God of Fishing - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Not daring to ignore it, he stabbed his dagger in that direction . At the same time, he tightened his muscles and covered his body with spiritual energy . He felt lucky that he didn’t upgrade his Spiritual Heritage, or his spiritual energy wouldn’t have been enough .

Other people wouldn’t think about that at all . Only the advanced experts above level seven could cover their body with spiritual energy, because it consumed a lot of energy . While ten or so points of spiritual energy were needed to enhance a weapon, at least thirty points were required to enshroud the body .

After his body was enshrouded by spiritual energy, Han Fei suddenly seemed to have turned into a fish . His body was no longer affected by the current, and his vision and reaction time significantly improved .


Han Fei slashed his dagger, but he was still not as fast as the Snakebelt . It opened its mouth and took a bite at his chest .

Quickly, Han Fei turned away, slashing his dagger and punching his fist at the same time .

Because his speed was better, the Snakebelt was hit, but not very badly . It was only flung half a meter away before it regained its balance .

Han Fei quickly turned around, only to see the Snakebelt coming at him again as fast as a ray of light .

Han Fei was incapable of any undersea battle techniques . He regretted that he didn’t take an iron rod just now . If he had the rod, he might be able to crush the creature easily . However, since he only had a dagger, he could only use it as a rod .

Wu… Wu…

The noise when he wielded the dagger underwater was weird . Han Fei poured his spiritual energy into the dagger and waved it crazily . Although it dealt little damage, the Snakebelt was more or less intimidated .

Then, Han Fei’s wrist hurt . As it turned out, the Snakebelt bit him on the wrist, seeing that it couldn’t win a head-on battle .

Han Fei did not know that the fish was intelligent . It was scared of Han Fei’s dagger, which was brimming with spiritual energy, so it intended to bite his hand and force him to drop the dagger .

Right when Han Fei thought that part of his flesh would be bitten off, Han Fei’s wrist suddenly glittered .

A calabash appeared out of nowhere and glowed .

As if terrified, the Snakebelt turned around, trying to flee .

Han Fei certainly wouldn’t let it go, not after he had wasted hundreds of points of spiritual energy on the creature . Immediately, he grasped the Snakebelt’s tail .

Speculating that the tail might be slippery, Han Fei then stabbed his dagger into it .

Immediately, the Snakebelt squeaked and dragged Han Fei downward crazily .

Han Fei, stunned and caught unprepared, was suddenly hauled to the bottom of the ocean . By the time he realized he should release the tail, he had descended dozens of meters . He felt the pressure of the water .

He planned to let it go and swim back up, but after a quick glance, he discovered several Snakebelts, green turtles, and even a meat tortoise in the distance . There was also an assortment of other fish that he had no time to recognize .

Not daring to loosen his hands, Han Fei descended deeper and deeper and felt more and more pressure . For reasons he didn’t know, he did not feel any lack of oxygen after fighting for such a long time and being pulled all the way to this place . His body was still functioning normally, and he felt that he could hold his breath for another twenty minutes .

However, he certainly couldn’t spend the rest of his life in the water . Seeing that he was about to reach the bottom, Han Fei gripped the dagger and clutched the Snakebelt’s wound . Exerting his strength, he immediately cut the Snakebelt into two parts . Blood gushed out .

Having no time to care about the Snakebelt, he swam as far away from it as possible .

Several minutes later, fish emerged out of nowhere and bit the Snakebelt . Han Fei watched the ferocious predator be reduced into a long fish bone in the blink of an eye .

Han Fei saw coral and swam in that direction . It was too horrible . If dozens of fish were to bite him, he would be nibbled into a skeleton even if he were a fishing master!

However, after Han Fei saw the full view of the bottom of the ocean, he was dumbfounded .

The bottom of the ocean was full of crimson coral that stretched out for thousands of meters, as well as all kinds of shells .

Clams were opening and closing, enormous mussels were sleeping, green crabs half a meter long were watching Han Fei and warily holding their pincers, and sea anemones’ long tentacles were waving in the water .

For a moment, all kinds of data was popping up before Han Fei’s eyes .

Bloody Anemone



1,888 points

Inedible; for pharmaceutical purposes .

Dissolved poisons

Ruler Coral



100 points

Inedible; for forging purposes .

Coral heart

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Han Fei was overwhelmed by the data . There were too many creatures for him to check!

In that moment, a colorful fish was absorbed by a sea anemone . Then dense tubes were stabbed into the fish’s body, turning it into bones .

Feeling creeped out, Han Fei stayed as far away from the sea anemone as possible .

He turned around, hoping to see something else . But a starfish the size of a basin spun quickly like a top and squeezed into the mud .

Han Fei even saw a clam, several meters long, whose mouth was wide open . There was a glittering pearl in it . Han Fei was sure that it was not a regular pearl, because it was glowing .

Oh… Could it be a high-quality pearl?

Han Fei observed it carefully .

Ghost Blade Clam



192 points

It tastes delicious and can increase physical qualities .

Ghost pearl, which can nurture the veins and nerves when eaten .

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Whoa! This is a real treasure!

Han Fei knew that anything that could nurture the veins and nerves was worth dozens of mid-quality pearls . Most people couldn’t afford it in their lifetime .

Han Fei looked around . The bottom of the ocean was less dangerous . While many huge fish were swimming around, none of them regarded Han Fei as an enemy . Some little fish were even wandering around Han Fei .

Tempted, Han Fei was ready to fetch the pearl .

However, a big black fish rushed closer, as if it were going to compete with him for it . Han Fei was rather angry .  It was not easy to come down here, and you’re competing with me?

But Han Fei’s complaint was soon gone . At the edge of the clam, countless sharp teeth appeared and tightened, biting the big black fish into halves frighteningly .

Han Fei couldn’t sweat right now, but his head was still dizzy .

Is this a trap? What kind of clam has teeth?

Han Fei looked at the smaller clams and the big clam and lost interest . No wonder it was named Ghost Blade Clam . Such a huge clam was indeed extraordinary .

The undersea species were too weird . He saw certain creatures that looked like nails hopping close from far away like springs .

Han Fei knew that they were nail conches that would poke nails at people when attacked . The fishermen had to be extra careful when they caught a nail conch, or they might be penetrated by the nails .

Han Fei swam like a fish . He was not scared of the corals, which were unaggressive . He could also use the corals as his shield when in danger . Of course, he had to avoid the corners that he couldn’t see clearly . God knew how many creatures were hiding there .

Han Fei only wanted to find a rod, or whatever could be used as a rod .

His first idea was to cut a coral, but he couldn’t . He only managed to chop a small piece even after he poured his spiritual energy into his dagger .

So hard?

Han Fei’s eyes glittered . He cut a long coral with his dagger . If it was made into a rod, it would be much better than an iron rod, although it still couldn’t compare to the bamboo rod .

A while later, Han Fei swam among the corals with a coral rod in his hand . He wondered how he could return to the surface of the ocean . He couldn’t hold his breath much longer .

Suddenly, Han Fei was stunned by a crimson tree that looked like a coral . Corals were in fact the dead bodies of certain insects . However, the crimson tree seemed much smoother than coral . Han Fei even saw a fruit on it .