God of Fishing - Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: Geniuses Who Haven’t Seen Much of Life

Chapter 146: Geniuses Who Haven’t Seen Much of Life

That night, the school had planned to hold a feast to welcome Han Fei, but this plan was dismissed in the end because Old Bai didn’t want to spend the money .

At this moment .

At the foot of the mountain, a temporary kitchen in the woods .

A Pearl Fish was being cooked in a big pot . Han Fei proficiently threw all kinds of spices into the pot and soon, the aroma of the hot pot spread all around .

Le Renkuang, the so-called first chef of the Thug Academy was following Han Fei closely and his mouth was drooling .

Le Renkuang asked curiously, “Han Fei, isn’t this a Yellow Ball? This thing is not tasty . ”

Han Fei said with a smile, “There are no bad foods but only bad cooks in this world . I’m making chili and sour potato . ”

Xia Xiaochan was staring at a plate of Small White Shrimp, frowning from time to time . “Han Fei, these shrimps are alive…”

Han Fei no longer took Xia Xiaochan as a cute little girl . He casually responded, “That is called Drunk Shrimp . They’ve just gotten drunk now . Wait for a while . ”

Old Bai shouted furiously, “Han Fei, isn’t it a waste to feed shrimp such good liquor?! How can you waste this great liquor on low-level Small White Shrimp?”

Han Fei glanced at Old Bai holding the wine jar and the bearded man and said helplessly, “Well, can you give me my seasoning back? There is still a lot of liquor . ”

Old Bai refused, “I didn’t expect low-level Spiritual Fruit to have such wonderful effects . I used to let them rot in the fields . ”

Han Fei added, “They are also seasoning . ”

Only at this moment did Han Fei realize that the huge plantation outside also belonged to the Thug Academy . It almost occupied one-third of the island . He couldn’t understand why the Blue Sea Town would give them such a large area .

This old man is so stupid . Why didn’t he lease it to earn some money?

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Old Bai questioned, “Huh? Why are there so few low-level spiritual fruits? Didn’t you dig some from outside?”

Han Fei said crossly, “I brought them from the village . ”

Old Bai was surprised . “You said you came from the Heavenly Water Village… Do you know the old man in the plantation of the village?”

Han Fei took out Old Jiang’s letter from his pocket . “This is Old Jiang’s letter to you . ”


Old Bai took the letter in surprise . As soon as he saw the words ‘Old Bastard’ on the letter, he knew that it must be from Old Jiang .

Old Bai was not angry but wondered, “Why didn’t you take out this letter early?”

Han Fei smiled bitterly . “Old Jiang said that I was barely qualified to enter the Fourth Academy, so I wanted to try it out . But it turns out that what he said is true!”

Old Bai said leisurely, “Oh! It’s good that you know your distance . If I had known that it was Old Jiang who asked you to come here, you would have had to hold out for an hour to pass the assessment!”

Han Fei: “???”

Not far away, the middle-aged beautiful woman, Wenren Yu, and the iceberg, Luo Xiaobai, were in front of the barbecue grill staring at the golden prawns, mussels, and various roasted fruits on the grill while sniffing their noses from time to time .

Han Fei walked over, brushed oil on the food again, and then smeared the garlic sauce on them . The two of them immediately swallowed saliva .

Han Fei turned back with a jerk . “Xia Xiaochan, the Drunk Shrimp aren’t ready yet . Wait for a while . ”

Xia Xiaochan looked down . “I didn’t…”

As she opened her mouth, however, a Small White Shrimp jumped out of her mouth .

Han Fei instructed, “Fat man, turn down the heat . If you overcook it, it won’t taste good . ”

Le Renkuang laughed . “Now, you are the fatty . I am thinner than you . ”

Han Fei: “…”

After a moment .

The hot pot, barbecue, and dishes were served one by one .

Han Fei said, “Okay, our first sumptuous dinner has been made . We can start eating . ”

Before Han Fei finished, he found that Le Renkuang and Xia Xiaochan’s mouths were already full of food . Le Renkuang was holding a garlic prawn and kept stuffing food into his mouth .

Old Bai and Beard Xiao took a sip of liquor and took a bite of the mussels, beaming with joy .

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes were shining . “It’s so delicious, Xiaobai . Don’t let Kuangkuang cook anymore . Let Han Fei cook for us in the future . ”

Zhang Xuanyu clicked his tongue and nodded . “Yes, their culinary skills are like clouds and mud . ”

Le Renkuang was not annoyed . “I am learning from him . Only our fat people can cook such delicious food . ”

Han Fei’s face was all black . “I say it again, I am not a fatty . My being fat is only temporary . ”

Luo Xiaobai was calm as usual . She didn’t eat with her hands but ate bit by bit . “It’s delicious . ”

No one had time to speak to Han Fei . Han Fei, dumbfounded, watched this group of gluttons eating up all the dishes like a whirlwind sweeping away scattered clouds . And he only ate two garlic prawns .

After the meal, everyone became Han Fei’s friend . Even Iceberg Luo Xiaobai smiled at him .

Having dined and wined to satiety, Old Bai said, “I’m going to bed,” as he wandered away .

Xiao Zhan and Wenren Yu left too .

Han Fei asked, “Where do we sleep at night?”

Zhang Xuanyu said casually, “Kuangkuang and I are both sleeping in a cave . Shall we dig a cave for you?”

Le Renkuang waved his hand . “He can sleep with us . Han Fei, do you want to sleep with us in the cave?”

Han Fei shivered and shook his head hard . “How about the president and the teachers?”

Le Renkuang said enviously, “President sleeps in the library!”

Han Fei turned to Xia Xiaochan who said, “Xiaobai and I also sleep in a cave . ”

Han Fei smiled . “Can I share the cave with you two?”

Suddenly, two murderous stares shot at him . Xia Xiaochan smiled and said, “Little Brother, I don’t mind . Anyway, you will become our little sister the next day . ”

Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang couldn’t help but clamp their legs in terror and shut up . However, they secretly gave Han Fei a thumbs-up . Buddy, you are the bravest man we’ve ever seen .

Han Fei smiled awkwardly . “Forget it, I will build a house for myself!”

Le Renkuang immediately lost interest . “How troublesome! It’s better to sleep in a cave . ”

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Han Fei glanced around and asked, “Can I cut down the trees here?”

Zhang Xuanyu snapped his fingers . “You have the money . You have the final say . The whole forest is yours . You can cut as much as you want . ”

Han Fei immediately came forward to cut a big tree . I finally changed from an ordinary person to a cultivator . How can I live in a cave?! Isn’t it even worse than before? It’s impossible for me to live in a cave, especially with two men!

As Han Fei kept raising his arm and hacking, wood boards appeared in front of the others piece by piece .

Luo Xiaobai was surprised . “Are you really building a house?”

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “The new classmate is awesome! He seems to know everything!”

Xia Xiaochan drew near and asked, “Can you build one for me?”

Han Fei responded, “One man’s power is limited . Let’s share one house, OK?”

“OK, but only after you become my sister . Although you’re a bit fat, I can still accept you . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei carried big chunks of wood and jumped up and down . Then everyone realized that this guy was going to build a treehouse? They immediately got interested . They had slept in a tree before, but no one thought about building a house in the tree!

Half an hour later, a treehouse was built by Han Fei . He laid mattresses and quilts on the floor and decorated the house with a few rubies that illuminated the treehouse brightly . Seeing this, no one wanted to go back to the cave .

Han Fei sat on the trunk . “Why aren’t you leaving?”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up . She jumped onto the tree and said to Han Fei, “Let me try it out . ”

Then she lay down inside and rolled around happily several times .

“It’s so comfortable! I don’t want to go back to the cave anymore . I’m going to sleep in the tree tonight… Okay, I’m going to bed . Good night . ”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei shouted quickly, “Hey! Wait a minute! Didn’t you say you’d just try it out? Why are you sleeping in it?”

Xia Xiaochan said with a sly smile, “I’ve tried it out . You are too heavy for this treehouse . You need to find a bigger tree . Look, that tree is suitable for you, thick and big . OK, I’m going to sleep now . Don’t disturb me, or I will summon my Giant Arowana to bite you . ”

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Han Fei was trembling with anger . “Xia Xiaochan, You’ve gone too far! I have been tolerating you for too long!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll build another one for you! I’m doing it for your own good . Fatties need to exercise more . You should do more exercise to become as thin as Kuangkuang . ”

Han Fei was speechless . When did Le Renkuang become his weight-loss goal?!

Half a month later .

The school buildings were finally built . The archway of the Thug Academy was rebuilt and the plaque of Thug Academy was hung up again .

During the last half a month, Han Fei served as a construction supervisor, checking the drawings every day . Thinking of what he did in the last half a month, he almost burst into tears . I’m here to cultivate, not to build a house!

Now Han Fei was squatting with the four others, and the five of them stared at the library building in a daze .

Le Renkuang asked, “Why is the library building the tallest and most beautiful building in the whole school?”

Han Fei said casually, “Only in this way can the essence of a school be embodied . ”

Xia Xiaochan held her chin in her hand and sighed . “But nobody comes to our school! There are only five of us here… Why do people all go to the other three academies?”

Han Fei was speechless . Don’t you know why? You guys have got no money and no people . The students live in caves and the president lives in the library… If Old Jiang hadn’t asked me to come here, I wouldn’t have come either!

At this time, Old Bai, Xiao Zhan, and Wenren Yu came out of the library .

Xiao Zhan said coldly, “Okay, today is your first class . ”