God of Fishing - Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon

Chapter 188 Bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon

Han Fei charged forward fearlessly, and the Human-Faced Ghost Crab didn’t see it coming that his opponent would be so relentless as to challenge a beast not caring about his own life .

But the moment before Han Fei approached the dragon, he suddenly took a turn and lashed out his seven chains, tying up the rock that the Human-Faced Ghost Crab was pretending to

be .

“Fatal blow . ”

His blades stabbed into the Human-Faced Ghost Crab dazzlingly .

In the next moment, the illusion was gone, and Han Fei saw a super huge crab that was almost eight meters tall slowly rising . The rock he just saw turned out only to be one of the crab’s pincers .


The big crab was obviously infuriated when Han Fei’s blades left holes in its pincer . When the crab rose, Han Fei finally realized why it was named Human-Faced Ghost Crab . It was because there was a weird and creepy face on its abdomen . Though the seven chains restrained the Human-Faced Ghost Crab, the crab was above level thirty, which meant that it was as strong as a Dangling Fisher . Also, the crab had enormous strength in the first place, and it easily flung Han Fei away into the rocks .

“Hehe… Little Black, go inside . ”

Han Fei was not panicked at all, because Human-Faced Crabs were better at creating illusions than they were at fighting . Now that he had broken the illusions, he was not scared even though the Human-Faced Ghost Crab was level 31 .

Little Black crawled into the crab through the holes that Han Fei just caused . In the next moment, the crab began to wail, and Han Fei saw all kinds of illusions .

In the illusions, he saw the battle between the dragon and the Hidden Fishers . Dozens of Hidden Fishers, including manipulators, soul warriors and manipulators, showed all kinds of techniques, but they were all frozen by the blue gas spewed out by the green dragon .

Then, Han Fei saw that the best of the Hidden Fishers absorbed the power of his partners and pointed at the dragon’s head . The enormous energy that his finger contained was dreadful for Han Fei even though it was only an illusion .

Dozens of pictures were changing . The Human-Faced Ghost Crab seemed to have lost control of itself because of Little Black’s biting as it replayed its whole life, and Han Fei felt that he was watching an immersive movie .

Han Fei saw that the expert almost collapsed after killing the dragon . The man managed to treat his wounds by having the dragon meat and the dragon liver, but he was too heavily hurt to be recovered . So, he established this Fire Cloud Cave with his remaining power .

To prevent the dragon from resurrecting, he separated the dragon bones in the cave . When he created this residence, he discovered the Earthly Fire by chance, so he engaged himself in alchemy with the Earthly Fire and the dragon corpse . But his attempt failed and he died in the end . All of these things were witnessed by this crab .

At first, this Human-Faced Ghost Crab was only a common Human-Faced Crab and it dare not approach the furnace or the dragon corpse, but after it grew stronger because of the nourishment of the dragon aura, it began to chew on the dragon corpse and eventually mutated into a Human-Faced Ghost Crab .

Suddenly, Han Fei called stop .

“Little Black, enough . ”

Little Black emerged from the shell of the Human-Faced Ghost Crab, whose pincers were dangling . Obviously, it had been mostly eaten up .

Han Fei said, “Collect the demon . ”

Perhaps because the Human-Faced Ghost Crab was too scared, and perhaps it sensed that its doom was inevitable, but Han Fei didn’t sense any resistance when the Demon Purification Pot took it in . The Human-Faced Ghost Crab ended up in the calabash in the company of the Gold Squid .

After the Human-Faced Ghost Crab was collected, the regular Human-Faced Crabs immediately ran to their nests, and a bone more than three meters long appeared where the Human-Faced Ghost Crab had been standing

Having watched the Human-Faced Ghost Crab’s movie, Han Fei recognized that it was a dragon bone . He excitedly picked up the bone .

But Han Fei almost tossed it away the moment he touched it because it was freezingly cold .

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Bone of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon: such dragon bones are extremely cold . Its spiritual energy has dropped over the years, but it’s still the best material to forge spiritual weapons .

Han Fei was excited . Could it be forged into spiritual weapons? Were there really dragon bones in this cave? I’ve only found one of the bones, but it is so huge that it can be made into dozens of daggers .

Han Fei’s heart raced after he collected the bone . By logic, there should be bones of a whole dragon here . Where were the rest? If he could collect all the dragon bones, he could craft a set of blades for his Million Knife Art .

When Han Fei was about to continue his exploration, he hesitated and wondered if he should search for Le Renkuang .

But when he turned around, he found that the entrance that he came from became three entrances .

“Damn it… Which one of them did I come from?”

Han Fei looked at the only exit behind the Human-Faced Ghost Crab . Was it meant to stop intruders from returning?

Han Fei thought for a moment . Le Renkuang, as well as everybody else, has their trump cards . Xia Xiaochan even has her Giant Arowana . Things like the Human-Faced Ghost Crab wouldn’t be a major problem for them .

Thinking that, Han Fei strode forward into the exit .

Unfortunately, Han Fei was not a fire manipulator and couldn’t light the candles, so he could only walk in darkness . But thanks to his excellent sight, the darkness was not scary for him .

The pathway was very long . Han Fei stopped halfway as he found a fiery crystal on the wall . He couldn’t see its quality, but it felt hot enough to resist the coldness in the cave, so Han Fei dug it out with his knives .

One, two…

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Han Fei had dug more than a hundred fiery crystals, when he found that he had reached a spacious cave . It was bigger than the cave where the Human-Faced Ghost Crab was located . It was dozens of meters high and embedded with fiery crystals . Also, it was connected to the ocean .

Essentially, it was a round swimming pool with a circular path on the periphery . The water in it was so clear that Han Fei saw a huge skull more than ten meters long easily .

“Huh… A dragon head?”

Near the dragon head were corals and seaweeds . There were no fish or shrimp .


Han Fei swallowed hard . Have I just found a dragon head?

Han Fei saw that the Demon Purification Pot on his wrist glittered although it had been unusually quiet recently . Then, Han Fei realized that the water was full of spiritual energy .

Han Fei took a deep breath and still felt cold, but thanks to the abundance of spiritual energy, his senses were keen . If he were to cultivate here, he would make progress very fast .

He ignored the fiery crystals on the wall, because they couldn’t be of a high quality when there were so many of them . He didn’t want to collect them at all .

Staring at the dragon head, Han Fei suddenly changed his face, as the pebbles below the dragon head seemed familiar to him .

“Hiss! Spiritual stones, shoot!”

Han Fei was immediately hooked . He had been wondering where he could gather spiritual energy, and those spiritual stones would definitely be handy!

Han Fei stepped out but then stopped . He found it odd that there were no creatures around the dragon head . Were there really none, or were they invisible?

Han Fei took out his fishing pole and tried pulling the dragon head up . He felt that the place was weird and decided to be careful .


The hook went for the dragon head in the water .

“Come here!”

“Uhhh… So heavy . ”

While Han Fei was using all his strength, a long enormous shadow flashed in the water . Han Fei couldn’t tell what it was at all except that it was around ten meters long .

Before Han Fei could react, his fishing line had been cut off .

Han Fei took a few steps back in shock . He hurried to return to the pool to see what this thing was exactly .