God of Fishing - Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: Reunion of the Team

Chapter 190 Reunion of the Team

When Han Fei laid his hand on the skull of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon, his hand began to freeze . He hurried to let it go .


The bone that could forge spiritual weapons was indeed extraordinary! But could he use them even if it was made into such weapons?

Han Fei stored the dragon head into Forge the Universe . Instantly, all the crops in Forge the Universe were frozen . Even the white boat was covered in frost .

Han Fei scratched his head . His crops had been wasted; however, it was still worth it because this huge skull could be made into a thousand blades .

After collecting the dragon head, Han Fei searched the mud at the bottom of the water and finally found twelve low-quality spiritual stones . Plus with those he just absorbed, he had got almost seventy low-quality spiritual stones from the dragon head .

“This won’t do! I’m running out of spiritual energy, and twelve stones are not nearly enough!”


Sensing the earthquake, Han Fei jumped to the surface of water and saw a hot wave flooding in from the entrance .

Han Fei was immediately stunned . This pathway was not short at all, but the fire had pressed to the end of it . What was happening on the other side?

Having no time to think, Han Fei immediately rushed over . He was sure that it was caused by Le Renkuang and his other teammates .

Because of the blast of fire, all the candles in the pathway were lit, and Han Fei didn’t run into anything on his way .

Han Fei didn’t see anyone until he ran for almost two kilometers .

After he jumped out of a hole, he found himself in a spacious cave that was ten times larger than the previous caves .

This cave was half filled with fire . Han Fei finally understood why this place was called Fire Cloud Cave . Also, something was roaring in the fire .

Xia Xiaochan was vomiting blood against the wall .

Zhang Xuanyu was also wiping his blood while supporting himself with a rod on one of his knees .

Luo Xiaobai was protecting herself with vines . There was a dragon bone in her body .

As for Le Renkuang, he was struggling to resist the fire with a dozen shields .


Han Fei threw out the dragon bone he picked up earlier, which immediately suppressed the incoming fire .

Le Renkuang looked back and was excited . “Han Fei, you’re not dead?”

Zhang Xuanyu was excited too . “Han Fei, hurry up! There’s a monster in the fire! A body!”

Xia Xiaochan said in a hurry, “Be careful! It’s likely the body of the dragonslayer . ”

Han Fei was stunned . What was going on? The dragonslayer? How could he defeat such a tough guy who killed a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon?

Luo Xiaobai roared, “Han Fei, spiritual energy!”

Han Fei came back to himself and instilled spiritual energy into his teammates’ body . They all took a long breath of relief .

However, before Han Fei joined the battle, he saw that a slim corpse that was on fire walked out of the flames and punched Zhang Xuanyu .


After an explosion, Zhang Xuanyu’s stick was bent, and he was blown away like a cannonball .

Luo Xiaobai hurried to pick Zhang Xuanyu up with her vines, but the corpse turned its head at Han Fei .

The Demon Purification Pot, which had usually been helpful, showed nothing . It seemed incapable of reading humans .

Han Fei took a deep breath . He had just become an intermediate great fishing master . Couldn’t he defeat a corpse? Immediately, he drew his Purple Bamboo Rod and smashed the enemy .



The noise echoed throughout the cave when Han Fei was punched away and his Purple Bamboo Rod was broken . The corpse, on the other hand, was knocked away too and rolled on the ground .

Han Fei asked in shock, “What’s this thing? Why is it so powerful?”

Xia Xiaochan said anxiously, “I told you to be careful! Though it’s a corpse, it’s as strong as an advanced Dangling Fisher, or we wouldn’t have been crushed like this!”


Luo Xiaobai said, “One dragon bone can shelter one person at most . We need to distract this guy and find more dragon bones in order to suppress him . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . “Why don’t you keep him occupied while I look for dragon bones . ”

Le Renkuang and Luo Xiaobai, however, simply tossed the dragon bone to Han Fei and shouted, “You’ll fight him while we search for more dragon bones!”

Han Fei: “???”

Xia Xiaochan left with a flash . “You’re the sturdiest one here . Of course it’s your job to stall him . Huh . Have you made a breakthrough?”

Han Fei was much thinner than previously, which indicated that he made a breakthrough . He would probably be slim again after he reached the peak-level of a great fishing master .

But nobody else was interested in that . Han Fei was sturdy before his breakthrough and should be sturdier after it .

Actually, Han Fei was indeed sturdier, but not as much as they imagined . After all, it was not so easy to improve the Indestructible Body polished by lightning . This improvement was only a natural improvement from a junior great fishing master to an intermediate great fishing master .

Zhang Xuanyu shouted, “Han Fei, the Hidden Fisher slew a dragon in the ocean, and you’re now slaying him with two bones . You will be a legend in the Fourth Academy . Go now… The door is behind this guy . ”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei couldn’t have looked more awful when he looked at the two dragon bones . His disloyal friends were abandoning him the moment they saw him . Thankfully, he just advanced after the battle against the Dragon Eel, or he wouldn’t have been able to resist this corpse .

Han Fei unwillingly picked up the dragon bones and rushed into the flames . Wherever he went, the flames backed off, as was the power of the bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon .

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The corpse of the expert was subconsciously avoiding the dragon bones, but Han Fei’s marching infuriated him .

For a moment, flames were gathered towards Han Fei, and Han Fei felt that he was almost broiled . On the other side, Xia Xiaochan and his other teammates hurried to slip into the cave behind the corpse .

Han Fei shouted, “Hurry and return with more dragon bones! I can’t kill him on my own!”

Xia Xiaochan’s voice echoed in the cave . “We’ll come back in 15 minutes . ”

Han Fei felt like vomiting blood . 15? You want me to fight this thing for that long?

However, when all his teammates were gone, Han Fei immediately took out his dragon head .

The flames in the cave dwindled the moment the dragon head appeared . Even the corpse stopped briefly as if scared .

“Attach . ”

All the chains were released . Han Fei tried his best to wave the dragon head, but it was too heavy and freezing, so Han Fei couldn’t hit anything with the dragon head .

“Hey, the dragon head is here to protect me . Are you still coming?”

Han Fei gave up pulling the dragon head . He simply waved the dragon bones as if they were hammers .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The corpse seemed to be suppressed and lost the power that he broke the Purple Bamboo Rod with . Han Fei seized the chance to smite it dozens of times .

“Damn it . This corpse is too hard for me to break!”

Standing next to the dragon head, Han Fei was almost frozen, but thankfully, the corpse did not attack him . They reached a stalemate . Han Fei scratched his head and wondered if he should run first since he obviously couldn’t defeat his enemy .

Han Fei hauled the dragon head to the exit of the cave, and the corpse moved out of the way . Then, Han Fei was standing right before the exit .

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Time passed, and there was no response from his teammates .

Han Fei shouted, “Are you back?”

“Huh? Nobody?”

He immediately retreated the dragon head . But the moment the dragon head disappeared, the corpse seemed revived and charged at Han Fei after a roar .

Han Fei ran and shouted, “Bro, stop chasing me . I’m not your wife . Why are you chasing


The corpse of the expert followed Han Fei into the channel . One in the front and the other behind, they sprinted crazily .

A moment later, Han Fei rushed into another cave and found debris of tentacles as well as footprints all over the ground . It seemed that his teammates just passed through here . Han Fei kept running, followed by fire .

One cave, two caves…

Lost for words, Han Fei shouted back, “Bro, you are truly a great digger . Why did you dig so many caves?”

It was not until Han Fei ran into the fourth channel that he finally encountered his teammates .

They all came to a stop and looked at each other in surprise .

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Why are you here?”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei’s back and said, “Run!”