God of Fishing - Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: The Piercing Electricity Zone

Chapter 198 The Piercing Electricity Zone

Piercing Electricity Jellyfish were not rare in the level-two fishery, but because of the massive population of jellyfish, some of them had mutated and gained unusual abilities . In ancient times, there were even legendary Piercing Electricity Jellyfish .

In the ocean, jellyfish were like umbrellas and mushrooms . As could be told from their name, Piercing Electricity Jellyfish could unleash electricity .

However, some people argued that Piercing Electricity Jellyfish were cute and playful .

When Han Fei reached the Piercing Electricity Zone, he saw several dead Piercing Electricity Jellyfish in the ocean . Their blue hats were beautiful even if they were dead .

Le Renkuang swallowed hard . “Are we going to dive down?”

Zhang Xuanyu shook his head . “Don’t be hasty . This is just the edge . We’ll dive when we reach the center . ”

Le Renkuang was lost for words . “I’m told that the jellyfish are all in groups of thousands or even more . ”

Zhang Xuanyu said unconcernedly, “What are you scared of? Your Thousand Blade Tortoise can mince them easily . Xiaobai can protect us with her vines too . Xia Xiaochan can escape . Han Fei and I are the ones that should be worried here, alright?”

Han Fei clicked his tongue and said, “Don’t worry about me . I can control water . ”

Zhang Xuanyu: “…”

Everybody discussed for a moment before diving into the water .

They sensed something wrong the moment they dived . They had seen fish every time they dove into water, but here, there were few fish . After descending more than ten meters, they saw nothing except a Bony Spur Fish swimming past them unhurriedly and passively .

Staring at the fish as if it were an idiot, the five of them watched the fish pass them and leave .

Luo Xiaobai whispered to them, “Everybody, be careful . We’re in a dangerous place . Let’s descend prudently . ”

Everybody nodded and descended for another fifty meters, before they finally saw Piercing Electricity Jellyfish, which had blue hats and white stripes, floating in the water .

There were only a handful of them nearby, so they were not really scary . Han Fei and his team approached them as they had never seen the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish in a level-two fishery before .

Data flashed in Han Fei’s eyes .

Piercing Electricity Jellyfish



250 points

It can increase one’s resistance to electricity if it’s eaten over a long period of time .


Han Fei showed no response, and Zhang Xuanyu moved to get a closer look at the creature . However, the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish floated at him after spotting the stranger . The long tail behind it was quite beautiful .

In everybody’s eyes, the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish swam slowly and passively and even tried to rub Zhang Xuanyu with its head .

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Xia Xiaochan said, “It’s so cute . Can I touch it?”

Luo Xiaobai warned, “Don’t…”

Before Luo Xiaobai finished, Xia Xiaochan had been electrified when she laid her hand on the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish . She immediately shivered under the shock .

Xia Xiaochan hurried to step back, but the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish rubbed where she was with its cute little head and, sensing nobody there, it chased after Xia Xiaochan after its eyes flashed .

Xia Xiaochan was shocked . “Go away, you monster!”

Xia Xiaochan ran and the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish chased her . Now and then, electric currents were popping up from it, as if it were playing hide and seek with her .

Han Fei was deep in thought . Jellyfish had eyes, not real eyes but primitive optical organs that were similar to the complex eyes of insects . Such eyes did not have a focus but could sense the change of light .

However, this Piercing Electricity Jellyfish was different from the jellyfish that Han Fei saw in the level-one fishery that it had developed four eyes in its evolution .

Han Fei whispered, “Be careful . The Piercing Electricity Jellyfish has eyes and can locate us with their eyes . Xiaochan, kill it . ”

Xia Xiaochan was briefly stunned . “Really? It’s very cute even though it shocks people . ”

Han Fei asked, “Do you want thousands of cute Piercing Electricity Jellyfish to play with you?”

Xia Xiaochan trembled . She would probably be electrocuted to death if thousands of jellyfish shocked her simultaneously .

Xia Xiaochan waved her dagger, and the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish was cut into multiple parts before it sank slowly .

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Le Renkuang asked in confusion, “Huh? I don’t think they’re really aggressive, are they?”

Luo Xiaobai whispered, “Yes, they are . But the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish are too slow, so it seems that it was only playing a game with Xiaochan . ”

Xia Xiaochan was stunned . “Is that so? I thought that it was really playing a game with me…”

They kept diving . When they were eighty meters deep, they saw hundreds of Piercing Electricity Jellyfish, and the deeper they went, the more Piercing Electricity Jellyfish they saw .

Soon, their eyes were blocked by the long tails of the jellyfish . The Piercing Electricity Jellyfish had tails that were almost thirty meters long . Those tails floated in the water, making it impossible for Han’s team to see through .

They tried to swim through the shoal of Piercing Electricity Jellyfish, but they sensed something wrong the moment they got in .

Luo Xiaobai’s face changed greatly . “Dodge now . All the jellyfish are coming to us . ”

Zhang Xuanyu said ruthlessly, “Dive down . If we go back, our trip would be for nothing . ”

While the jellyfish surrounded them, everybody kept descending, but they were more and more scared because there were still more Piercing Electricity Jellyfish down below .

They saw that there were so many jellyfish that their tails were almost entangled . They couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if all the jellyfish discharged at the same time .


Exactly when that thought occurred to them, the whole area within a hundred meters was plagued by electricity . Luo Xiaobai was fast enough to cover everybody with her vines, but how could vines block electricity in the water?

In a moment, everybody was trembling because of the electric shock .


Zhang Xuanyu rolled his eyes beyond his control under the shock while he tried to fight back .

Same as Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang unleashed the Thousand Blade Tortoise while he was being shocked .

As the blades swept out, a tremendous number of Piercing Electricity Jellyfish were cut apart, but the whole area had been electrified, and the electric current was still there even though the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish were dead!

Everybody trembled for a long time . Finally, Zhang Xuanyu coughed out blood and foam, and Luo Xiaobai followed him . Le Renkuang threw up so hard that his eyes were nothing but white .

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were fine . Han Fei had been used to electrification . Having experienced the Ninth Heaven Thunder and the electricity of the Dragon Eel, he found that the discharge of all the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish combined was not as threatening as the one shock from the Dragon Eel .

As for Xia Xiaochan, she had been hit by the lightning with Han Fei on the mountaintop earlier . Although Han Fei took most of the lightning, Xia Xiaochan managed to take the rest without being hurt, which suggested that her body was unusual .

At this point, everybody finally understood why no great fishing masters ever returned from this place . They must’ve been stunned by electricity here, just like Le Renkuang who was foaming and almost passing out!

While shivering, Han Fei performed the Divine Healing Technique, but because of his shivering, he couldn’t really cast it . All his friends looked at him gloomily .

Han Fei whispered, “It’s… Not… My… Fault . It’s… Hard… To… Control… My spiritual energy . ”

Outside, the Thousand Blade Tortoise was half dizzy because of the electrification, and its attack was not as aggressive as before . Everybody wasn’t back to themselves until one minute later .

Han Fei immediately cast the Divine Healing Technique on everybody and shouted, “Let’s go! What are you waiting for? Fatty, take your Thousand Blade Tortoise back and use your own armor, or your Thousand Blade Tortoise might be killed!”

Le Renkuang suggested, “Why don’t we go back?”

Everybody raised their head, only to see that the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish were all above them, and it was impossible for them to return .

Xia Xiaochan roared, “Run!”