God of Fishing - Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Million Knife Art

Chapter 193 Million Knife Art

At this point, Han Fei saw that the man’s skin was darkening quickly and there were spots on his face, indicating that he was aging fast .

Han Fei’s eyes glowed . His guess was correct . The man’s body never decayed because of the intense spiritual energy here, but he was actually already dead . He was only a moving corpse .


The moment the dragon head disappeared, the man took action . Seeing his punch, Han Fei hurried to jump aside in shock and he roared .

“Attach . ”

“Fuse . ”

“Fury . ”

“Spiritual Energy Protective Cover . ”

“Water-Stirring Seal Technique . ”

For a moment, Han Fei’s capabilities were skyrocketing . As an intermediate great fishing master, he was approaching the level of a peak-level great fishing master . In the meantime, a Water-Stirring Seal appeared and smashed the man’s fist .


The mountain was shaking and the rocks were falling . Outside of the door, Le Renkuang was quite anxious about the terrifying battle inside .

Luo Xiaobai said calmly, “Zhang Xuanyu, Xiaochan, you find a way out and go to our master . ”

Xia Xiaochan looked awful . “How long is that going to take? Han Fei can’t sustain the battle that long . ”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Since Han Fei decided to fight him, Han Fei must have other trump cards . Go now . It’s the only way to save him now . ”

Zhang Xuanyu rushed to the cave outside with his stick in silence . There had to be a way out on this particularly damp path .

Inside the door…

Han Fei was knocked away in one attack . His spiritual energy protective cover was broken too . Also, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was separated from him because of injury .

His state of fusion collapsed too . Little Black and Little White were flung away, probably back to the ocean of spiritual energy .

Han Fei vomited a mouthful of blood himself .

After the punch, the man was aging quickly as if he had grown old by decades in one moment .

Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique to himself unhesitatingly, while he jumped to the spiritual spring at a weird angle and murmured, “Please let me in . ”


Han Fei was punched right in the back . He spewed out blood and felt that he was almost blown up .

“Forge the Universe…”

Han Fei disappeared from this enormous cave in the next movement .

Forge the Universe had been filled by the spiritual spring at this point . Han Fei vomited blood the moment he came in . The mark of the punch spread from his back to his front . There was no telling how many of his ribs were broken .

Damn it . Why can’t I come inside instantly?

Han Fei couldn’t be more regretful . While it was easy to store lifeless items in Forge the Universe, there would be resistance if he wanted to put living things in, which would take Han Fei more time to deal with .

He was certain that if the guy outside was aware of this, he wouldn’t be given a chance to enter Forge the Universe at all .

At this moment, Forge the Universe was expanding not very fast . It hadn’t spread out by half a meter yet .

Han Fei imposed the Divine Healing Technique on himself hurriedly . He wasn’t healed until more than an hour later . At this moment, Forge the Universe had expanded by around six meters, and the water level of the spiritual spring slightly dropped .

After a moment…

The spiritual energy kept dwindling, and more than ten daggers which cost almost five hundred thousand points of spiritual energy appeared before Han Fei . But Han Fei was still delighted as they were all spiritual weapons .

Han Fei grabbed a dagger randomly and showed its data .

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger

Made of the bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon, this blade is extremely cold and can freeze the enemy if it cuts into the enemy’s body .

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Low-quality Spiritual Weapon


Note: Because of the restrictions of its materials, it can only be reforged into a low-quality spiritual weapon at best .

Han Fei took a deep breath as it seemed quite awesome . What did enchantment mean? Han Fei wasn’t clear . He had never created a spiritual weapon before, and he couldn’t have done so without this huge spiritual spring .

Since there was a lot left of the spiritual spring in Forge the Universe, Han Fei decided to go one step further . Since he couldn’t defeat the guy outside, he would absorb the corpse’s spiritual spring so that he couldn’t be replenished .

As it happened, his Spiritual Heritage, which was level four, low-quality, was below the average of his team . Even Zhang Xuanyu had a level-six Spiritual Heritage at this point . It was time that he improved his Spiritual Heritage again .

“Upgrade . ”

All of a sudden, Han Fei’s body seemed to have turned into a bottomless hole, and the spiritual spring flooded in .

When Han Fei advanced from a level three Spiritual Heritage to a level four Spiritual Heritage, Han Fei didn’t consume any spiritual energy; the lightning helped him . Now that he was voluntarily seeking a breakthrough, he needed much more than just two hundred thousand points of spiritual energy . At this point, every minor level would take five hundred thousand points of spiritual energy .

After a long time, after Han Fei spent a million points of spiritual energy to improve his Spiritual Heritage to level four, high quality, the mark that suggested he could upgrade was gone .

Han Fei

26 (Mid-level Grand Fishing Master)

122,561 (2,499)

Level Four, High Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 23)

Weapon: None

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Water Vein Technique, Volume Three of Void Fishing (Spirit-Level, Divine-Quality)

Han Fei grinned in delight after reading his data . He probably couldn’t upgrade his Spiritual Heritage anymore, but his storage of spiritual energy had increased .

When Han Fei opened his eyes, more than forty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were floating before him . Even more surprisingly, the spiritual spring that filled up Forge the Universe was now only one meter deep . Of course, it had to do with the expansion of Forge the Universe, which had covered a hundred square meters and was still spreading

Han Fei said, “Stop spreading . ”

Han Fei was rather regretful . He thought that the spiritual spring that filled up Forge the Universe could sustain him for a while, but it had been used up after only six hours .

Han Fei calculated the numbers . One million points for my Spiritual Heritage upgrade, two million to forge the spiritual weapons, four hundred thousand to expand Forge the Universe, and plus the spiritual energy absorbed by myself and the Demon Purification Pot…

Han Fei gasped hard . Had he just spent five million points of spiritual energy?

Han Fei was lost for words . Everything had to stop . He didn’t need to consume the spiritual spring anymore . He had to find a chance to pack the rest of the spiritual spring . However, he didn’t know if the guy outside was drained yet . In order to be safe, Han Fei began to practice the Million Knife Art .

He thought that it would take him at least a year or two to gather enough resources to build an array of blades, but it was much faster than he expected .

Of course, before his practice, he had to make the spiritual weapons acknowledge him as a master first .

Han Fei grabbed a random dagger and cut his palm with it . Though not entirely smoothly, his skin was still easily injured, which immediately taught Han Fei a lesson . He didn’t know the toughness of spiritual weapons until just now . Even though his body was quite sturdy, such weapons were still sharp enough to hurt him .

Similar to the Water-Stirring Seal, after the spiritual weapons acknowledged him as a master, he could store them in his body . Han Fei didn’t know where they were stored, but he couldn’t feel anything uncomfortable .

Very soon, Han Fei stored all the fifty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers in his body .

Han Fei tried unleashing all the fifty blades, but most of them fell immediately and only a handful of them were sent flying .

Han Fei couldn’t have looked more awful . Was this art not only costly but also difficult to grasp?

Four hours later, Han Fei could control ten daggers simultaneously . He decided to take a break as he had hit a bottleneck . He felt that his spiritual power was running out .

“It’s time to go out . ”

In the cave, the young man who lost his target had become middle-aged . His body was shrinking due to the separation of the spiritual spring


Han Fei appeared where he disappeared previously, and the man three meters away didn’t take any action .

“Damn it…”

Han Fei immediately lunged at the spiritual spring

“Come here!”

The remaining part of the spring was instantly gone .


The man behind chased after him and punched him so hard that the cave was shaking . Han Fei chuckled and ran to the dragon bones that were stabbed into the wall . While drawing out the bones, he also summoned ten Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The power of the spiritual weapons was demonstrated . Although they were blown away by the man, they still froze his arms . But of course, it was nothing for him as he freed himself easily .

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers flew and slashed the man crazily, but they couldn’t break the man’s defense even though they were spiritual weapons .

While running, Han Fei shouted, “Bro, stop fighting! You’re losing your wisdom in this fight!”

“Bro! Let’s just each take one step back, alright? I’ll go out and you can keep meditating in here!”