God of Fishing - Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: Faced Ghost Crabs

Chapter 187 Human-Faced Ghost Crabs

Han Fei and Le Renkuang were sold out ruthlessly just like that . Shoulder to shoulder, they walked into the aisle .

Le Renkuang said, “I’m scared of darkness . Why don’t you lead the way?” Han Fei was lost for words . “Seriously? Why weren’t you scared of darkness when you caught turtles in the ocean?”

Le Renkuang said, “My disease is intermittent . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei simply walked forward, somewhat enjoyably . When one didn’t know what was ahead of them in adventure, they tended to feel either frightened or excited .

Obviously, Han Fei was more excited than frightened . He wasn’t really intimidated by the Human-Faced Crabs .

After fifty meters, Han Fei suddenly came to a stop .

Le Renkuang craned his head and asked, “Why are you stopping?”

Han Fei rigidly turned his head back and put on a cold, creepy smile, before he started laughing weirdly . “S*it!”


Han Fei was suddenly normal again and he pointed at Le Renkuang and laughed . “You should look at your face!”

“Han Fei, I’m going to kill you!”

Outside of the aisle, Luo Xiaobai’s face changed slightly . “Is Le Renkuang enchanted?”

Zhang Xuanyu listened and said, “I don’t think so . Didn’t you hear Han Fei’s laughter?” Xia Xiaochan nodded and refused to enter the aisle too .

Han Fei enjoyed the prank . They horsed around for a while in the aisle, and Le Renkuang suddenly stopped and took out his box .

Han Fei blinked his eyes and stopped laughing . He heard rustling sounds behind him .

Instead of looking back, Han Fei simply gazed at Le Renkuang and said, “Really? Are you going to perform Torrents of Knives and Swords?”

Le Renkuang trembled and said, “Hang in there! Or, do you want to attack with me? As I recall, your Blade Storm is not bad at all . ”

Han Fei felt that his fishing pole was being grabbed . He simply cut back with two daggers and slashed a Human-Faced Crab into halves . But then his blood was freezing, as he had seen the Human-Faced Crabs that Luo Xiaobai mentioned . They were so dense that they were like a swarm of locusts .

“Torrents of Knives and Swords . ”

“Blade Storm . ”

Both of them reacted simultaneously .

During the few seconds at the beginning, Han Fei felt that he was mincing meat, and a lot of broken shells were hitting his face . Then, he found himself in a different location .

The aisle and the Human-Faced Crabs were the same, but Le Renkuang was gone .

“Illusion . This is just an illusion . ”

The moment Han Fei recited that, he found his name in a different place again . It was a sphere full of iron stingers from which infinite Marching Sea Leeches were crawling out while the iron stingers stabbed into him .

“You’re trying to fool me? You think you’re as good as the Marching Sea Leeches?”


After Han Fei dealt a Spiritual Energy Explosion, the sphere of iron stingers were gone, but Han Fei found that he was not in an aisle at all and he couldn’t sense any pain . Instead, he saw dozens of green eyes the size of basins .

“Hiss… Damn it . That’s one huge crab . ”

Han Fei swallowed . He had seen a crab dozens of meters long which had a creepy face on its back . More importantly, the face was even grinning at Han Fei .

Han Fei would be lying if he were to claim that he was not nervous . Strength and fear for the unknown were not contradictory .

Han Fei stepped back quickly .

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“Brother Crab, how have you been doing?”


One of the crab’s legs attacked him, and Han Fei flipped back in a weird posture . His head was dizzy as the crab leg was only one centimeter from his nose just now .


Han Fei turned back, only to see that the cave had been collapsed by the crab leg, and that rocks were falling .

“Damn it! Brother Crab, you don’t have to be so brutal to a passer-by, do you?”

The previous attack was too fast . If he hadn’t been fully alert, his head might’ve been chopped off . “Huh? Wait . ”

Han Fei realized something wrong, as he should’ve been able to read the data of the monster . Even if its level was too high for him to read, he should at least be seeing a question mark . But there was nothing . Was this monster fake?

When the crab leg attacked him again, Han Fei raised his daggers and slashed it .


The enormous crab leg was cut apart easily .

“Hu! You were truly scary . ”

Han Fei yelled, “Don’t scare other people if you’re not good enough . For a moment, I really thought you were this huge . ”

When Han Fei attacked the huge crab, it quickly collapsed into many minor crabs, and they attacked Han Fei together .

“Explode! The more explosions, the better! Let me absorb you…”

Han Fei could clearly sense the income of spiritual energy, which meant that some Human-Faced Crabs must’ve been killed by him . It did make sense, as the minor crabs couldn’t have just disappeared .

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However, when the crabs were eliminated by Spiritual Energy Explosions, Han Fei didn’t return to reality . Instead, he found himself on a boat above the ocean .

“Captain, we’re arriving at our destination . Do we go into the water?”


Han Fei gasped hard and pinched himself, only to sense real pain . He was amazed by the vividness of the illusion .



Han Fei stabbed his dagger into the guy behind him without thinking .

Han Fei remarked, “You think such a lousy illusion can fool me? Attach!”

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was attached to him, and the seven chains began sweeping . Immediately, Han Fei was brought back to reality . He found broken shells of Human-Faced Crabs all over the ground . It felt real this time .

But he didn’t see Le Renkuang, which was abnormal . Was he still in an illusion?

“Wait, if Le Renkuang was still here, he must’ve hit me with his Torrents of Knives and Swords, but I can’t sense anything right now . ”

Han Fei felt that he was lost . He shouted, “Le Renkuang!” There were no response . He shouted for Xia Xiaochan, but nobody answered either .

“Hehe! I’ll just go down this aisle . Do you think I’m scared?”

Han Fei pressed forward . There was no telling whether the Human-Faced Crabs had been intimidated, but fewer of them attacked Han Fei . Han Fei was not as casual as before, as he found that the journey was getting colder and colder while he moved on .

“Isn’t there Earthly Fire here? But the temperature is below zero… This fire is obviously not good enough!”

At the end of the cold and damp aisle, Han Fei saw a green dragon that was nesting in a huge cave . At this point, the dragon craned its head and roared at him as shockingly as the Giant Arowana did .


“Huh… No data? Is it fake too?” Han Fei murmured to himself . He had learned his lesson and knew that the illusions of the Human-Faced Crabs were predictable . The dragon before him was fake, but he saw data above a rock near the tail of the dragon .

Human-Faced Ghost Crab

This is the mutated Human-Faced Crab which has swallowed the remains of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon . It’s highly hallucinatory .


Exotic (mutated)

982 Points

It may result in hysteria and delirium if it’s eaten .

Phantom Pearl

Han Fei sneered . So, it’s you who have been behind all this . That explains my confusion because regular Human-Faced Crabs couldn’t have created such vivid illusions .

The dragon roared again and spewed a cold pillar of water at Han Fei, but Han Fei didn’t resist it . Though he was covered in ice, the ice fell apart the moment Han Fei released his spiritual energy .

Han Fei shouted, “Crab, it’s time to die!”