God of Fishing - Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Game Winning Streak

Chapter 173 One Hundred-Game Winning Streak

Han Fei was angry . Although Xia Xiaochan often slashed him, that was just horseplay between classmates . He certainly wouldn’t allow outsiders to bully her!

More importantly, if Xia Xiaochan went crazy now, with so many people present, what if she killed dozens of people? Then how could they clear up the mess?

Han Fei stepped into the air, used the Divine Healing Technique on Xia Xiaochan, and at the same time, shot a green fruit at Xia Xiaochan .

Han Fei shouted, “Detoxify . ”

Then, seven chains shot out from all sides .

Han Fei roared, “Seven Star Chain…”


Su Yebai tried to use his claws to block the chains, but he got entangled as soon as they approached .

But Han Fei secretly sighed . Su Yebai had eight claws, but Nine Tails now only had seven tails and couldn’t entangle him completely . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to even move .

Su Yebai was startled . What the hell was this? Were the chains alive? Where did they connect to?

Seeing Han Fei rushing up to him, he shouted, “Attach . ”

Han Fei scoffed . Does he think he can block me with a contractual spiritual beast?

In the chaos, Han Fei held a small seal in his hand . He had never used this little seal . He didn’t want to use it, but now he was very angry . How dare this guy poison Xia Xiaochan like that?!


Su Yebai just saw that as Han Fei punched, a big seal appeared in the sky . In the next moment, Su Yebai was smashed to the ground like a cannonball and he made a big pit in the earth .

Han Fei secretly put the Water-Stirring Seal into Forge the Universe, thinking to himself, No one has seen it . The seal is so small and I can hold it in my hand .

Now except for Yun Qi who was still fighting Zhang Xuanyu, the team members of the First Academy were all solved .

Han Fei immediately looked at Yun Qi . The latter raised his eyebrows, swept Zhang Xuanyu away with his sword, and jumped backward . “I admit defeat . ”

Yun Qi was not a fool . He would at most tie with Zhang Xuanyu . His teammates were all knocked down, and Han Fei alone beat the three of them . He had no other choice now .

The host stammered, “Admit defeat… Wow! What an earthshaking feat! The Thug Legend has completed their quest . In nearly thirty years, they have completed the 100-game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena for the first time! This is a miracle, a memorable event! It’s worth a good cheer ladies and gentlemen! Wow…”

In the deafening cheers, Han Fei and the others crowded beside Luo Xiaobai . At this moment, Xia Xiaochan looked much better . She looked at Han Fei and complained, “I didn’t know that he was so poisonous…”

Han Fei was relieved . “It’s all right, but unfortunately, your Giant Arowana has been exposed . ”

Xia Xiaochan shrugged . “It’s okay . It’s not in the city anyway, don’t worry . ”

Han Fei hesitated . “Then just now?”

Xia Xiaochan pursed her lips and shook her head slightly . “It’s okay . It’s over…”

Han Fei took a breath of relief . As long as she didn’t get crazy! Otherwise, God knew what would happen .

In the arena, people were throwing mid-quality pearls about like crazy .

When the team of the First Academy showed up, countless people bet on them winning . But who knew the Thug Legend team would still win? Those who won were throwing their pearls about in excitement .

Someone exclaimed, “That’s a miracle! A hundred-game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena is a miracle . ”

Some people agreed . “The Thug Legend team is really strong! Han Fei seems not tired at all, so does Zhang Xuanyu . Luo Xiaobai didn’t even summon her Blue Cannibal Flower, and Le Renkuang didn’t activate his Violent War Body either . That’s absolutely a crushing defeat for the First Academy…”

Compared with the excited audience, the people from the three academies were not that happy .

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Many students who came to watch the game were stunned . Su Yebai, the eighth in the top 100 list! A manipulator who was nearly invincible was defeated! He was slapped to the ground by Han Fei!

At the moment, the First Academy people were trying their best to save these people’s lives, and various healing techniques were thrown at them . When they took Su Yebai out of the pit, all his limbs had been broken, so were half of his ribs . The spirit gatherers who were treating them were all shocked . How much strength did Han Fei use in the final blow?

Many people from the First Academy clenched their fists . This was a disgrace .

A student said, “They made a mistake in command . They shouldn’t have besieged Han Fei . That guy is literally a humanoid weapon and is almost invincible . ”

Someone was angry . “What combat skill did Han Fei use in his last blow? What is that sealed phantom? How can it be so strong?”

In the crowd .

He Xiaoyu, Wang Baiyu, Xiang Nan, Xia Wushuang and the others were bending over the railing stunned . Xia Xiaochan once said that when Han Fei entered the Fourth Academy, he was required to insist on 5 minutes under the siege of the four of them . Now it seemed that Han Fei was much stronger than they thought? His body was abnormally strong!

Xiang Nan swallowed . “They’re all monsters! Han Fei knocked out three opponents alone . Xia Xiaochan’s second spiritual beast is so powerful! That big fish almost killed everyone in the arena by giving a single roar…”

Han Fei waved his hands at the audience, so did Le Renkuang . The two were very happy that they could finally stop fighting every day .

The host was heard again, “Look, Han Fei and Le Renkuang have raised their hands happily . Let’s raise our hands and sway with them…”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei looked at the host . This guy had the potential to be a DJ! If everyone held glow sticks, would he ask everyone to wave glow sticks together and dance together?

The host was very excited because he had hosted the miracle of a hundred-game winning streak . In the future, his name would also be written in the history of the Blue Sea Town .

The host continued, “During this period of time, the Thug Legend team has won one incredible battle after another . They have been injured and bled, but they have never been absent… Now tell me what led them to success? It’s…”

The host was about to answer the question himself, but before he answered it, Han Fei shouted, “The secret to success is to persevere to win . After you gain enough wins, you will succeed . ”

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The host: “???”

The audience: “???”

Le Renkuang also shouted, “The secret to success is to eat more, a strong body needs the support of food…”

In the corner of the spectator seats, Xiao Zhan covered his face . “No! It seems that we will have to take more cultural classes in the future so they won’t speak like illiterates anymore…”

Old Bai said angrily, “Humph! These little guys are so complacent… We should let them experience what failure is when they get back . ”

In the sky .

The presidents of the three academies all looked unhappy . This time, no one could stop the rise of the Fourth Academy .

Before, the Fourth Academy had enrolled students, but none of them were impressive . Who knew they had recruited five students at a time this year . Where did they find these kids?!

The mayor thought to himself, Although Han Fei looks very strong, he actually is strong in both defense and offense . He is a genius but not rare . But Xia Xiaochan puzzles me… He had a feeling that he had seen that big fish in an ancient book . But it was too long ago for him to remember .

Han Fei and Le Renkuang were still happily expressing their joy and pride on the stage and Zhang Xuanyu wanted to join them . However, Luo Xiaobai released her vines and dragged them backstage .

Bao Jin led two rows of attendants and welcomed them in a line .

Luo Xiaobai frowned . “What’s this for?”

Bao Jin gave a fawning smile . “As the first team who has won a hundred-game winning streak in a span of more than 30 years, we invite you to accept the honorary medal awarded by our Blue Sea Arena . This is a glorious moment and worth commemorating . ”

Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu smiled . It sounds very reasonable! They shall keep the medal to brag to others in the future .

Xia Xiaochan who was still a bit feeble said unhappily, “Can’t there be a bonus? Tens of thousands of mid-quality pearls are much better than this!”

Han Fei nodded . “Medal can’t be sold . A bonus is more practical . ”

Bao Jin was speechless . This is a big honor! Besides, we needed to make money, not to mention that we haven’t given any bonuses before .

But he immediately said, “Yes, yes, you certainly should have a bonus, but not as much as tens of thousands, only 10,000 mid-quality pearls . ”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up . “10,000 each person?”

Bao Jin said awkwardly, “10,000 in total…”

Xia Xiaochan immediately lost interest . “That’s too little . Not even enough for me to buy a suit of clothes . ”

That said, Xia Xiaochan suddenly looked at Han Fei . “You said you would make me new clothes!”

Han Fei blinked . Do you still remember this? I had almost forgotten!

Luo Xiaobai looked at the tattered clothes on her body and frowned . “We should make new clothes . ”

When Luo Xiaobai saw the cheongsam Han Fei painted, she liked it very much . If Han Fei could make her nicer clothes, she would be very happy .

Han Fei said impatiently, “Let’s talk about it when we go back . Let’s go eat hot pot first?”

Xia Xiaochan whined, “I want new clothes . ”

Han Fei said impatiently, “Go to the hot pot restaurants to get your salary first . Don’t forget that you guys have a ten percent share in the restaurants!”

With that, they walked forward . Only Zhang Xuanyu came to Bao Jin, took the medal, and stuffed it into his pocket, saying, “Don’t forget the bonus! Send it to the Fourth Academy!”

Bao Jin looked at these little guys and slapped his own mouth in regret . Come on, they don’t lack money at all! Why did they ask me for a bonus? Is it that easy for us to make money?