy whose spiritual beast is only a Spirit Swallowing Fish can be both a spirit gatherer and a soul warrior? And he managed to become a great fishing master at this age in a village . He must be really talented .

The bearded man asked, “Han Fei, are you ready? Three minutes, OK?”

Han Fei took a deep breath . Although the four students looked harmless, they made up all five major professions and all of them had exotic spiritual beasts and were almost all great fishing masters . He must be very careful .

“Yes… I’m ready…”

The bearded man shouted . “Ready? Go!”

The four people on the opposite side shouted at the same time, “Fuse . ”

Han Fei immediately activated Fury and shouted, “Attach . ”

After half a year’s battle with Jiang Qin, one thing dawned on him . A soul warrior would stop at nothing . No matter what kind of enemies were in front, they would just slaughter their way through .

Han Fei, who released all his strength, was very powerful . In a blink of an eye, he lifted his rod and made a strike against Zhang Xuanyu who also struck at him . But at this moment, a fatty appeared suddenly, and a giant shield appeared in his hand .


He hit the shield hard, which caused a huge cloud of dust within tens of meters, but neither the fatty nor Han Fei stayed still . Han Fei was surprised, but then he noticed a figure jump up behind the fatty .

“Triple-Layered Waves in Furious Sea . ”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In an instant, Han Fei seemed to feel the surging tide . In the blink of an eye, he was attacked three times in a row and knocked back by seven or eight steps .

The battle of course didn’t end . Han Fei noticed that there was something darting at him through the air from behind, which seemed to be able to break his defense .

In an instant, Han Fei thrust the Purple Bamboo Rod into the ground and lay forward in a weird posture . The rod was bent and ejected toward the blade shot over from behind .


Han Fei felt that the person behind him retreated . Before he had the time to take a breath of relief, however, he felt that his feet were entangled in vines . He instantly took out his double knives and chopped off the vines, and at the same time, the seven tails behind him swept across, sweeping away the other vines that had come around .

Zhang Xuanyu called out, “Not bad! Come, try my Seven-Layered Waves in Furious Sea… . ”

That rod danced in Zhang Xuanyu’s hands like a butterfly, and as it swung, there seemed to be turbulent waves dashing against him .

Han Fei seemed to see a phantom of huge waves coming at him, surging layer by layer .

Han Fei felt as if being surrounded by enemies from all directions .

“Blade Storm . ”

Han Fei immediately protected himself with a spiritual energy protective cover and rotated like a gyro, releasing deadly blades from 360 degrees .

Clank, Clank, Clank…

Clang! Clang! Clang!

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For a while, the vines flew around and the glint and flash of cold steel flashed .

On the far side, the beard tugged on the old man’s arm . “He has proven his strength . Three minutes is too long . Now it’s only been one minute . ”

Han Fei was shocked . He thought that he was already invincible among his peers . But now the four monsters told him he was wrong! He couldn’t believe they were just junior great fishing masters . Their strength was almost equal to that of a peak-level great fishing master!

Han Fei twisted his body in strange postures, trying to break through the circle of the four . But just as he was about to break out, the seemingly-harmless fatty suddenly patted his armor box . “Shield Wall Impact . ”

Then Han Fei saw dozens of giant shield phantoms suddenly hit at him head-on .

Han Fei took a deep breath and suddenly a circle appeared under his feet . A swirling water tornado appeared in the air, rolling him into the sky . Then the water tornado turned into a water vine, pulling him aside .

Han Fei’s face changed . The fight had just started one minute ago, but he had used at least ten combat skills . The slightest bit of carelessness would make him defeated .

Han Fei thought he might be able to hold out for one or two minutes, but ten minutes seemed a bit difficult, unless…

“Haunting Shadow . ”

Han Fei had just landed and Xia Xiaochan had already turned into a shadow and pounced at him with extremely fast speed, thrusting the dagger in her hand at him in an unimaginable angle .

Is this the strength of a hunter?

Han Fei felt that Fang Qing who he met in the resource competition could not even be considered a hunter . Compared to Xia Xiaochan, she was simply trash .

“Scar of War Shadows . ”

Han Fei’s body suddenly overflowed with spiritual energy and he bumped against the four of them like a madman .

Clink, Clink…

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“Great strength!”

Han Fei stopped ten meters away from them, and Zhang Xuanyu, the weakest among the four, was knocked out .

Le Renkuang muttered, “He has a very strong defense . Let me… Violent War Body…”

Han Fei saw that the fatty dashing at him seemed to use a combat kill similar to Scar of War Shadows .

Humph! How dare you laugh at my figure just now?! Now let me teach you a good lesson!

Han Fei also pounced at him like a missile exploding . As the two of them collided, there came a huge explosion . Under the impact of the huge airflow, the school gate was completely broken, the old man’s chair also fell apart, and there was a huge pit at the place where the two collided .

Le Renkuang was sent flying, and Han Fei, for the first time, felt as if his five internal organs were wrung together . Gosh, this little fatty is strong!

“Thorn, Strangle…”

Han Fei was speechless . Not again! Can’t these people give him a break?

Han Fei saw within four or five meters of his feet, countless vines pop out . He swept with his seven tails but couldn’t cut them off .

Xia Xiaochan roared, “Shadow Piercing . ”

Zhang Xuanyu followed, “Crazy Shark…”