God of Fishing - Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Divine Healing Technique

Chapter 170 Divine Healing Technique

The Thug Legend returned to school when they saw Old Bai walking past with his hands behind his back .

Then a jade slip flew to them . Han Fei caught it and looked at Old Bai in confusion .

Old Bai said slowly, “Your strength is improving too slowly . You’ll easily get injured if you meet peak-level great fishing masters . Han Fei, learn this healing technique . As a spirit gatherer, you should learn some healing skills . ”

“But I, I don’t have time!”

Old Bai spat, “Oh, so you have time to eat hot pot but not to cultivate? You are only junior great fishing masters . Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Everyone: “???”

After Old Bai left, Zhang Xuanyu touched his head . “What’s wrong with the president?”

Le Renkuang wondered, “I don’t think our cultivation speed is slow . We have a good foundation!”

Luo Xiaobai said calmly, “Then let’s speed up our cultivation . We should be facing the bottleneck of junior great fishing masters soon . The 100-game winning streak in the arena may be to prepare us for the next brocade sachet . ”

Han Fei looked at the jade slip in his hand and wondered to himself, Why did he give me the healing technique now? Did he mean that we would be injured in the near future?

Han Fei mused, “I’m going to the top of the mountain to cultivate . ”

Everyone paused and Le Renkuang grabbed Han Fei’s arm . “No! Just cultivate in your treehouse . ”

Zhang Xuanyu suggested, “Or in a cave . ”

Xia Xiaochan shot Han Fei a glare . “No one will go save you if you’re struck by lightning again . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei went to his treehouse, holding his head high and murmuring, “That day, I stood on the top of the mountain and pointed at the sky, saying, ‘I am not handsome’ . And then, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled . The rumbling thunders roared to me, ‘You’re lying’ . ”

Everyone: “???”

Luo Xiaobai said helplessly, “Just learn the healing technique as soon as possible . If I’ve guess correctly, our last few games will be difficult to fight . ”

At this time, Xiao Zhan suddenly appeared from nowhere . “Given that you are fighting without any organization in the arena, from this very day, you can only use 70% of your strength . Don’t use your full strength unless in a critical moment . ”

Then he strolled away, leaving them standing on the spot dumbfounded .

Le Renkuang broke the silence . “So, that’s why the president gave Han Fei the healing technique?”

Zhang Xuanyu took a deep breath . “I’ve got a bad feeling . ”

Xia Xiaochan frowned . “70%? That’s barely enough!”

Han Fei kissed the jade slip . “A spirit gatherer is really a good job . In the future, let me comfort your injured heart!”

Everyone: “???”

Xia Xiaochan shot him another cold glare . “Just go do your f*cking cultivation!”

Han Fei quickly ran away . In the treehouse, he carefully read the contents of the jade slip .

The healing technique seemed to be more difficult than the water control technique .

“Take the sheen of spiritual energy instead of the spiritual energy itself?”

Han Fei was stunned and blinked . And then a series of data appeared .

Healing Technique (Spirit-Level, High-Quality)

u003cRemarksu003e Spiritual energy has a sheen, which is called a divine healing sheen . As the foundation for recovery, it can nurture all creatures on earth .

u003cDeductionu003e Divine Healing Technique, consumes 100,000 points of spiritual energy .

Deduce or not?

Han Fei had been accustomed to the habit of the Demon Purification Pot . However, 100,000 points of spiritual energy was not too much . Compared to the fourth level of Void Fishing which required 10 million points of spiritual energy to deduce, it was simply too cheap .

“Deduce . ”

At this moment, Xia Xiaochan stuck her head out of her treehouse, her face full of curiosity . Why was there suddenly such strong spiritual energy here?

Luo Xiaobai glared at her . “Xiaochan, don’t disturb his cultivation . ”

Xia Xiaochan muttered under her breath, “Humph…”

The next morning, they found that Han Fei was gone .

When they found him again, he was cutting himself with a dagger .

Zhang Xuanyu rubbed his hands and said slyly, “Phew, Feifei! What are you doing? Do you want me to help you?”

Han Fei smiled . “Come on, stab me . ”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled . What kind of demand is this? Stab him? Fine, I’d like to meet your demand then .

However, Zhang Xuanyu was about to take the dagger when Han Fei slashed him and left a big cut in his arm .

“Ouch… You’re so mean…”

Han Fei laughed . “Haha, don’t move . ”

Han Fei’s hand suddenly flashed with a flickering gleam of light, which Han Fei tried to throw out but failed .

Zhang Xuanyu was helpless . “Are you okay? If you haven’t mastered it, take your time to practice it, OK?”

In the end, Han Fei could only press his palm on Zhang Xuanyu’s arm, and it took him several minutes to heal the wound .

Luo Xiaobai was curious . “It took you three minutes to completely cure the skin trauma . This speed is a bit slow . It seems that you still have to practice more . ”

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Han Fei chuckled . “Haha, when I master this technique, I’ll open your eyes . ”

Han Fei secretly snorted . Come on, I’ve learned it overnight . How could you say I’ve learned it too slowly?

Bai Congye squatted in the grass in the near distance wondering about the healing technique . As far as he knew, the sheen should enter the human body in a wisp, but why did he see the sheen come out in a large mass when Han Fei used the technique?

Blue Sea Arena .

Since Han Fei defeated the First Academy team, the Thug Legend seemed to suddenly become weaker . Some people speculated that was because their enemies had become stronger . Now, only advanced great fishing masters dared to fight them .

On the first day, they fought three games and Zhang Xuanyu and Luo Xiaobai were injured and they won by a narrow margin . It was not that they were not strong, but after suppressing a portion of their strength, they had to be very careful both in the output of spiritual energy and the use of combat skills .

The next day, they fought two games . Zhang Xuanyu, Luo Xiaobai, and Le Renkuang were all injured and they won by a narrow margin again .

On the fifth day, the Thug Legend had a 68-game winning streak, and Xia Xiaochan was injured, because they met two peak-level great fishing masters . On this day, the Thug Legend only fought one game .

On the tenth day, the thugs claimed an 82-game winning streak . All but Han Fei were injured . Among them, Zhang Xuanyu and Luo Xiaobai were the most seriously injured, and their organs were somewhat damaged .

Zhang Xuanyu wailed, “Be gentle, Be gentle . It hurts… Han Fei, have you really mastered the healing technique?”

Han Fei sprinkled the energy like rain . As he waved, a rain of sheen was sprinkled on their wounds that was immediately painful and itchy . That was really suffering . Now they just hoped Han Fei could master the healing technique as soon as possible . However, they didn’t know that it was thanks to Han Fei’s healing that they became energetic the next day . Normally, the effect of the healing technique wouldn’t be so strong .

On this day, Xiao Zhan appeared again . He looked at the crowd and said, “Except for Han Fei, other people can use 80% of their combat power . ”

Half a month later, the Thug Legend team had won 88 games in a row . Yes, five days had passed but they only fought six games . Although they won all the games, except for Han Fei, the others were almost injured every day .

But their gains were rich . Both Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang broke through to be intermediate great fishing masters, and Zhang Xuanyu also made a small breakthrough .

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Twenty-six days later, the Thug Legend claimed the 99th victory in a row . Han Fei was injured once but not seriously . He was allowed to use 80% of his strength and the others were allowed 90% . Zhang Xuanyu had become a peak-level junior great fishing master . This cultivation speed was really fast .

Of course, during this period of time, Zhang Xuanyu was injured the most . Because of him, Han Fei’s Divine Healing Technique advanced by leaps and bounds . Now he just waved his hand and a rain of sheen fell on Zhang Xuanyu . In less than one minute, the trauma was all cured, but the internal injury would take longer . Depending on the severity of injuries, it would take one hour at most and half an hour at least to cure any internal injuries .

Zhang Xuanyu shook his arm . “This is the last game . Can we use our full strength?”

Luo Xiaobai hesitated . “It depends . I have a feeling that this game will not be easy to win . To be on the safe side, you, Le Renkuang, and I will fight all out . Xiao Chan 90%, and Han Fei 80% . ”

Han Fei said casually, “It’s the last game anyway . Let’s just play to the score . If necessary, then try our best . If it endangers our lives, then use our trump-card combat skills . After all, it’s after using them that we learn them . ”

Xia Xiaochan shot back, “You haven’t mastered your trump card combat skill? You are too slow!”

Han Fei smiled . “When the game is over, I’ll go find some materials and build some knives . I will definitely practice the Million Knife Art . ”

On this day .

The Fish Dragon hot pot restaurants offered a 50% discount to celebrate the 100th battle of the Thug Legend .

On this day .

The Blue Sea Arena was overcrowded, and even the aisles were full of people .

Also on this day .

Thousands of students from the three academies rushed into the Blue Sea Arena, waiting to witness the failure of the Thug Legend’s one hundred-game winning streak plan . If they lost today, they had to start all over . Was it really easy to start from scratch? Once they lost this game, all they did before would be meaningless .

Backstage .

Luo Xiaobai was ready for a pep talk . “We must win this game . We already know the other party’s information, a perfect combination, two peak-level great fishing masters, three advanced great fishing masters, all in the top 100 list… If necessary, try your best . ”