God of Fishing - Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Image Spokesperson

Chapter 161: Image Spokesperson

When they returned to the VIP room, He Xiaoyu and the others looked at them as if looking at a bunch of monsters, especially Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai .

It could be said that Xia Xiaochan solved the captain of the other team, Luo Xiaobai controlled all the people who could be controlled, and Han Fei and the other two were just attacking, attacking, attacking .

He Xiaoyu suddenly asked, “Are we going to eat hot pot?”

Le Renkuang’s eyes lit up . “Yes, yes! Girl, you get me . ”

Zhang Xuanyu slapped Le Renkuang away . “Girl, how about going to our school to eat hot pot? There are mountains, rivers, and woods over there . Eating hot pot there will be a pleasure . ”

He Xiaoyu took a step back . “Well… Forget it!”

Han Fei said crossly, “That’s enough! The Fish Dragons have already begun to purchase stores in the floating Island . Now the hot pot restaurants are being renovated . Let’s go there to eat!”

At this time, Bao Jin came to tell them, “Kids, you may have to wait for three days for the next game . ”

Luo Xiaobai frowned . “Why so long?”

Bao Jin said, wiping his sweat, “After all, it is not easy to find proper teams for you . In these three days, we’ll try to find the best teams for you . ”

Le Renkuang murmured, “Any team will do . We just want to finish the task as soon as possible so that we can get the second brocade sachet quickly . ”

He Xiaoyu shot Le Renkuang a cold glare . “Shut up . ”

Le Renkuang knew that he shouldn’t say that and shut up quickly . But the other had heard him . Both Bao Jin and Wang Baiyu were wondering what the “second brocade sachet” meant…

Bao Jin thought that they wanted a hundred-game winning streak just to complete a task . Once the task was over, they wouldn’t come again .

And Wang Baiyu thought that Han Fei was doing what the first brocade sachet asked them to do . But this task was already so hard . What about the second one? Would there be a third one… Did the Fourth Academy have any secrets?

Outside the Blue Sea Arena, Han Fei and the others were surrounded as soon as they came out .

“Thug Legend… Thug Legend…”

The crowd was utterly excited . Many people raised their hands and cheered and some swarmed around them . Of course, they didn’t come for Han Fei and Le Renkuang .

“Xia Xiaochan, Xia Xiaochan… I like you…”

“Luo Xiaobai, I like you…”

“Brother Yu, I like you so much!”

“Brother Yu, want a girlfriend? I can stay with you…”

“Brother Yu, I’d like to go to sea with you…”

Han Fei and Le Renkuang were dumbfounded beside them . What’s wrong with these people? Are they only fans of the three?

Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai didn’t have as many fans as Zhang Xuanyu, especially Luo Xiaobai who looked so cold . But Zhang Xuanyu was different . There were so many girls shouting, “Brother Yu” fanatically which was a bit hilarious .

Zhang Xuanyu seemed to be enjoying it, beckoning to the girls with a smile .

“Han Fei, would you like to be my boyfriend?”

Han Fei looked and his face turned green . It was a girl who was even chubbier than an Iron-Head Fish .

Han Fei immediately pushed Le Renkuang forward and shouted, “I’m already in love . He isn’t . He is looking for a girlfriend . ”

Le Renkuang: “???”

Le Renkuang was panicked . Although he was a fatty, it didn’t mean that he liked fat girls!

Xia Xiaochan’s face turned green too . “I’m also in a relationship . I’m seeing Han Fei . Get lost . ”

Han Fei: “???”

Xia Xiaochan glanced at Zhang Xuanyu who was beaming with smiles and the terrified Le Renkuang and explained to Han Fei in a low voice, “I can’t say I’m in love with Xiaobai, right?”


Xiang Nan almost fell to the ground . Xia Xiaochan! How could such a beautiful girl fall in love with Han Fei? Did she like fat people?

Jia Tong murmured in disappointment, “Oh, I’m lovelorn… I seem to see a Spirit Swallowing Fish dating an Iron-Head Fish . Oh, my eyes!”

Wang Baiyu: “…”

He Xiaoyu widened her eyes and pouted, stunned .

Han Fei was stunned too . Didn’t you only want to make me a deal? When did I agree to be your boyfriend?!

Many people began to howl and curse Han Fei .

“Fatty, are you worthy of such a pretty girl?”

“I’m gonna kill you!”

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“I challenge you to a duel!”

Only Zhang Xuanyu was still smiling cheerfully . He even walked into the crowd, and many girls threw themselves at him… And he didn’t reject it at all…

Zhang Xuanyu looked satisfied . “Haha, please don’t be excited . We’re going to a Fish Dragon Hotpot Restaurant to eat hot pot . Does anyone go with me?”

“Me, me…”

“Let’s go together . ”

“Brother Yu, I want to sit at the same table as you!”

“Brother Yu, I can pick the dish for you . ”

“Brother Yu, I can pay the bill for you . ”

Everyone: “…”

In the Fish Dragon Hot Pot Restaurant .

Li Gang was directing the workers to renovate the store .

“Hurry up, hang up the sign . We will start business tomorrow . ”

“Have you replenished the stock? Come on, put the fishes into water . ”

“Are the seasonings ready? From tomorrow on, we’ll offer a 50% discount . We must have many customers . ”

“You guys go check the other shops . Have they been ready? All the 10 shops will be open at half price tomorrow . ”

Suddenly, someone said, “Brother Gang, you see…”

Li Gang shot up . “See what?! Just do your job!”

“No, Brother Gang, it seems that someone has come to make trouble . ”


Li Gang looked back and his face turned green . How many people are there? Thousands?

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Li Gang burst into a cold sweat . “Come on, everybody run… No, it’s too late . Remember to cover your heads when you are beaten by them . I’ll turn to Young Master for help . ”

But then, Li Gang saw Zhang Xuanyu! The guy was surrounded and pushed in by a group of little girl fans .

Li Gang swallowed . “Wait, it doesn’t seem right…”

Zhang Xuanyu waved at Li Gang . “Uncle Gang… Prepare the hot pot . The customers are here . ”

Li Gang: “???

The members of the Fish Dragons: “???

They were stunned . Our stores haven’t opened yet . Are they already so famous?

Li Gang shivered and shouted at the staff members, “Move, move! Open the doors to welcome the guests… Let’s open in advance…”

Han Fei jumped from behind the crowd . “Reserve the private room for me, my private room . ”

Seeing Han Fei behind the crowd, Li Gang rushed upstairs immediately .

After a moment .

Li Gang failed to get Han Fei a private room . All the private rooms were occupied . He tried his best and could only get him a table in the hall .

Li Gang almost cried . “Young Master, I’m so sorry . I’ve failed to keep your room exclusive . ”

Han Fei patted him on the shoulder . “I know you have done your best . By the way, give each guest today two sets of Fish Dragon Cards for free . ”

Li Gang’s eye’s slit up . “Yes, Young Master . ”

Xia Xiaochan was curious . “What are those?”

Han Fei smiled mysteriously . “You will find out soon . ”

The seats were all occupied . Some people who failed to get a seat left in disappointment and some were still waiting for seats .

Han Fei stood up and said, “Please be quiet, everyone, listen to me…”

Someone muttered, “Who wants to listen to you? Are you a beautiful girl?”

Two sets of Fish Dragon Cards appeared in Han Fei’s hands and he said, “The boss of the Fish Dragon Hotpot Restaurants is us, the Thug Legend . To thank you for your support, we offer all customers a 50% discount today…”


“Your shops?”

“Isn’t your Fourth Academy down and out?”

“Are you trying to trick us into eating here?”

Han Fei shouted, “Calm down . Be quiet… Please listen to me . Today, you are not only offered a 50% discount, but we’ve also prepared a small gift for you . A-gang, distribute the Fish Dragon Cards . ”

Dozens of members of The Fish Dragons served The Fish Dragon Cards table by table .

“What are these? Isn’t this the scale of Green Turtle?”

“Huh? Interesting . The scales have Blade Fish and Tentacle Lobster patterns, which are quite realistic . ”

“This carving technique is good!”

“Han Fei, what are these used for?”

“Yeah, what is this? Why are there numbers on the scales?”

Han Fei smiled . “No hurry . Let me show you, A-Gang…”

As Han Fei explained the rules, Li Gang and three others put a small table in the hall and they began to play Fish Dragon Card . Soon, people learned how to play it .

Someone muttered, “Interesting! It seems fun . ”

Someone shouted, “Does anyone want to play cards with me? Let’s make up a team of four?”

“Count me in…”