God of Fishing - Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: Golden Squid

Chapter 181 Golden Squid

As Han Fei cultivated, the day had turned to night .

Today, the sea was billowy and the wind was roaring . The three moons were almost shaded by clouds and Han Fei’s fishing boat drifted on the sea .

During the day, he didn’t feel the difference between the level-two and the level-one fisheries . Although occasionally there were some stupid big fish jumping from the water and attacking him, they were not his opponents at all, and there were no big shrimps like Tentacle Shrimps climbing up the fishing boat .

At night, everything was different . The waves were surging and from time to time, some squids attached to the fishing boat . Unlike the squids in ordinary fisheries, these squids were very fierce .


A few tens of meter-long tentacles slammed on the deck and Han Fei almost never stopped waving his double knives . Since dark, he had been slashing and hundreds of tentacles had been stuffed in Forge the Universe .

“Shit, aren’t you done yet? Can’t you just let me sleep?”

“Little Black, bite them! Bite these bastards to death . ”

Han Fei slashed these annoying tentacles while cursing . Although it seemed easy to chop off these tentacles, in fact, each of them were very powerful . If the double knives weren’t magic weapons, it definitely wouldn’t have been as easy as it was now .

About two hours later, Han Fei gaped . The whole ship was almost full of squid .

Fortunately, squid were not octopus, which were much more terrifying .

There were so many squid tentacles that he didn’t even bother to stuff them into Forge the Universe . The whole boat was full of this stuff, which was too many for Little Black to eat up, so Han Fei could only kick them all into the sea .

Suddenly, Han Fei saw Little White twirling around him anxiously . Is there something special?

At the next moment, he saw a pale gold shadow . In the blink of an eye, a tentacle swept over and swept away the countless tentacles on the deck . A squid that had climbed on the ship was cut in half .

The huge force dragged the fishing boat forward . Han Fei’s face slightly changed . “Is it that Golden Squid?”

Han Fei was shocked . I had been searching for you for so long and failed to find you . Now you actually sent yourself to me?


Ignoring the tentacles, while the Golden Squid was hunting, Han Fei put his fishhook into the water and activated the Thousand Twining to tie up the Golden Squid as well as the squid that was dragged into the water .

The moment the fishhook entered the water, the Golden Squid hadn’t discovered it . As soon as the Thousand Twining started, it immediately released the squid and tried to escape .

“Haha! You won’t be able to run away!”

The Thousand Twining technique immediately took effect and bound the three tentacles of the Golden Squid at once .


There seemed to be a strange sound underwater . Han Fei was surprised . Can the squid call? What kind of squid are you?


In the blink of an eye, Han Fei was pulled forward and the fishing rod was almost pulled out of his hand . When Han Fei stabilized himself, he discovered that the fishing line was pulled out 100 meters .

“Damn! So fast…”

He almost lost his balance and there were too many tentacles around, so he gritted his teeth, and the fishing boat disappeared instantly . He was dragged out dozens of meters .


Han Fei fell into the sea . At the moment he entered the sea, countless claws stretched out at him .

“Slash… Little Black…”

A cold glint flashed and five or six tentacles were cut off . Immediately, a water wall appeared in the water, and he used the Water Control Technique to block dozens of tentacles .

Then, Han Fei was dragged into the deep sea . Along the way, Han Fei activated the Wandering Dragon Art and he grabbed the fishing rod with one hand and made various strange movements to block various tentacles .

Strip Fish, Bony Spur Fish, Big-Headed Prawn, and schools of fish… There were countless sea creatures, which were much more than those in the ordinary fisheries . Here, although the sea surface was billowy, there were still so many fishes underwater .

However, Han Fei was not afraid at all . Since he had caught this Golden Squid, he certainly wouldn’t let go of it . He activated the Hook Kiss and made the fish hook go deep into the body of the Golden Squid . Han Fei retracted the fishing line with a jerk, but he was pulled flying towards the Golden Squid .


Han Fei gritted his teeth . Too fast, this squid is running too fast .

The fish nearby could not catch up . Some squids had just stretched out their tentacles, but Han Fei was already 20 meters away .

“What the hell is this squid? How can it run so f*cking fast?”

After a moment, Han Fei didn’t know where he was, but he saw a large group of coral underfoot, and the squid dragged him to bump against the reef .



The sand on the bottom of the sea was flying, and the coral shattered . Han Fei didn’t know how many coral groups had been damaged . He was pissed off and tried harder to retract the fishing rod .

After a while, he finally saw the Golden Squid more than ten meters away . It was nearly three meters long . Because it was running too fast, the water marks drawn along the way were like knives .

But he was overjoyed to see a series of data .

Golden Squid

Mutated Lightning Squid, as timid as a hare, and incredibly fast . It has a bone, which can be used to refine spiritual weapons .

Level 23


468 Points

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Eating it can awaken a talent for speed .

Thief Bone

Han Fei beamed with a smile . It’s an exotic creature . No wonder it’s so awesome . If he hadn’t sent himself to me, I wouldn’t have been able to catch it .


While Han Fei was smiling, with a thud, a great mass of ink appeared in the water .


Squid, also known as cuttlefish, had an ink sac in its body . Normally, it would eject ink to escape when it was in danger . Han Fei plunged into the mass of black ink and immediately felt dizzy and almost vomited .

“Poisonous? Paralysis effect…”

Han Fei felt his head was spinning . Although he had taken the Exotic Poisonous Fruit, this ink itself was not poisonous, or to be exact, half poisonous, so it could not be completely resisted .

Fortunately, the paralysis effect of the body was fading, but he still wanted to throw up .


The Golden Squid in front was anxious and seemed to be wondering why it couldn’t get rid of this thing!

“Universe Machete . ”


In the water, a cold light flashed and the body of the Golden Squid was penetrated in an instant .

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The Golden Squid crashed into a pile of coral . Han Fei put away the knife and quickly came to it . At this time, the squid finally remembered to use its tentacles .


When a tentacle was chopped off by Han Fei, the Golden Squid squeaked again in pain and began to run again .

But this time, it wouldn’t be so easy for it to run away . After about ten minutes, the ten tentacles of the Golden Squid were cut off by Han Fei, leaving only the three entangled by the fishing line .

Han Fei stood in front of this big squid . Run, keep running! Humph, you can’t escape me today!

“Collect . ”

The Golden Squid, the seven of whose tentacles had been severed, was hacked by Han Fei . Now, it was extremely feeble, so it was easily collected into the Demon Purification Pot . Han Fei swam to the sea surface contentedly . There were many underwater creatures in the level-two fishery . At this moment, he suddenly saw a spooky Dragon-Headed Fish ramming at him .


Han Fei smashed the Dragon-Headed Fish with the Water-Stirring Seal and swam upward without stopping . Along the way, he met Dragon-Headed Fish, Human-Faced Crab, and…

He was more scared than hurt along the way . To his scare, he was almost injured by a Human-Faced Crab . At that moment, he saw hallucinations . There seemed to be countless tentacles around him, so dense that he couldn’t even count . If it weren’t for Little Black who immediately attacked the Human-Faced Crab, he might have to stay in the water for a while .


The white fishing boat appeared on the sea . Han Fei lay on the boat and gasped . It was really not easy to catch exotic creatures, much more difficult than catching rare creatures .