God of Fishing - Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: Five Bone Players

Chapter 191 Five Bone Players

While running, Zhang Xuanyu shouted, “Han Fei, didn’t we ask you to stall him there?”

Han Fei said angrily, “Stall him? Do you really think I’m capable of that?”

The two dragon bones were heavy enough for Han Fei, and he couldn’t move the dragon head at all . What could he do? But maybe he could try the Water-Stirring Seal later .

In a less big cave, Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Disperse… Han Fei, give me a dragon bone . ”

Han Fei tossed a dragon bone to Luo Xiaobai, and a vine picked it up . Seeing that everybody else had a dragon bone, Han Fei said in relief, “This dude is vulnerable to cold . Let’s just hit him with dragon bones instead of any other weapons . ”

Hardly had he finished when the corpse arrived, but it briefly stopped when he came in as if it had sensed the coldness .

Han Fei shouted, “Let’s go and crush him!”

“Scar of War Shadows . ”

Han Fei led the charge and smashed the corpse with his dragon bone relentlessly .


The corpse punched back, and Han Fei was forced to step back quickly .

The other people all changed their expression . Five dragon bones were still enough? Han Fei was still punched back?

Luo Xiaobai roared and whipped the corpse with her vines that had enveloped a dragon bone .

She shouted, “Let’s attack together! This corpse only has basic battle instincts . Let’s see if we can suppress him together . ”

Xia Xiaochan said, “That’s not exactly what a hunter should do, but I agree with the plan . ”

Zhang Xuanyu bellowed to summon his courage . “My rod was bent by him . I must let him answer for it!”

Le Renkuang shouted, his lips shivering, “Take him down!”

They pressed forward with the bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon . When the five dragon bones were gathered, their coldness finally extinguished the fire on this expert’s body and revealed his true self .

Everybody saw that a crimson stone had been placed where the heart of the corpse was supposed to be .

Zhang Xuanyu shrieked, “Blow the stone out! It must be the source of his power!”

“Supreme Stab!”

Using the dragon bone as a dagger, Xia Xiaochan accelerated and stabbed the corpse in its back . The corpse nearly fell off, but the stone was still stuck inside its body .


Now that the fire died out, Luo Xiaobai’s vines could finally be applied . They tied the corpse up crazily .

Le Renkuang took out a black glove from his box and put it on, before he reached for the stone .


Le Renkuang quickly moved his hand back, and a huge hole had been left in his glove . His hand was full of blisters too .

Le Renkuang trembled and almost shed tears . “We can’t touch it . My hand would’ve been wasted if I hadn’t reacted as quickly . ”

Zhang Xuanyu was lost for words . “Then what do we do? We can’t be separated, or fire will surge from him again, which would worsen things again . ”

Xia Xiaochan kicked the corpse that had been tied up by vines and said, “If only we could build the dragon bones into a container . ”

Everybody looked at Xia Xiaochan .

Luo Xiaobai remarked, “That’s actually a good idea, but none of us is a refiner . ”

Seeing the situation, Han Fei interjected, “Actually, I know a thing or two about refining . ”

Everyone: “???”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly . “Don’t stare at me like that . But I need a furnace . Do you remember the furnace we saw when we had just come in? I may need to go there . ”

Xia Xiaochan looked at him weirdly . “Han Fei, do you have more secrets? It’s time to reveal them all!”

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“I really don’t . I taught myself refining because weapons were too expensive for me in the old days . ”

Everybody chuckled, unconvinced . A self-taught refiner? Are you implying that you’re the only genius here?

Luo Xiaobai simply said, “You go there now . We’ll keep him here for a while . ”

Le Renkuang’s eyes flashed . “Han Fei, I’ve lost a lot of weapons on this trip…”

Han Fei ran off with a bone . Before he left, he noticed that fire was reemerging on the surface of the corpse . He didn’t think that they could resist it for long .

Han Fei certainly did not really go to the furnace . After taking a turn, he looked back to ensure that nobody followed him . Then, he absorbed the dragon bone with his calabash .

The Demon Purification Pot’s speed of refining was remarkable, and Han Fei didn’t think that a container would consume much spiritual energy . But as it turned out, he lost twenty thousand points of spiritual energy, which was two low-quality spiritual stones .

“Ahh! So expensive?”

Han Fei trembled . Twenty thousand points of spiritual energy for a container? The first spiritual weapon that he ever crafted turned out to be a minor container! Then, in order to craft all the blades required in the Million Knife Art, wouldn’t he need billions of points of spiritual energy?

“Damn it…”

Only a tiny part of the dragon bone was used, and the rest of the bone was discharged . Han Fei waited a bit before he returned to the cave .

When Han Fei returned, he found that Le Renkuang and his teammates were jumping and knocking the corpse with their dragon bones .

Luo Xiaobai was delighted to see Han Fei . “Did you make it?”


Han Fei pretended to vomit blood . He said palely, “I was almost killed . This dragon box container drained me and cost me one of my spiritual fruits . ”

As he spoke, Han Fei tossed the dragon box container to them .

Nobody suspected him . They didn’t know how strong the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon had been exactly, but they knew that it couldn’t have been easy for Han Fei to refine its bones .

Luo Xiaobai immediately roared, “Give me the rest of the bone!”

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Han Fei threw the leftover to her, and Le Renkuang picked it up . With two dragon bones, Le Renkuang extinguished the fire on the corpse, and Luo Xiaobai seized the chance to stick the container to the corpse’s chest .

The crimson stone was sealed, and the corpse crumbled into pieces after the stone was gone .

Everybody looked at each other in shock .

Zhang Xuanyu asked in shock, “It’s been killed so easily?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “It was dead in the first place!”

Le Renkuang hurried to throw the container to Han Fei . “Keep it in the Sea Swallowing Seashell . I don’t want to hold this . ”

Han Fei stored the container and stared at Le Renkuang . “Where were you a moment ago?”

Le Renkuang said innocently, “I was going to ask you the same question . You vanished in the middle of the battle . I was searching for you when I accidentally walked into a cave that was occupied by a mutated hermit crab, which almost killed me . ”

Luo Xiaobai said solemnly, “We followed you into the aisle when we couldn’t hear you anymore . But we only found Le Renkuang . Where were you?”

Han Fei snorted . “I met a mutated Human-Faced Crab and was caught in illusions the whole time . After I killed it, you were all gone . ”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled . “It’s great that you’re fine . We were truly lucky this time . The bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon are not unusual . Han Fei, you can build a few decent spiritual weapons for each of us later . ”


Han Fei kicked Zhang Xuanyu . “You wish! Crafting a small container almost killed me, and you want me to build spiritual weapons for you?”

Zhang Xuanyu quickly dodged him . “I was just kidding…”

Staring at the dragon bones for a long time, Xia Xiaochan said slowly, “I think the tailbone is missing here . ”

“The tailbone?”

Everybody looked at Xia Xiaochan .

Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes . “It’s a dragon, alright? Dragons have tails . What we’re holding right now are the bones of the torso, but where is the tailbone?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “That’s right . Not just the tailbone, we haven’t seen the skull either . ”

Everybody trembled, and Zhang Xuanyu quickly shook his hand . “Forget it . Let’s just leave the skull behind . If one bone of the dragon has created a mutated creature as strong as a Dangling Fisher, what kind of monster would its skull make?” .

Le Renkuang said, “I agree . We can look for the tailbone, but I’m not interested in the skull . It’s too scary . ”

Han Fei knew that he’d better not tell them that he had already collected the skull . He hurried to change the topic . “Where did you find the body of this expert?”

Xia Xiaochan snorted . “It jumped on us from one of the numerous caves in here . However, since he’s already dead, I think we can continue our exploration . ”

Han Fei said quickly, “Let’s take a rest first . Let me tell you, a tail of a dragon is as good as its skull . We can’t be more careful . ”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Well, I’ve never seen a dragon, and I don’t really know what a dragon’s skull looks like . ”

Han Fei thought for a moment and remembered that the dragon head he found had no horns and was quite ugly . He began to wonder if the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon was really a dragon .

A moment later, Zhang Xuanyu asked excitedly, “Can we go now?”

Han Fei said hopefully, “Let’s go . ”