God of Fishing - Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: Two Fishery

Chapter 178 Set Off for the Level-Two Fishery

At the port .

Han Fei and the others boarded their respective fishing boats and waved goodbye to Xiao Zhan .

After they flew away, Old Bai and Wenren Yu popped out of the crowd .

Wenren Yu complained, “Why am I going?”

Old Bai chuckled . “Because you lost the finger-guessing game . ”

Wenren Yu sighed . “These daredevil kids are certainly going to those places . ”

Old Bai stroked his beard . “Go then! Those places can’t kill them . ”

The five fishing boats were floating in the sky .

Xia Xiaochan pointed to Han Fei . “Why is your fishing boat so beautiful? Why are ours so ugly?”

Han Fei said smugly, “Someone gave it to me . ”

“Humph! Han Fei, let’s swap fishing boats!”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Nice try . Didn’t you hear what the teachers said? We’re going to the level-two fishery, but we won’t stay together . We will meet after three days to exchange our experiences . ”

Xia Xiaochan held the map with one hand . “But why are we going to the level-two fishery? Experience the true meaning of fishing?”

Luo Little White was eager for the adventure . “When we arrive, let’s study our spiritual beasts first . We really haven’t studied them in depth . ”

Le Ren looked at Han Fei with a fawning smile . “Han Fei, can you give me some barbecue from your Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

“Eat, eat, all you know is how to eat…”

Le Renkuang responded with a grin, “Otherwise, how lonely a person will be on the sea!”

Everyone was chatting happily except for Zhang Xuanyu who was absent-minded and a little excited .

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed . “Zhang Xuanyu, confess, where were you last night?”

Zhang Xuanyu said calmly, “I just did what a man had to do . ”

Xia Xiaochan wondered, “What is that?”

Han Fei scoffed . “Uh! Forget it . Xia Xiaochan, you’ve gotta study your Giant Arowana carefully . It often launches indiscriminate attacks . ”

Xia Xiaochan sighed . “I can’t control it! It doesn’t listen to me . ”

Everyone: “…”

Luo Little White frowned . “Then figure out why it doesn’t listen to you . ”

The Blue Sea Town was a bit far from the level-two fishery . Unlike the level-three fishery where there was a teleportation channel, they could only fly to the second-class fishery . After about four hours, they arrived at the level-two fishery .

The level-two fishery was much larger than the level-one fishery . It was circular and encircled both ordinary fisheries and the level-one fishery .

It was so vast that no one could be seen on the sea .

Great fishing masters could be seen in the Blue Sea Arena every day, but when you walked on the streets of the Blue Sea Town, it was not easy to see a great fishing master . The level-two fishery was so much more vast, so the probability for great fishing masters to encounter each other was not high .

The fishing boat had just landed on the water and Luo Little White pointed at the map and said, “Everyone should be clear of where we are now, right? Three days later, let’s meet here… Take care . ”

Xia Xiaochan cheerfully said, “I’m leaving…”

Le Renkuang muttered, “It’s so troublesome to run around! Anyway, our jobs are just researching our spiritual beasts . I’ll just stay here, waiting for you to return three days later… Han Fei, my barbecue . ”

Han Fei helplessly took out a handful of barbecue and handed it over . “Eat, eat . Don’t sleep for three days at sea . ”

Luo Little White stated, “I’m heading north . ”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Why not go into the water? Ocean! Treasure! Good things are all underwater . ”

Han Fei immediately looked at Zhang Xuanyu . When did he become so smart! I can’t agree more!

“Cough, Yuyu, we should have done some research at least three days ago before going to the sea . Otherwise, we’ll be in danger!”

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Zhang Xuanyu nodded . “You’re right . Then when are we going into the sea?”

Han Fei said casually, “In a few days . ”

Luo Little White frowned . “Complete the task the teachers assigned us first . We shall exchange our experiences three days later . ”

Han Fei shrugged . “Okay, okay! Then I’m going south . ”

In the blink of an eye, the crowd scattered and only Le Renkuang stayed in place .

After going about fifty miles, Han Fei stopped . With a flash between his brows, Little Black and Little White ran out .

“Huh! Level 17? When did you upgrade? Why didn’t I know?”

While Han Fei was stunned, the two little fish plunged into the water .

“Come back . ”

Han Fei snorted . They were just away from water for two or three months . Why are they so excited?

Little White flew back to Han Fei obediently . But Little Black just ignored his words . Just when Han Fei was about to take them back, the waves surged and Little Black came back holding a big fish nearly two meters long in his mouth .

Strip Fish

A common fish in level-two fisheries . Its dorsal fin is like a sword and has extremely fast speed and a great leaping ability .

Level 24


187 Points

It can increase one’s health if it’s eaten over a long period of time .

Common Fin Sword

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Han Fei looked at Little Black helplessly . Did I ask you to catch fish? As soon as you entered the sea, you caught a fish . You are only level-17 .

Little Black put the Strip Fish in front of Han Fei as if waiting for his praise . Han Fei looked at the fish whose back was almost bitten through and kicked it casually onto the deck .

Han Fei wasn’t in a hurry . He had enough time anyway .

“Little Black, show me your abilities except for invisibility and biting . ”

Little Black circled around Han Fei, blinked and suddenly opened his mouth wide, which startled Han Fei, because his cherry-sized little mouth suddenly became bigger than his palm .

Han Fei widened his eyes . Damn… What the teachers said was true . This little thing still had many secrets . How did he open his mouth this big?

Fortunately, Wenren Yu didn’t see this scene . Otherwise, she would be scared to death . Although spiritual beasts could engage with their masters’ minds, in many cases, they didn’t know their own abilities . They just used their abilities by instinct . Thus, their masters should have a clear idea of their abilities .

But Han Fei directly asked his spiritual beast to show him their new abilities!

Han Fei swallowed . “What else? Besides the big mouth, do you have any other ability?”

Little Black circled twice in confusion and suddenly opened his mouth again . This time, his mouth was as big as a washbasin .

Han Fei was startled again and immediately scolded angrily, “Do you have any other advantage besides having a big mouth? For example, can you dig for treasures, find treasures, or catch exotic demonic fishes?”

Little Black got more puzzled . He felt that maybe his mouth was not big enough, so the next moment, his body suddenly became at least three times larger and his mouth became so big that it could swallow a whole person .


Han Fei sat on the deck in shock . You should be called Big Black instead of Little Black! But he was also surprised . Can Little Black get bigger?

Han Fei asked, “Little Black, how big can you become?”

This time, Little Black became about five times that of his original size . But even so, he was still less than two meters long .

After trying again for a while, Han Fei found that this guy had no ability except to get bigger or smaller . However, he was really a big eater . The Strip Fish on the deck was swallowed by it wholly, but his body didn’t change at all .

Han Fei looked at Little White with a smile, “Little White! What skills do you have? Show me?”

Little White blinked and with a “boing”, he fed Han Fei a mouthful of pure spiritual energy .

Han Fei quickly swallowed it and said, “Little White, what else are you capable of?”

However, Little White thought that Han Fei wanted to see him grow larger, so he also became larger just as Little Black, except that Little White refused to open his mouth that big .

Han Fei was helpless . “Change back, change back . You look nicer when you’re smaller . ”

Han Fei took out a piece of low-quality spiritual stone and said with a gentle smile, “Little White! I mean, besides becoming bigger or smaller, what other abilities do you have? For example, looking for treasure, digging for treasure, something like that?”

Little White stared at the spiritual stone but Little Black suddenly came up, swallowed it, and chewed it happily .

Han Fei said angrily, “What are you doing? My low-quality spiritual stone! You are such a glutton . You eat even more than Le Renkuang . ”

But just after Little Black ate the spiritual stone, Little White spat out a string of pure spiritual energy, which seemed to be purer than those in the spiritual stone .

Han Fei raised his eyebrows . He discovered this ability of Little White long ago but he thought Little White wouldn’t spit out spiritual energy if Little Black was full . Now it turned out that he could keep spitting out spiritual energy!

However, a moment later, when Little White no longer spat out spiritual energy, Han Fei discovered that a piece of low-quality spiritual stone was supposed to contain nearly 10,000 points of spiritual energy, but when Little White spat it out, only 6,000 points remained .

But Han Fei couldn’t absorb these 6,000 points of spiritual energy! His upper limit for spiritual energy was 2,199 points, so the rest was wasted .

The only thing he was happy at was that the spiritual energy that Little White spat out nourished his body better than the effect of his own cultivation .

“Anything else?”