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God of Fishing - Chapter 152

Published at 18th of October 2020 09:23:52 PM

Chapter 152: Mysterious Library

Chapter 152: Mysterious Library

As soon as the hot pot was made, Xiao Zhan, Old Bai, and Wenren Yu popped out . Smelling the fragrance of hot pot, they started to eat .

Le Renkuang asked, “President, when are we going to the arena?”

Ol Bai took a sip of liquor and said, “Anytime . Go to the library and find a spare combat skill to learn . ”

“Spare combat skill?”

Xiao Zhan picked up a large piece of meat with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth . “Everyone should have a trump card . Han Fei, don’t use your Yin-Yang Divine Eyes from now on . Go pick a trump card combat skill . ”

Xia Xiaochan was surprised . “In our library? Are there any ‘trump-card’ combat skills over there? I’ve searched through the library . ”

Old Bai asked, “Have you searched under the floor?”

Everyone: “???”

Everyone was speechless . Isn’t it a library? Who do you hide good books under the floor? Who the f*ck will check under the floor?

Xia Xiaochan got up . “I’m full . ”

Luo Xiaobai got up too . “Me too . ”

Even the foodie, Le Renkuang grabbed a few prawns in his hand and stood up . “I’m on a diet . ”

Zhang Xuanyu wiped his mouth and got up . “President, Teachers, take your time . ”


Han Fei was still eating the drunk shrimp casually and then picked up some mushrooms from the hot pot .

Old Bai looked at him . “Why don’t you go yet?”

“The books won’t run away anyway . Is there any difference to go now or later? Hey, Mr . Xiao, what are you doing?”

Xiao Zhan picked Han Fei up by the back collar and threw him out while giving a snort . “You should lose weight . ”

Han Fei was helpless . “I have lost a little weight recently…”

Han Fei walked slowly towards the library, muttering, “I haven’t eaten two bites yet . ”

Xiao Zhan smiled . “I wonder how they will react when they see it . ”

Wenren Yu thought for a while . “Anyway, I was shocked . ”

Old man Bai pointed to the table of food . “Come on, eat! We won’t be able to eat this in the next few days . ”

When Han Fei arrived at the library, he saw no one . Then he found an underground entrance behind a bookshelf . No wonder Old Bai insisted on constructing a new building on the old site of the library . It turned out there were secrets here .

When Han Fei walked in, he saw that the four others were standing there in a daze . When he walked further in, he was dazed too . There were countless memorial tablets hanging on the wall, and there was a small hole beside each of them .

Le Renkuang gasped . “How many… Dead people are here?”

Zhang Xuanyu swallowed . “It’s too many to count . ”

Luo Xiaobai took a deep breath . “So, did they leave their combat skills behind?”

Xia Xiaochan narrowed her eyes . “I just wanted to know what happened that year . Why did so many people die?”

Han Fei stepped forward and took a fish skin map from a small hole, reading: “Wang Yue, a peak-level Dangling Fisher, whose spiritual beast is an exotic King Crab, had 382 battles in his life, 381 wins and a draw, and leaves behind a spirit-level, ultra-quality combat skill, King Cuts . ”



Han Fei swallowed . A peak-level Dangling Fisher?! Wasn’t he even stronger than Fang Ze? He was never defeated in his entire life but he still died?

Xia Xiaochan also picked a fish skin map and read it aloud, “Chen Yu’er, a junior Law Enforcer, whose spiritual beast was an exotic Red Flame Seahorse, once killed an advanced Explorer with double knives, and leaves behind a demon-level, mid-quality combat skill, Blood Drinking Knife . ”

At this moment, the five of them were deeply shocked .

They didn’t yet know what a law enforcer was, but she must be stronger than a Dangling Fisher . And she could even kill a person of a higher level than her . The combat skills they cultivated were also special . Han Fei only knew mortal-level and mystic-level, but there were spirit-level and demon-level .

Luo Xiaobai said, “There must be a big secret down here . ”

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Zhang Xuanyu said with difficulty, “I know, but I suddenly feel that we are so weak . ”

“Perhaps it’s useless even if we know the secret . Let’s find a combat skill! Do what we can afford . Don’t be greedy . ”

The others nodded . This was a spiritual shrine, as well as a treasure house . If this treasure trove was known to the outside world, the whole world would be crazy about it .

Not wasting any time, they checked one hole after another .

Han Fei used a process of elimination . Physical cultivation techniques and girl’s cultivation techniques were excluded, and he mainly focused on combat skills with knives and hidden weapons .

“Spirit Explosion Technique, explodes qi, blood, and spiritual energy to double one’s combat power for about fifteen minutes . ”

“Demon-level high-quality combat skill Thousand Stars Slash, a combat skill for spirit gatherers, draws spiritual energy from between the earth and sky to inject into a knife . Once you master this combat skill, you can split mountains and wipe out a whole city . ”

“Heaven-level combat skill Deicide Fist…”

The team had read through dozens of books when Xia Xiaochan shouted, “Wait!”

Le Renkuang immediately stepped back . “Oh my gosh! I want to choose all of them! Every book is so great . ”

Zhang Xuanyu echoed, “Me too . ”

Han Fei nodded . “Yes, I don’t know which one to pick either . ”

Luo Xiaobai suggested, “Choose carefully . Every combat skill is very attractive . But we are choosing our ‘trump card’ combat skill, so we must choose the most suitable one for ourselves . ”

The others nodded and continued to check the books .

One, two… Ten…

Every book was attractive to Han Fei, but he suppressed his desire to choose them all .

“Huh? Heaven-level combat skill War God Bow is an eight-bow combat skill . Once all the eight arrows were shot out, the enemy would die . It’s said that it also has a ninth arrow, which can destroy the enemy’s soul . ”

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Han Fei’s eyes were immediately glued to this combat skill . He always wanted to cultivate a bow technique but hadn’t had the chance . What attracted him most was that this War God Bow can crush the soul of the enemy . This was special! Zhang Xuanyu stood out from countless geniuses because of his soul attack .

“Good . ” Han Fei began to read it .

A string of data appeared in front of his eyes .

War God Bow (Heaven-Level, Mid-Quality)

The first bow combat skill in the Thousand Star City 3000 years ago . Once its ninth arrow is shot out, no one can resist it . This combat skill is infinitely close to high quality .

War Soul Art


Han Fei was relieved to see this number, which was unexpectedly low . However, unlike before, the deduced result was directly shown .

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head . “Han Fei, have you chosen yours?”

“Oh, not yet . ”

With that said, Han Fei put down the War God Bow and continued to search .

Suddenly, Le Renkuang shouted, “I found mine! Armor Art . It’s so powerful . ”

Zhang Xuanyu chimed in, “I also found mine . Mystic Fatal Rod is very suitable for me . ”

The remaining three were still rummaging, and after a while, Xia Xiaochan suddenly said, “I found one, but it’s not enough . I need to find another one . ”

“Don’t be greedy . ”

Xia Xiaochan looked down . “I know . ”

Han Fei checked all the books, and in the end, stopped at a knife combat skill . The demon-level combat skill Million Knife Art . This was a knife-control technique . In theory, you could control as many knives as you had .

Perhaps for others, it was difficult . Who had the time to collect so many knives? Besides, different knives had different qualities . In the face of powerful enemies, this combat skill might not work, for example, someone like Han Fei who had a strong defense power .

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But Han Fei was different . He had the skill of refining . All he needed was spiritual energy and materials . Although neither the War God Bow nor Million Knife Art could be considered a ‘trump card’ combat skill, he had the Demon Purification Pot! Who could kill him if he hid in the Demon Purification Pot?

“I’ve found mine too . Million Knife Art is suitable for me . ”

Xia Xiaochan was surprised . “Huh? I have read it, but the demand is too high . It needs lots of, lots of knives that must be of magic-weapon quality at least . Otherwise, it’ll be useless to Dangling Fishers . ”

Han Fei retorted, “But I’m rich!”

Everyone: “…”

“Oh, I forgot this guy was rich . ”

Xia Xiaochan pouted . Is it a big deal to be rich?! But… It seems… A big deal indeed .

Han Fei was about to leave when suddenly he caught a glimpse of a spirit-level combat skill called War Body Technique beside Million Knife Art .

Han Fei shouldn’t have noticed this book that was only of spirit level . The others paid the most attention to heaven-level combat skills, but Han Fei thought of Mystic Body Technique . He vaguely remembered that Mystic Body Technique was just a mortal-level, high-quality cultivation art, but it turned into Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing after being deduced .

“What a coincidence!”

Han Fei took the War Body Technique and opened it . As soon as he looked at it, his eyes lit up .

War Body Technique, a technique of body tempering, tempers all the acupoints in one’s body with pure spiritual energy, and can gather spiritual energy from the void in combat .

“Great! This is what I’m looking for . ”