God of Fishing - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

He Xiaoyu was tempted . She regretted giving away a bowl of Swallowed Spirit Soup just now, and Han Fei said that he would pay her a bowl if she lent him her rod .

She thought that Han Fei was silly . He owed her a Crimson Sea Fruit, and she did not lose any Swallowed Spirit Soup . She was so smart .

Han Fei, on the other hand, swaggered away with the rod .

One bowl of Swallowed Spirit Soup equaled one point of spiritual energy . Could there be a faster way of advancement?

Han Fei kicked in the gate of Class One’s cultivating ground .

The students of Class One were furious to see Han Fei .  You’ve come again? Do you really think we dare not beat you up?

Hu Kun asked, “Han Fei, what do you want?”

Han Fei said, “Nothing! I’m happy that I made a breakthrough today, so I’ve come to duel . ”

Han Fei declared, “Whoever defeats me will have this bamboo rod . It was collected from the bottom of a level-one fishery and is definitely worth ten mid-quality pearls . What do you say?”

He Xiaoyu grew anxious . She pulled Han Fei back and said, “It’s mine! My father will kill me if I lose it . ”

Someone immediately jumped out . “Bring it on! You’re rather cocky for a piece of level-four garbage . Han Fei, your bamboo rod is mine . ”

Few people on the island had a bamboo rod . Most of them were fishing masters . He Xiaoyu’s father only got her one because he loved her . The guy dared not rob her of it, but if he could win it in a duel, it would belong to him .


Their hands glittered, a sign that spiritual energy was emerging .

“Han Fei, there’s no turning back now . ”

Han Fei said, “I’m not turning back . However, while I’ll give you the bamboo rod if I lose, what will you give me if you fail?”

The young man said, “You can have my iron rod . ”

Han Fei said, “How about this? If I win, you need to give me a bowl of Swallowed Spirit Soup . ”

The young man thought that it was no big deal . The Swallowed Spirit Soup was offered for free every five days . It was not nearly as precious as the bamboo rod .

“All right, it’s a deal . ”

The young man was quite excited . He thought that the bamboo rod was already his . He hit Han Fei rather heavily .

However, Han Fei hit back with the bamboo rod equally ruthlessly, with a mischievous smile .


The collision of the two rods caused such a huge blast that the young man was instantly blown away . His rod was broken into halves, and his hands were shaking and bleeding . His face couldn’t be paler .

“That’s impossible! That’s impossible! How can you be so strong?”

Hu Kun, Lu Lingzhi, and He Xiaoyu were all dumbfounded . The guy was knocked down after only one attack when they were at the same level?

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Han Fei sneered .  You really think I’m level four? Why would I challenge you if I was a regular level-four? What surprised him was that the attack cost eight points of spiritual energy, which meant a yellow fish!

But on second thought, he had won a bowl of Swallowed Spirit Soup, which could increase the upper bound of his spiritual energy storage by one point . That was definitely worth it .

Han Fei immediately shouted, “Next!”

Some people lost confidence, but the bamboo rod was still too tempting .

Another young man stood out . Just as he was about to speak, Han Fei immediately began the fight!


Under the thunderous explosion of spiritual energy, both of them became pale . However, Han Fei swept with the bamboo rod without thinking, unleashing all his strength .

His opponent was flung away into the wall, vomiting blood and unable to stand up again .


He Xiaoyu was shocked . How could the guy be so good? He only learned the technique this morning! Was he really untalented?

Hu Kun looked awful . He was also surprised that Han Fei was so good . He had thought that he could catch the angel’s attention, but Tang Ge stole his thunder . Was he going to be eclipsed by a piece of garbage now? Hu Kun immediately hinted to his friend .

“Han Fei, since you’re here for duels, I assume you welcome all opponents . I, Wang Ming, am a level-five fisher, and I also practice Sweeping Stick . Do you dare to duel with me?”

Han Fei said, “Of course! But since your level is above mine, you need to pay two bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup . ”

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“All right, two bowls it is . ”

The battle began quickly . Han Fei was not scared at all but simply attacked, swept, and pierced just like before .

Han Fei launched three heavy attacks at the very beginning . His opponent was rather shocked . Did the guy have unlimited spiritual energy? A level-four fisher was only supposed to have eighty points of spiritual energy .

Han Fei’s heavy hits should’ve cost a dozen points each time . How many times had he struck?

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Everybody blinked every time their weapons clashed . How could the guy still fight?


His opponent was thrown away . Breathing heavily, Han Fei said, “Next! Are there more?”

After seven consecutive sweeps, Han Fei knocked the guy out again, not giving him a chance to fight back .

Everybody was greatly shocked . Han Fei could defeat a level-five fisher?

A bunch of people jumped out the next second .

He Xiaoyu pulled Han Fei’s sleeve and said, “Wait, you can’t fight on . You’ll lose if you continue . ”

Han Fei smiled and shouted, “Where is my soup? Why are my four bowls of soup still not here?”

Everybody could tell that Han Fei had been worn out . However, the absorption of the Swallowed Spirit Soup would take a long time . How much spiritual energy could Han Fei regain if he drank it now?

A few minutes later, the soup was delivered .

The students looked awful . They were mad that they lost four bowls of soup so easily .

Han Fei gave a bowl to He Xiaoyu . “We’re even now . ”

Han Fei chugged the three bowls of soup without stopping .

Han Fei took a deep breath and realized that his spiritual energy had reached 300 points . It was a profitable deal .

Han Fei shouted, “I feel that I can kill a big meat turtle! Who’s next?”

Someone said suspiciously, “He must be pretending! Take him down!”

Then, Han Fei charged at him with his rod and jumped at him .

The guy was astounded . “When did I say I want to fight with you?”


After a collision, the guy’s iron rod was broken, and he vomited blood on the ground .

“You’re shameless! When did he say that he would challenge you?”

Han Fei said, “He said that he would take me down . That’s a declaration of war . I didn’t know that he was so useless . ”

“That’s enough!”

Hu Kun stepped forward and said, “Han Fei, what’s the meaning of this?”