God of Fishing - Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: A Strong Enemy

Chapter 171 A Strong Enemy

When the players from both sides stood in the arena, a wave of cheering broke out from the crowd . The average audience hadn’t realized what happened yet, but the students of the three colleges almost went crazy .

“Oh my god! Su Yebai, the eighth in the Top 100! It’s said that he once slaughtered a whole team by himself, and I also heard that he once explored a certain seabed relic by himself and came back safely . ”

He Xiaoyu and the others turned pale . How could their opponent in the 100th game be so strong?

Xia Wushuang yelled, “Su Yebai must be the captain . Oh, Qin Yu is also here!”

Chen Qing was not from the First Academy, so he asked, “Who is Qin Yu?”

Wang Baiyu explained, “The 33rd hunter in the Top 100 list . She is very strong and just as violent as Xia Xiaochan . ”

He Xiaoyu pointed at another person . “It’s not just Qin Yu . Xie Shan is also here . He is ranked 41st in the Top 100 . ”

Xiang Nan took a look . “That thin man? Is he an armorist?”

“No, he is a soul warrior . ”

Xiang Nan was shocked . “He is so thin! Are you sure he is a soul warrior?”

He Xiaoyu said somewhat enviously, “It is said that he was a born soul warrior . He has an exotic spiritual beast Red Sword Finned Fish that is covered with knives all over . He has another name in the First Academy… Knife King . ”

In the stands, the host introduced the remaining two people . One was Zhou Yu, an armorist, the 49th in the Top 100 . The other was Yun Qi . Just like Han Fei, he was both a spirit gatherer and a soul warrior and ranked the 69th in the Top 100 .

In the arena .

Luo Xiaobai frowned . “I will try out Su Yebai . Xiaochan, can you handle their hunter?”

Xia Xiaochan shook her ponytail . “Leave him to me . Although he ranks the 33rd in the Top 100 list, so what? The Top 100 list is not a show of strength . ”

Han Fei said with a smile, “They found a spirit gatherer just like me! He is also both a spirit gatherer and a soul warrior… Umm, he doesn’t seem weak . ”

Luo Xiaobai agreed . “Don’t underestimate your opponent . Don’t forget . They are advanced great fishing masters . ”

Han Fei grinned . “Walk another’s path and give them no way out . That’s my way . ”

Everyone: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu sweated a little . “Their soul warrior is very strong . Leave this guy to me, but I won’t be able to help you guys . ”

Le Renkuang looked serious . “This time, I’ll stay by Xiaobai’s side . ”

When the atmosphere on the scene reached its climax, the host shouted, “The game begins!”

“Fuse . ”

Everyone immediately fused with their spiritual beasts, except for two . One was Su Yebai . He summoned a large spider that was seven or eight meters in length .

The audience gasped .

“Ever Night Black Spider?”

Also rising from the ground was a big blue flower . Although it had fused with Luo Xiaobai, its blue phantom looked real .

The captains of the two sides immediately summoned their spiritual beasts . This scene alone shocked many people . They had never seen these exotic spiritual beasts!

Before any side launched an attack, the ground had cracked . Thousands of vines were entwined with the extremely imperceptible spider silk . Before anyone moved, a lot of vines had been shattered, so had spider silk .

The captain of the team of the First Academy, Su Yebai, smiled . At the next moment, a giant net fell from the sky and covered the entire arena .

“Shadowless Blade…”

Xia Xiaochan attacked and suddenly there were countless shadow blades flickering around the big net and cutting the net into pieces in a blink of an eye .

The hunter, Qin Yu looked, at Xia Xiaochan . “I wonder if your Shadow Shrimp is stronger than my Ghost Shrimp . ”

Then Qin Yu turned into a phantom visible to the naked eye . It floated in the air and headed straight towards Xia Xiaochan . When Xia Xiaochan hacked at the phantom, everyone was shocked to find that the blade cut through its body, but could not hurt it at all .

“Shadow Twining Technique . ”

Xia Xiaochan turned into a shadow casually . Instead of attacking Qin Yu, she shot hundreds of shadow knives at Qin Yu’s shadow .

Qin Yu’s face changed slightly, but her phantom suddenly grabbed at Xia Xiaochan . It was like it was going to catch Xia Xiaochan’s soul instead of her shadow .

Xie Shan, the soul warrior of the First Academy team who was as sturdy as a meat shield, said with a ferocious smile, “You seem to be much stronger than I expected . However, what makes you think that you, junior great fishing masters, can block us? Aren’t you a bit naive?”

Xie Shan roared, and numerous sword-like thorns grew on his body . Around his body, there were hundreds of small swords floating .

Zhang Xuanyu frowned . “Han Fei . ”

A spirit gathering circle immediately appeared under Han Fei’s feet, and waves of spiritual energy poured into Zhang Xuanyu’s body . The latter roared and raging waves appeared in the arena . Zhang Xuanyu stood on the top of the waves . Then a bloody big shark that was as long as seven or eight meters suddenly appeared . Its sharp teeth and ferocious face scared many in the audience .

Someone was surprised . “What kind of spiritual beast is this? How come I haven’t seen Zhang Xuanyu use it before?”

“Nonsense, it’s certainly because his opponent is too strong this time!”

Zhang Xuanyu stuck out his rod from the seawater and a large, long rod tens of meters long shot up into the sky and then waved down quickly . The visual effect of his combat skills was far better than Xie Shan imagined .

However, at the same time, hundreds of sword blades converged and rotated and soon shattered this big rod .

Zhang Xuanyu shouted, “Spirit Explosion…”

As soon as he shouted, spider silk struck in all directions . Luo Xiaobai immediately tried to block it for Zhang Xuanyu . However, the spider silk pierced through the vines .

Han Fei threw out his double knives . “Rotating Blade . ”

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The two knives circled very quickly, cutting off the spider silk .

The opponent’s spirit gatherer, Yun Qi sneered . “How dare you get distracted to help teammates when you’re fighting me? Blaze Rays . ”

Han Fei remembered that Yun Qi’s spiritual beast was a Fire Krill, which somewhat like He Xiaoyu’s Little Red, was also a fire-type spiritual beast . However, it seemed much stronger than Little Red in attack power . Flames spread on the entwined spider silk . Then an eerie scene appeared in the entire arena, where thousands of flaming spider webs crazily attacked the blue vines .

Han Fei sprinted directly at his opponents while his sven-star chains swept behind him, shattering all obstacles along the way .

“Tortoise Shell Armor . ”

As the opponent’s armorist shouted, the five of the other team were all covered with a layer of armor .

Han Fei gave Le Renkuang a look of reproach . Why did their armorist give them armor? Why can’t you?

Le Renkuang was helpless . I myself don’t even have armor! But I have Violent War Body .

Then, Le Renkuang shouted . “Violent War Body, protect us!”

The bodies of Han Fei and the others burst into a golden light and their defense power seemed to be strengthened a bit .

In another corner with Xia Xiaochan and Qin Yu, one was a phantom and the other was a shadow . Neither of them could beat the other . The first blows of Zhang Xuanyu and Xie Shan directly shattered a radius of tens meters . At the place their blows collided, a big pit appeared . Zhang Xuanyu was sent flying and caught by the vines, bleeding at the corners of his mouth and his hand .

This was just the beginning of the battle and the entire arena was covered by a variety of combat skills . The flames were burning, the waves were surging, the light and shadows were fighting, and the vines and spider silk were attacking each other .

Le Renkuang cried, “Bloodthirsty Broadsword . ”

Le Renkuang threw a knife at Su Yebai, the captain of the First Academy team .

The opponent’s armorist was angry . Do you think I don’t exist?

“Tortoise Shell Shield . ”

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Le Renkuang was shocked and it was for the first time that the Bloodthirsty Broadsword was blocked . He vomited a mouthful of blood immediately . Once the Bloodthirsty Broadsword was activated, the broadsword wouldn’t return unless it drank blood .

Zhou Yu also frowned . Three cracks appeared on the Tortoise Shell Shield . Once his weapon was damaged, he would be damaged too . Zhou Yu also spewed out blood .

Their first confrontation was two draws and one loss, which showed the strength of the team of the First Academy .

Han Fei sent some spiritual energy into Le Renkuang’s body and Su Yebai also sent some into Zhou Yu’s body .

Han Fei smiled . “Are you sure you let me in?”

Han Fei had swept past the others and rushed towards the enemies .

Yun Qi sneered . “You won’t be able to return!”

“Retreat . ”

Yun Qi, Zhou Yu, Qin Yu, and Xie Shan were suddenly pulled out of the battle . In mid-air, the four of them suddenly pounced at Han Fei all out .