God of Fishing - Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Attracting Jellyfish

Chapter 200 Soul-Attracting Jellyfish

There was no telling whether or not it was his illusion, but Han Fei discovered that everybody in his team had their own personalities . Luo Xiaobai was slightly cold, but she was mature, reliable, patient, and meticulous as a manipulator .

Xia Xiaochan was mysterious and smart . She hid herself the moment she saw the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish . Han Fei suspected that she intended to kill a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish on her own .

As for Zhang Xuanyu, he was not scared of these jellyfish at all .

Le Renkuang was also a madman when it came to battles .

When they were discussing, they suddenly heard an enormous clap of thunder and their head almost exploded .

Under the hit, Le Renkuang’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth were all bleeding . He stopped moving and floated in the water .

Everybody was greatly shocked . Luo Xiaobai bound a vine to Le Renkuang and stuffed him into the vine, where there was air that he could breathe .

Her face changed greatly . “Run!”

But before Luo Xiaobai ran away, she had started trembling in the water while holding his head . She lost her grace and became crazy under the soul attack .

Silently, Zhang Xuanyu began to escape with Luo Xiaobai in one hand and the vine that stored Le Renkuang in the other hand . He also asked Han Fei to run .

Han Fei had experienced mental attacks before . Back in the Thug Academy, Zhang Xuanyu had taught him a lesson . However, Zhang Xuanyu’s soul attacks could only briefly pause him and slightly sting his head . Han Fei never felt that such attacks were good until this moment .

Han Fei felt that an invisible tide was raging in his head . His head seemed to be falling apart during the moment . The pain was excruciating .

It was not until seconds later that the agony finally began to dwindle .

“Damn it… The attacks of the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish are this powerful?”

Han Fei discovered, to his surprise, that he weathered through the attacks . Before he was able to think, a hand had pulled him away .

Xia Xiaochan said half invisibly, “Huh? You can resist the spiritual attacks of the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish?” .

Han Fei was briefly stunned . “Aren’t they soul attacks?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “That means the same thing . Only those with high spiritual power can resist it . Xiaobai can deal with it as a manipulator, but the fatty can’t . I didn’t expect that you could resist it too . Are spirit gatherers talented in spiritual power too?”

Han Fei simply lied . “Have you forgotten that I practice the Million Knife Art? I’m not only controlling the knives with spiritual energy . ”

Xia Xiaochan found Han Fei’s explanation reasonable and didn’t question him further .

Everybody moved quickly, but after a while, they realized that there were a couple of Soul-Attracting Jellyfish every thousand meters . They never thought that they would see so many unusual creatures at once . Of course, they also understood why few great fishing masters ever returned from here alive .

This place was precarious for those who were not good at dealing with soul or spiritual attacks .

Luo Xiaobai came back to herself . “Stop . Let’s find an empty place . Zhang Xuanyu will stand before me while I pull one of them to us . ”

Xia Xiaochan said, “I’ll kill one on my own, while you pull it . Then we’ll kill the last of the jellyfish together . ”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Are you sure you can deal with it, Xiaochan?” Xia Xiaochan waved her dagger and said, “Of course . It can’t find me before I attack it, and it won’t stand a chance anymore after I attack it . ”

Han Fei said, “Xiaochan, it’s time to use the Supreme Stab . After all, those Soul-Attracting Jellyfish are all above level thirty . ”

Xia Xiaochan nodded and suddenly disappeared .

Holding back her discomfort, Luo Xiaobai unleashed her vines towards a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish . In the meantime, Zhang Xuanyu and Han Fei stopped before her to protect her .

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Han Fei, are you sure you can do this?”

Han Fei glanced at him . “A real man is always ready . ”

The Soul-Attracting Jellyfish were not very fast . Or rather, most jellyfish were all very slow . It was easy to catch them .

However, the moment the jellyfish was caught, everybody sensed a spiritual blast . Zhang Xuanyu’s face suddenly turned red as he summoned the Bloodthirsty Shark and blew out a spiritual wave .


The invisible powers collided, and water was surging within a hundred meters . Zhang Xuanyu’s face was pale, but he had weathered through the jellyfish’s attack .

Seeing that the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish’s first attack was over, Han Fei immediately summoned dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The daggers penetrated through the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish in the blink of an eye, but to Han Fei’s surprise, the jellyfish was absolutely fine despite all the wounds on it . It was like a jelly with many tiny holes, but the jelly was still intact .

“Humph! I don’t believe it… You can block a couple of attacks, but can you block hundreds of attacks? Break now!”

While Zhang Xuanyu and Luo Xiaobai watched him in surprise, Han Fei performed the Million Knife Art that he wasn’t familiar with for the first time . Though he hadn’t fully grasped it yet, it was still rather terrifying when a dozen daggers cut the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish crazily .


The spiritual attacks came again, and Zhang Xuanyu took action again coldly .



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After attacking a couple of times, Zhang Xuanyu vomited blood . He had run out of his spiritual energy and was in need of a rest . He hurried to speak to Han Fei, “Kill it and wake up Le Renkuang first . His Thousand Blade Slash will be handy . ”

Han Fei nodded . This Soul-Attracting Jellyfish was too heavily wounded to be contracted by Zhang Xuanyu . Besides, the situation was still dangerous, and Le Renkuang could help with his range attacks after he woke up .

Since this Soul-Attracting Jellyfish was dying, Han Fei simply charged at it fearlessly and tore it apart, taking out the Soul Resistance Pearl in the jellyfish .

Han Fei threw the pearl to Zhang Xuanyu and said, “I’ll go check Xia Xiaochan . ”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Be careful . ”

Zhang Xuanyu was exhausted and needed a rest . He didn’t stop Han Fei either .

Han Fei swam a thousand meters away, before he summoned Little White and Little Black .

He pointed at a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish not far away and said, “Little Black, bite through it and get me the pearl inside . ”

Little Black darted out, but when it saw the enormous jellyfish, it wondered whether or not its master had overestimated the capacity of its stomach .

Little Black’s body size increased multiple times . Then it opened its mouth and bit the jellyfish .

Then, Han Fei saw an amazing thing . A large piece of the supposedly powerful Soul-Attracting Jellyfish was bitten off like jelly .

Because Little Black was in stealth mode, the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish did not where the enemy was at all and could only attack randomly . As a result, the water nearby was surging

In no more than ten breaths, Little Black returned with the Soul Resistance Pearl and affectionately rubbed Han Fei’s arm .

Han Fei took the Soul Resistance Pearl and simply swallowed it .

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This Soul-Attracting Jellyfish was probably the most tragic one in history . It didn’t understand what was going on at all when Little Black devoured it like jelly .

Seizing the chance, Han Fei swam forward and gathered another two Soul Resistance Pearls soon .

At this point, Little Black was mauling another Soul-Attracting Jellyfish, when Han Fei shouted, “Little Black, don’t kill it, just cripple it . I have other purposes for this jellyfish . ”

When the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish was half dead, Han Fei reached it unhurriedly and smiled at the creature that had just been tortured by its natural enemy .

Immediately, the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish launched a spiritual attack on Han Fei, but Han Fei sensed nothing special except slight discomfort and a minor headache . He couldn’t help but feel that the Soul Resistance Pearls were really good stuff . He wondered if he could be stronger if he had a few more of them . Then, Han Fei took out another Soul Resistance Pearl and put it in his mouth . The cool pearl was quickly digested by the spiritual energy in his body .

When the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish attacked him again, Han Fei felt nothing except a quiver .

Han Fei’s eyes glowed . “This works . Two pearls are enough for me to resist the spiritual attacks of the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish . They’re totally worth it!”

The Soul-Attracting Jellyfish was rather stunned . If it could speak, it would’ve cursed Han Fei loudly for cheating .

“Come here!”

A calabash appeared in Han Fei’s hand and he absorbed the half dead Soul-Attracting Jellyfish, sending it to the company of the Dragon Eel and other creatures in the calabash .