God of Fishing - Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Can I Make You A Deal?

Chapter 145: Can I Make You A Deal?

“Fuse . ”

Han Fei finally said the word .

He had no choice but to do so . He underestimated the geniuses in this world . He had thought that he could easily win against the four of them, but now it seemed that he was going to lose soon .

The smoke dispersed .

Zhang Xuanyu flew back dozens of meters away, covering his chest with one hand .

Luo Xiaobai turned slightly pale and the vines scattered here and there in front of her .

Only Xia Xiaochan almost changed into a shadow, holding double daggers, hacking at Han Fei .

Now she didn’t look like a cute little girl at all but a tough female Tyrannosaurus .

One of Han Fei’s eyes turned black and the other white while he attacked extremely fast . Every single attack of Xia Xiaochan was blocked by Han Fei from an incredible angle .

Clanking sounds rang ceaselessly in the big pit .

“How dare you call me beauty? Don’t you dare talk to me that way!”

“I hate the way you look at me!”

“And how dare you hit me? I’m gonna kill you…”

Xia Xiaochan kept muttering . Every five or six blows she made, she muttered . But Han Fei was no longer gentle to her like before . His face looked ferocious and cruel .

He even showed his white teeth as if going to jump up and bite her .

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Xia Xiaochan frowned and then suddenly disappeared . Han Fei lowered his head and found that there was a shadow on the ground . Almost in the blink of an eye, he felt he was slashed dozens of times in the legs, lower abdomen, and back .


Han Fei gathered all the spiritual energy around, which suddenly exploded around him .

But that shadow appeared more than ten meters away and turned into a human form . Then Xia Xiaochan clenched her double daggers and slashed at Han Fei again .


The bearded man suddenly appeared between them, slapping Xia Xiaochan away, and at the same time, stopping Han Fei’s fusion with his spiritual beast .

Han Fei sat down on the ground and gasped .

Han Fei swallowed . “Why… Were… You… Attacking me so hard?”

Han Fei was out of breath . The little girl’s perfect image in his heart was completely ruined . Is that a cute little girl? Come on, even Iron-Headed Fish wasn’t as tough as her!

Now not only these four students, but also the bearded man and the old man were looking at him up and down with great interest .

Le Renkuang was out of breath too . “Brother, you’ve passed the assessment . ”

Despite being pale, Le Renkuan rushed over and seemed to want to hug Han Fei .

Thinking of the horrible result of colliding with him, Han Fei was scared!

He quickly waved his hand . “Don’t come over! I warn you, don’t come over! I don’t like fat people…”

Le Renkuang said aggrievedly, “But you’re fat too! Even fatter than me!”

Han Fei was angry . “Nonsense, I used to be thin, the very thin kind, the thin and handsome kind . ”

Le Renkuang burst into laughter . “Well, I used to be thin too . ”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled while holding his rod . “You’re very strong . I like you, so… Um… Han Fei, when will you treat us to dinner?”

Han Fei asked, “Treat you to dinner?”

Zhang Xuanyu blinked and said, “Yes!”

Le Renkuang added, “Yes, every new classmate will invite us to dinner . I feel I become thinner after fighting with you . ”

Han Fei was relieved . “OK! I brought pots with me . I can cook . ”

Le Ren was shocked . “Can you cook too?”


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Le Renkuang immediately pointed his finger at the others “Look… I said that fat people can cook, and you thin people will only enjoy the fruits of others’ labor . ”

Luo Xiaobai snorted, ignored Le Renkuang, and looked at Han Fei . “Hello, new classmate . ”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “I don’t feel well . I feel as though my internal organs were wrung together . ”

Xia Xiaochan appeared quietly behind Han Fei . “Do you want me to rub them for you?”

Han Fei shivered and burst into a cold sweat . He quickly got up and ran up to Le Renkuang . “Xia Xiaochan, I warn you, don’t come over! I don’t hit girls . ”

“Let me rub them for you…”

Looking at the aggrieved look of Xia Xiaochan, Han Fei trembled . Do you think I don’t know what kind of a person you are?! You’re the most terrifying one among the four!

“Wow! Now we have all five kinds of professionals here!”

Han Fei looked up, only to see a middle-aged beautiful woman jump off the top of the big tree, looking up and down at him .

The woman said, “Gee, he has an exotic contractual spiritual beast that even we haven’t heard of, and… That Spirit Swallowing Fish is also an exotic spiritual beast, right? You’re both a spirit gatherer and soul warrior! Your defense power is comparable to Little Fatty, combat power is a bit stronger than Zhang Xuanyu, and speed can keep up with Xiaochan… Old Bai, where did you find this little monster?”

The old man didn’t seem to expect Han Fei to be so strong, which was completely beyond his expectations . But he still said arrogantly, “He came to me himself . ”

The bearded man laughed . “Haha, our academy finally recruited five people! Great! I think we can go out for a big meal tonight . ”

The old man’s face suddenly changed, and he glared at the bearded man . “Shut up! Do you have the money?”

Then he looked at the mess around and said to Han Fei, “The school was almost destroyed by you… Forget it, you don’t have to pay . You are already a student of our Thug Academy . ”

Han Fei looked around . It was already shabby enough and now it didn’t look worse .

The bearded man said helplessly, “OK, then let’s cook ourselves! Han Fei, let me introduce to you, this is Dean Bai of our Thug Academy . You can just call him Old Bai . I’m your instructor Xiao Zha . I’m a soul warrior and armorist . My spiritual beast is an exotic Eight-Armed Conch . This is Instructor Wenren Yu . She is a manipulator and her spiritual plant is an exotic Sword Grass…”

“Hi, Dean . ”

“Hi, Mr . Xiao . ”

“Hi, Ms . Wenren . ”

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Han Fei scratched his belly . “Teachers, where is my dorm?”

“Cough, cough…”

Le Renkuang patted Han Fei on the shoulder . “Dorm? We don’t have a dorm . ”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was surprised . “Then where are we living?”

Le Renkuang said carelessly, “Anywhere! This place is so large . Even the mountain behind is ours . You can live wherever you want!”

Zhang Xuanyu also came over and patted Han Fei’s shoulder . “You know, we only have this archway and a library building left in our school . ”


As soon as Zhang Xuanyu said so, the archway suddenly collapsed .

Han Fei: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Everyone was silent for a long time . Han Fei was thinking hard, trying to work out a solution . He didn’t want to live in the wild like a savage!

Han Fei asked, “Why not build some houses?”

Le Renkuang looked at him like he was looking at a fool . “It costs money to build a house . ”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded . “We don’t have money . ”

Han Fei calmly stated, “I just paid 5000 mid-quality pearls as my tuition fee!”


Le Renkuang widened his eyes and Zhang Xuanyu looked at Han Fei with shining eyes like looking at a pile of mid-quality pearls . Xia Xiaochan exclaimed, “Wow!”

Even the iceberg, Luo Xiaobai, showed a startled look .

Everyone looked at the old man . Wow, this old bastard is really ruthless! How could you charge him for 5,000 mid-quality pearls as the tuition fee?

Old Bai rolled his eyes . “I didn’t ask him for this money! He gave it to me himself, OK?”

“Cough! I’ve decided to take 3,000 mid-quality pearls to build our academy… It will be enough for us to renovate our school . ”

Han Fei secretly snorted . The old man was just as sly as Old Jiang . These old bastards diddled me without even batting their eyelids .

However, these kinds of mysterious old men can bring me many benefits! If I hadn’t hooked up with Old Jiang, I wouldn’t be where I am, not to mention would I be a soul warrior!

So Han Fei waved his hand . “3,000 won’t be enough! I’ll personally contribute 7,000 more and make up 10,000 . Let’s renovate the school thoroughly!”


Old Bai was stunned .

The bearded man was stunned .

So were the four students .

Old Bai quickly nodded and said, “Very good… So it’s so decided . Let’s find some people to renovate the school tomorrow . ”

Is this kid stupid? His family must be very rich!

Le Renkuang put his arm around Han Fei’s shoulders . “Brother, may I be your friend?”

Zhang Xuanyu patted Han Fei on the shoulder . “I can be quite sure that you will definitely be my good brother . Brother, how about going out for dinner tonight?”

Xia Xiaochan interrupted, “Hottie, can I make you a deal?”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was stunned . Are you serious? Didn’t you just say you were gonna kill me? But now you’re calling me ‘hottie’?

Han Fei took a deep breath . “What kind of deal?” Han Fei asked bluntly .

“If I need someone to pay for me, you’ll pay for me . If you have any trouble, don’t come to me . You can’t hold my hand, but I won’t date you . ”

Han Fei: “…”