God of Fishing - Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: Struck By Lightning

Chapter 163: Struck By Lightning

On the way back to school, the atmosphere was a little weird . There seemed to be some contradictions between Luo Xiaobai and Han Fei .


Suddenly, thunder rumbled in the sky and people all rushed home, shouting, “Go home! It’s about to rain . ”

Le Renkuang hurriedly said, “Oh, hurry back to school . Don’t get wet with the new clothes we just bought . ”

Zhang Xuanyu sneered, “Are you stupid? Han Fei is here . He is a spirit gatherer and has learned Water Control Technique . With him here, the rain will not fall on you . ”

However, Han Fei shouted, “It’s thundering and going to rain! Go home to bring the laundry in!”

Everyone: “???”

As soon as they ran to the plantation, heavy rain fell down .

When returning to school, Han Fei suddenly said, “I’m going to the mountains to practice Water Control Technique . This weather is very suitable for me to practice . Don’t you disturb me!”

Le Renkuang waved . “Go, go! I’ll stay in the treehouse . ”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “I’m going to make the breakthrough to be a great fishing master . Don’t disturb me!”

Xia Xiaochan was surprised . “Are you going to make the breakthrough?”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled . “Yes, I’ve been preparing for it . Now I’m ready . ”

Luo Xiaobai nodded blandly . “Well, I’m going to the library to see if there are any combat skills for manipulators…”

Xia Xiaochan looked left and right . “OK, then I’m going to the treehouse too!”

The crowd dispersed, and Han Fei went directly to the mountain . Instead of going to the cave halfway up the mountain, he rushed straight to the peak of the mountain and climbed to a height of more than two thousand meters where clouds and fog gathered . Then he found a big rock and sat down on it .

For so long, he had been waiting for thunderstorm weather in order to cover up his breakthrough of Void Fishing .

Han Fei took out the ultra-quality spiritual stone .

“Deduce . ”

The ultra-quality spiritual stone held in Han Fei’s hand suddenly burst into a large amount of spiritual energy, which poured into Han Fei’s body frantically .

“Huh? Why did the little calabash just flash?”

Han Fei was slightly stunned . The Demon Purification Pot had remained still for a long time, but it flashed just now .

After about three minutes, thunder rumbled in the sky, and the rain was getting heavier . Within several minutes, it turned into a downpour and was getting even heavier .

After about ten minutes, lightning flashed across the sky, and the vast sky was rendered a bit scary by lightning .

After thirty minutes, the Void Fishing had been deduced halfway .


A bolt lightning went straight down . Before Han Fei realized what happened, he was struck by the lightning .


Han Fei spurted a mouthful of blood out . His whole body went numb and his hair all stood on end .

“Shit, why did the lightning strike me?”


Another lightning bolt hit him . Han Fei was stunned and smoke was coming from his mouth . Damn! I’m just cultivating! Why is this happening to me?!

Han Fei felt his body ache all over… Especially his internal organs .

He was horrified . Why would this lightning come for me? Come on… God, I didn’t do anything bad . Why did you do this to me?

At the moment, the Demon Purification Pot flashed with a blue light and almost fused with the arc on its surface . In Han Fei’s body, waves of spiritual energy were surging .

After the third lightning struck him, Han Fei felt scorched . If it weren’t for his special physique, he would have died by now .

“Not good, the lightning wants to kill me, but I can’t move now . What should I do? What should I do? ”

With a thought from Han Fei, dozens of low-quality spiritual stones appeared in his hands .

“Indestructible Body!”

Han Fei could see arcs flashing on his body and making a crackling sound . Now he could do nothing but practice the Indestructible Body, which needed to constantly temper the body . Han Fei endured the skinning-like agony and concentrated on practicing the Indestructible Body . His flesh, blood and viscera contained a lot of energy at the moment .


Han Fei vomited blood one mouthful after another . This was the result of the forced use of the Indestructible Body to temper his viscera . Han Fei skipped the step of flesh and blood tempering and went straight to temper his inner organs . He felt that if the lightning continued to strike him, his inner organs would be shattered .


Xia Xiaochan and Le Renkuang sat in their respective treehouses, opened the windows, and looked at each other .

Le Renkuang exclaimed, “This rain is a bit too heavy! And the lightning is so fierce . They seem to have all fallen behind the mountain . ”

Xia Xiaochan supported her chin with a hand . “It’s normal . It’s not like we haven’t seen this kind of weather before . But the lightning looks gorgeous . ”

Le Renkuang clicked his tongue . “I don’t know why the two of them went to cultivate in such weather . What if they got struck by lightning…”

Imagining that scene, Le Renkuang shivered .

“The lightning fell behind the mountain, not at the foot of the mountain . But I think in such rainy weather, we should stay in the cave to eat barbecue . ”

Le Renkuang nodded . “Xia Xiaochan, I find that you’re such a glutton! How many times did you steal Mr . Xiao Zhan’s Bull Conches?”

“Get lost…”

The two were chattering through the window of the treehouses . Little did they know that Han Fei was almost killed by the lightning . His internal organs were damaged, his muscles were filled with the power of thunder, and his bones were cracked . Now he could only lay flat on his back .

Han Fei could only watch lightning come down on him one after another

“God, you are too much!”

“Damn! Isn’t this enough?”

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“Hollyshit, I’m dying…”

“Is anyone here? Help me!”

One hour later

The Void Fishing was finally successfully deduced .

A string of data appeared:

Void Fishing (Spirit Level, Divine Quality)

Water Vein Technique

The first generic art in the ancient times, co-authored by the nine king-level masters . On the day when the book was finished, the heavens and earth whined, and the seas were billowy . It’s the origin of all cultivation techniques .

Han Fei took a long breath . Finally, it was deduced . He used to deduce the art in a cave, so the lightning couldn’t hit him . This time, he didn’t stay in a cave, which was a big mistake!


Another lightning bolt came down and Han Fei’s chest was bleeding .

Han Fei was stunned . The deduction has been finished! Why is the lightning still striking me?

Under the mountain, in the treehouses, Le Renkuang and Xia Xiaochan saw Zhang Xuanyu dashing back .

Le Renkuang wondered, “Aren’t you making the breakthrough? Are you finished?”

Zhang Xuanyu wiped the rain off his face . “Yes! I planned to consolidate my base . But lightning keep coming down and my eyelids kept twitching, so I’m not in the mood to continue to cultivate . ”

Xia Xiaochan yawned in boredom . “You deserve it . ”

Zhang Xuanyu laughed . “It’s not me but Han Fei who deserves it . I saw him climb up to the mountain . Is he out of his mind to cultivate on the top of the mountain in such weather?”

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Xia Xiaochan was surprised . “He climbed up to the mountain?”

Zhang Xuanyu was puzzled . “Yeah! I went into the mountain with him . I climbed only a few hundred meters, but when I saw him the last time, he had climbed up thousands of kilometers . ”

Xia Xiaochan frowned . “I’ll check it out . Why do you guys cultivate in such weather? Let’s play cards . ”

Le Renkuang agreed . “Good idea . I like it! It will be even better if we eat barbecue at the same time!”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded . “Yes . It’s great to eat barbecue while playing cards . ”

Xia Xiaochan swooshed out . They were not afraid of rain, but rainy weather was not suitable for cultivation .

On the mountain, it had been fifteen minutes since the third level of Void Fishing was deduced and Han Fei was struck by lightning a dozen times more .


Han Fei felt that he was going to vomit all his blood out . His inner organs were damaged and repaired over and over again!

The ultra-quality spiritual stone was already shattered . In addition to that, he had used nearly 40 pieces of low-quality spiritual stone .

However, they weren’t wasted . Han Fei felt his strength seemed to be growing at an incredible speed . He didn’t know whether it was because of Void Fishing or Indestructible Body . Anyway, his body was bursting with energy now .

To his amazement, the energy in his body was being spilt bit by bit and blending into his muscles and bones .

Han Fei tried to move his finger and succeeded . Was it because he wasn’t struck by lightning in the last few deductions of the Void Fishing that he was struck so many times today?

After another fifteen minutes, Han Fei used another 10 low-quality spiritual stones . However, he was struck by lightning nearly half as much as before . This was good news .

“Han Fei?”

When Xia Xiaochan came over, she was shocked . Han Fei was literally a piece of human-shaped coal . She hurried up and tried to drag Han Fei away .

“Watch out…”