God of Fishing - Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Xia Xiaochan Is Sick

After everyone had finished speaking, they saw Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu hugging each other and shaking .

 Xia Xiaochan spat . “Gross!”

 Han Fei snorted . “I don’t want to talk to the three of you who all have exotic spiritual heritages that can grow! Can’t you be normal people? Tell me, are you actually from the Thousand Star City, or where?”

 Luo Xiaobai muttered, “No comment . ”

 Zhang Xuanyu sighed . “Ah! I understand your feeling! But, Fei, you are worse than me . You only have a level-three spiritual heritage . ”

 Han Fei’s brain was working rapidly . Having a spiritual heritage that can grow up is a good excuse to hide the existence of the Demon Purification Pot! So he said, “Actually, I want to say that my spiritual heritage can also grow . It just needs an awful lot of spiritual energy . ”

 “Go away!”

 Zhang Xuanyu kicked Han Fei away and squatted on the ground sadly drawing circles .

 Xia Xiaochan was curious . “Really?”

 Han Fei scratched his belly . “I’m not sure! Perhaps? But the color of my spiritual heritage is not as colorful as yours . Mine is yellow, like those of most normal people . ”

 Luo Xiaobai asked, “Has your spiritual heritage ever upgraded?”

 Han Fei nodded . “Yes! Its first upgrade was when I ate seabed spiritual fruit, and its second upgrade was when I got a chance and absorbed a lot of spiritual energy . ”

 Han Fei thought, I’m not lying, am I? If my spiritual heritage upgrades again, I won’t have to explain . Otherwise, they will suspect me .

 Suddenly, Zhang Xuanyu said, “Does this count?”

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 Zhang Xuanyu hesitated . “Then I think mine can upgrade too! When it was first tested, it was at level five…”

 Han Fei kicked back . “F*ck off! I don’t want to talk to you anymore . ”

 The eavesdropping trio’s faces turned green . That’s enough! Are you showing off to us?

 Old Bai said ponderingly, “Perhaps this is God’s will . Otherwise, how could these guys happen to come to our school at the same time?”

 Xiao Zhan said crossly, “I don’t want to see them for now . I’m going to sell Bull Conches . ”

 Wenren Yu also got up and walked away . “I don’t want to see them either . I’m going to work . ”

 Old Bai mumbled, “… Do you think I want to see them?”


 After the meeting, Han Fei felt that his classmates were not simple . Why did they all have spiritual heritages that could grow? And why weren’t they taken to the Thousand Star City?

 Han Fei looked left and right and felt only Le Renkuang looked gullible .

 Han Fei said with a smiley face, “Didn’t the President say we should get familiar with each other? Let’s have a big meal together! Otherwise, we may not have time in the future!”

 Le Renkuang quickly raised a hand . “I agree . ”

 The other three clicked their tongues . They couldn’t resist the temptation of food, so they nodded .

 Han Fei laughed . “Fatty, let’s go . Let’s go to the plantation to pick up some fresh low-level spiritual fruits . ”

 Han Fei knew that the other three wouldn’t be interested . Le Renkuang was their cook before Han Fei came, so he was the only one willing to go to the plantation .

 On the way, Han Fei put his arm around Le Renkuang’s shoulders . “Hey, fatty, when did you enter the school?”

 Le Renkuang patted his chest . “Haha, I was the first to come here . They all came behind me . ”

 “Oh? You were the first, so when you came, there were no other students in the school?”

 Le Renkuang recalled and then said sadly, “Yes! You don’t know how miserable the school was! When I had just come, we had no food but basked in the sun and ate low-level spiritual fruits to allay hunger . We were really poor at that time! I don’t know why the dean and teachers didn’t go to the fishery to catch fish to make money . I really don’t understand…”

 Han Fei asked again, “What about the others?”

 Le Renkuang was very talkative, so he chatted all the way . “Xiaobai was brought by Ms . Wenren . I was really happy to have a classmate when she came, but Xiaobai was always silent and kept to herself . But she is really strong . When I practiced with Xiaobai, I was always…”

 Han Fei’s eyes turned . “Oh? Was she brought by Ms . Wenren personally? Then she must have a strong background?”

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 Le Renkuang laughed . “No! Except that you came to our school yourself, we were all brought here by the teachers! I was brought here by the President himself . At that time, I was competing with others to eat fish . You know what, I ate 17 fish alone! The President happened to pass by and maybe he was shocked by my talent, so I was brought in . ”

 Han Fei forced a smile . Are you kidding me?! Ate 17 fish at once?! They must have thought you were an idiot, so he brought you back!

 Le Renkuang turned his head and smiled . “Of course, it was mainly because of my other talents . Take Zhang Xuanyu for example, he was brought back from outside the level-two fishery by Mr . Xiao Zhan . It is said that he drifted to our town from another town alone . Have you seen the Triple-Layered Waves in Furious Sea? He created it himself…”


 Han Fei was stunned . “He drifted here from another town? And he created his own combat skill?”

 Le Renkuang said admiringly, “Yes, when he created it, he was only an intermediate fishing master . He’s great, isn’t he?”

 Han Fei took a deep breath .  Wow, this kind of thing can’t be done by ordinary people! And this guy drifted here from another town? Everyone knew it was very dangerous at sea, not to mention that it was so hard to travel from one town to another!

 Seeing Han Fei gape, Le Renkuang patted his shoulder . “Don’t be shocked . That’s not a big deal! Xia Xiaochan is more horrible . ”

 Han Fei swallowed . “Did she also drift here?”

 Le Renkuang looked at Han Fei helplessly . “No! Xia Xiaochan was brought here by the President himself a month ago, but I’ll tell you a secret . Don’t tell the others…”

 Le Renkuang whispered in Han Fei’s ear, “The secret is that Xia Xiaochan is sick . ”

 Han Fei paused and looked at him strangely . “Although she does seem a little bit abnormal, is it bad for us to talk about her behind her back?”

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 Han Fei thought to himself, I thought this fatty is simple-minded! It turns out that he is cunny .

 Le Renkuang quickly waved his hand . “No, she is sick indeed . ”

 Han Fei recalled how Xia Xiaochan ferociously ran after and hacked at him and couldn’t help but laugh . “Is it because she’s sick so she has to hack her enemies to death?!”

 Le Renkuang looked at Han Fei in amazement . “Were you aware?”

 Han Fei: “???”

 Le Renkuang whispered, “Xia Xiaochan fell ill on the first day of her arrival and almost slashed Zhang Xuanyu to death . Fortunately, Mr . Xiao Zhan stopped her . You wouldn’t believe it! She ran after and slashed at Mr . Xiao Zhan almost the whole day!”

 Looking at Le Renkuang’s horrified face, Han Fei doubted the story . “Really? You must be kidding!”

 Le Renkuang patted his belly . “I swear, I’m not lying! Luo Xiaobai is fine except for having few words and being a bit fierce . Zhang Xuanyu is very easy-going . Only Xia Xiaochan, oh, I once saw her glowing red all over like a demon! It was really scary . Fortunately, the President stopped her in time . ”

 Han Fei’s eyelids twitched . “Really?!”

 Le Renkuang said with a smile, “President said that Xia Xiaochan had unstable power in her body, so she needed to vent, and it would be fine after she vented . In fact, she is not a bad girl . After she found out that she almost hacked Zhang Xuanyu to death, she wept secretly . Well, it’s great that you have come . Xia Xiaochan always tried to get me when she needed to vent . Your physique is stronger than me . This job will be yours from now on . ”


 Han Fei was dumbfounded . “What? What if she hacked me to death?”

 Le Renkuang grinned . “Relax, she won’t . She just needs to vent through battle! She wasn’t ill these past few days, alright? Don’t worry . ”

 Han Fei: “…”