God of Fishing - Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: I’ll Stand Still

Chapter 150: I’ll Stand Still

The more Han Fei thought about it, the more he was scared . So I’ll have to act as a meat shield from now on?!

But then he realized, did it mean that Xia Xiaochan had grown up in such bitter torture since her childhood?

However, from the entry assessment, he could tell that Xia Xiaochan’s combat power was definitely the strongest among all the students . Even after he fused with his spiritual beast, he was equal to her . It seemed that he should continue to strengthen his body!

At the dinner table, the hot pot had not yet begun to cook, and Xia Xiaochan had carried a two-meter long Bull Conch back .

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “Oh! Xia Xiaochan, did you steal Mr . Xiao Zhan’s Bull Conch?”

Xia Xiaochan smiled slyly . “Anyway, he doesn’t need to sell Bull Conches now . Let’s eat Bull Conch hot pot tonight . ”

Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan strangely and said, pretending to be casual, “This stuff is not easy to cook! Meat is not easy to stew tender . ”

Xia Xiaochan snorted . “As long as the fire is big enough . ”

With that, she waved her dagger, sparks flew, and the conch shell was cut broken by her . She proficiently wielded the dagger and a huge piece of Bull Conch meat was minced into hundreds of pieces in the blink of an eye and it fell into the big pot .

Han Fei looked at the pot full of meat and froze . “It seems we need to change to a bigger pot!”

Le Renkuang nodded in agreement . “Yes, yes, there isn’t enough food every time . ”

Luo Xiaobai said coldly, “The more we cultivate, the more energy you need, so it’s normal for us to eat more . ”

Han Fei doubted this . “But I heard we can intake spiritual energy instead of eating food?”

Xia Xiaochan smiled while stirring the soup in the pot . “Although spiritual energy is important, there are many things that spiritual energy can’t replace, at least not now . So we still have to eat food so that we can cultivate faster than others . ”

Han Fei had never heard of this before . He thought that spiritual energy was everything and eating food was just for satisfying one’s appetite . It turned out that he was wrong .

Han Fei shook his head and smiled . Yes, hunger breeds discontent . This rule applies everywhere .

At the dinner table .

Everyone was glutting themselves with delicacies .

Luo Xiaobai broke the silence . “Since we know each other’s secret, then we should be familiar with each other’s combat skills . Han Fei, the four of us came earlier than you, so we are already quite familiar with each other . However, you have just come and haven’t shown us many of your abilities and combat skills . ”

Han Fei nodded and asked, “Did we forget something? Does a team need to have a name?”

Le Renkuang nodded . “Yes, should we make a name? We are a team! How about Crazy Team?”

Zhang Xuanyu gave a nasty look . “It sounds uncultured and rustic! I think Myth Team is good . ”

Xia Xiaochan added, “Secret Team! We all have secrets . ”

Zhang Xuanyu was helpless . “No, it sounds weird! How about, Thug Team? It echoes the name of our school . ”

Han Fei nodded . “This is good, but the word ‘team’ sounds too plain . How about Thug Legend? We will become legends in the Blue Sea Town in the future…”

Zhang Xuanyu raised his hand and said to Han Fei, “I like this name! Give me five . ”

Xia Xiaochan frowned . “Tacky . ”

Le Renkuang said happily, “Hey, this name is pretty good! Thug Legend, it sounds like we are all thugs in this team!”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled . “I don’t find the ‘thug’ part special, but I like the word ‘legend’ . ”

“Let’s vote by a show of hands . ”

The three boys immediately raised their hands .

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Xia Xiaochan picked up her dagger . “Kuangkuang, you’re getting bolder . Believe it or not, I can hack you to death?”

As they laughed and talked, the name of their team was decided as Thug Legend . In the endless years to come, they had quarreled about this matter for countless times . Everyone blamed Han Fei for this silly name .

After the meeting, they became closer . In the next half month, however, everyone would be beaten terribly by the other four with a variety of combat skills and spiritual beasts .

One day .

Today it was Han Fei’s turn to be beaten by the other four again . At this moment, dust flew around in the huge field at the foot of the mountain .

Le Renkuang was angry . “That’s too much . This guy’s defense power is too strong . ”

Zhang Xuanyu swung his long rod at Han Fei . “Blood and Qi Burn . ”

Being attacked by Zhang Xuanyu, Han Fei felt hot all over as if his blood was boiling . He could feel his blood and qi was losing every time he was attacked .

Han Fei said crossly, “Zhang Xuanyu, wait and see . When it’s your turn, I will beat the hell out of you . ”

Xia Xiaochan shouted . “Shadow Explosion…”

There were shadows that filled the ground and the air . Numerous Xia Xiaochan shadows appeared and his eyes were almost dazzled by shining glints of the countless daggers .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The water shield under Han Fei’s foot was shattered, and he waved the Purple Bamboo Rod as fast as wind but was still stabbed dozens of times by Xia Xiaochan .

At first, Xia Xiaochan was afraid of hurting Han Fei, so she just hacked at him . Later, she discovered that Han Fei’s defense power was very strong, so she began to stab him .

Fortunately, he had strong defensive power . Otherwise, he would have been dead . Now his body was covered with holes that were all left by her .

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But Xia Xiaochan wouldn’t use all her strength when she was fighting others . Even Le Renkuang couldn’t resist Xia Xiaochan’s storm-like attacks .

Han Fei seized the opportunity and suddenly thrust Zhang Xuanyu with his rod . The latter’s face changed slightly . However, when Zhang Xuanyu saw a vine entwine over, a smile immediately appeared on his face . You won’t be able to hit me .

Han Fei was annoyed . At this time, he understood why the manipulator must be the first to be killed . Manipulators were too hard to deal with! As long as he was still around, he could remotely support any teammate at any time .


Han Fei deliberately let Le Renkuang bump him into the air, and at the same time, he activated the Water Control Technique . And a mist of water pounced at Luo Xiaobai .


A big mouth suddenly appeared under Luo Xiaobai’s feet, and a huge cannibal flower swallowed her and then closed its mouth .

Han Fei: “…”

“Haha . ”

Han Fei, flying in the sky, suddenly turned pale . Why is Xia Xiaochan squatting on my stomach?!

“Damn, I’m doomed . ”

Then Han Fei was beaten to the ground and the four others took the opportunity and came up to beat him up .

After a moment .

Han Fei said crossly, “Why did you hit your face? Xia Xiaochan, you are too much! I have never beaten your face . ”

Xia Xiaochan pretended to be delicate . “Feifei, do you have the heart to hit my face?”

Han Fei waved his hands impatiently . “Xia Xiaochan, if you do this again, I’ll kiss you!”

Xia Xiao widened her eyes . “Before you do that, I’ll stab you to death!”

When they were lying on the ground for a rest, Xiao Zhan suddenly popped out of the forest . He looked at the exhausted students and said flatly, “Take a break . Later, if you can hold out for ten minutes under my attack, you will get the first brocade sachet . ”

Everyone’s eyes lit up . Could they get the first brocade sachet now?

Le Renkuang asked, “Teacher, will you save some strength?”

Xiao Zhan grinned . “I’ll use the strength of a Dangling Fisher…”

Everyone: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu wailed, “No! Teacher, I haven’t become a great fishing master yet!”

Xiao Zhangao chuckled . “Do you want to go to the fisheries? Do you want to go fishing? Do you want to catch a contractual spiritual beast? Do you want to go treasure hunting… If you do, try to hold out for ten minutes under my attack . By the way… I’ll stand still . ”