God of Fishing - Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: Han Fei the Deceiver

Chapter 205 Han Fei the Deceiver

Everybody circled the Stone Spirit Turtle and found nothing except the turtle .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Han Fei knocked the turtle shell noisily . Immediately, Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu ran dozens of meters away, Xia Xiaochan went stealthy, and Luo Xiaobai backed off quickly . Zhang Xuanyu asked in shock, “Han Fei, are you crazy? What if it’s woken up?” .

Le Renkuang complained, “Han Fei, stop knocking! We can study it further . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . “You can still study it . Look, it must’ve slept for hundreds of years . Use your senses . It’s inhaling and exhaling spiritual energy even though it’s sleeping . ”

As he spoke, Han Fei kept knocking as he was studying the origin of the weird rocks on the turtle . He wondered if he could knock the rocks off and build them into weapons because the rocks seemed hard .

Clang, Clang, Clang…

Han Fei knocked off a rock . It felt heavy . He didn’t know what it was exactly, but he simply threw it into Forge the Universe . Then, Han Fei ran to the turtle neck where there was a smaller stone that seemed to be better than those on its shell .

Right when Han Fei was about to knock the stone off, a head slowly craned out of the shell . “Human being, you’re disturbing my sleep . ” “Shoot…”

Han Fei jumped back in fright, not expecting that the turtle could talk .

Not just Han Fei, his teammates also trembled and stepped back even further .

Luo Xiaobai’s face changed greatly . “Han Fei, come back . It’s… It’s possibly a divine turtle!”

Xia Xiaochan, on the other hand, gazed at the turtle with great curiosity .

Han Fei stuttered, “Cough, cough… Well, Hi!”

The Stone Spirit Turtle had completely stretched its head out . It said lethargically, “Human beings, go away now . I need to sleep . ”

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Everyone: “…”



Zhang Xuanyu remarked, “This turtle seems tired . ”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Well, Mr . Turtle, why are you staying in this place?”

Han Fei had seen a Hexagon Starfish before, so he regained his calmness after the initial panic . Since the Stone Spirit Turtle was lazy in nature, Han Fei thought that they were probably like the Stone Spirit Crabs which pretended to be stones near the wall . The Stone Spirit Turtle said slowly, “I’m in this place to sleep, of course . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . “Mr . Turtle, you can sleep wherever you want . Why do you sleep in this particular place?”

The Stone Spirit Turtle said lazily, “Why would I know? I had been sleeping and when I woke up, I was already here . But it doesn’t matter, since any place is just a place of rest for me . ”

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei carefully leaned closer to the turtle head . “Mr . Turtle, do you know what this place is? We just ran into another Mr . Turtle on the other side, but it wasn’t very friendly and kept shooting arrows at us . ”

The Stone Spirit Turtle looked at Han Fei and said, “Oh! That turtle keeps disturbing my sleep, but I’m too lazy to deal with it . ” Han Fei felt that he couldn’t hold on anymore . He didn’t know what to say about the turtle that had slept for a thousand years . Han Fei said, “Mr . Turtle, here’s the situation: we’ve lost our way . Do you know how to get out of here?”

The Stone Spirit Turtle slowly moved its head back . “I don’t know . I don’t want to go out, either . When are you leaving? I need to go back to sleep . ”

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Han Fei said, “Let’s not rush into anything . You’ve slept for hundreds of years, and it wouldn’t be bad to stretch out your arms now and then, would it? Chances are that you can make a breakthrough!”

The Stone Spirit Turtle was retreating its head while it said slowly, “A breakthrough? Don’t they come naturally when you’re sleeping?”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei found it impossible to continue the conversation anymore . Natural breakthroughs? You’re only level 39 after a thousand years of sleep . Isn’t that embarrassing?

Han Fei tried to be patient . “Mr . Turtle, can you tell me what the circle below us is? Let me tell you, someone has sealed you, and you can break the seal if you move a little bit . Then, you can sleep in a more comfortable place, say, a beautiful coral reef, where you can see colorful corals when you wake up and enjoy little fish when you’re hungry? Wouldn’t your life be much better over there?”

The Stone Spirit Turtle stopped retreating its neck . It glanced at Han Fei and said, “It’s tempting, but I don’t want to move . Can you move the corals to me?”

Han Fei was covered in sweat, and so were his teammates . This turtle wanted someone to move corals to him? Nice dream!

Seeing that he was getting somewhere, Han Fei pursued further, “Mr . Turtle, just think about it! All you need to do is to move a little bit to break the seal, and we’ll immediately lead you to the coral reef . Actually, there are coral reefs only several thousand meters away . It’s as beautiful as a fairyland . I saw a lot of turtles sleeping there . ”

The Stone Spirit Turtle asked suspiciously, “Really?”

Han Fei patted his chest . “Of course! We won’t take the arrow shooter next door because it will only disturb your sleep . ”

Zhang Xuanyu didn’t know what to say . Anybody with the slightest wisdom wouldn’t believe that many turtles were sleeping in the coral reefs, but this Stone Spirit Turtle seemed to have bought it .

The Stone Spirit Turtle said, “Then should I move a little bit?”

Han Fei was excited . “Of course! You can crawl out of the circle here first . ”

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The Stone Spirit Turtle said, “In that case, get out of the way . ”

Han Fei hurried to run dozens of meters away . He said hopefully, “Mr . Turtle, the corals are waiting for you . You can eat fish and shrimp whenever you open your mouth over there . It’s possible that you would run into other female turtles… How wonderful does that sound?”

Zhang Xuanyu looked at the stone walls, Le Renkuang was busy with the weapon box, Luo Xiaobai slightly blushed, and Xia Xiaochan glared at Han Fei for his nonsense .

The Stone Spirit Turtle’s magnificent body moved . The moment it raised its limbs, the water surged, and the circle on the ground glittered .


The earth was shaking after the Stone Spirit Turtle made its first step, and the stone walls behind everybody started moving .

An invisible shield appeared and blocked the Stone Spirit Turtle’s way after it made the second step .


The Stone Spirit Turtle moved forward again, and the shield of spiritual energy began to quiver .

Han Fei was rather amazed by the circle and wondered if a spirit gatherer could learn it .

Though shocked, Han Fei cheered for the turtle . “Mr . Turtle, we’re only one step away from victory . Keep it up! We’re here for you!”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The whole Stone Forest was shaking, but Han Fei was excited because a major event had been triggered . If the Stone Spirit Turtle could make it out, would he find the treasure in the Stone Forest?

Suddenly, the Stone Spirit Turtle lay down and said tiredly, “I can’t walk out . Forget it . I’m not moving . ”

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei was stunned . “Don’t! Mr . Turtle, the victory is only half a meter away from you! Let us not give up!”

The Stone Spirit Turtle said slowly, “I remember it now . A rod stabbed into this place a long time ago . You can’t get out until you pluck the rod . I don’t want to move . I’m too tired . ”

Han Fei was interested . “A rod? What rod? Where is it?”

The Stone Spirit Turtle said, “I don’t know, but I think it’s been partly exposed because of my collision just now . You go for it! Come back and take me to the coral reef after you find it . ”

Han Fei promised, “Not a problem . You can count on me . Little White, Little White, look for a rod . It’s definitely at a place where spiritual energy is most condensed . ”

Luo Xiaobai looked gloomily . Hadn’t they agreed to call it Little Little White? Why was he calling it Little White again?

But Han Fei was too excited to care about that now . If this rod had been suppressing two powerful turtles, it was definitely an invaluable rod, and it had to be the treasure in the Stone Forest .

When Han Fei looked back, he found that the stone walls had been rearranged into straight lines .

Han Fei was stunned . “When did that happen?”

Other people were confused too . They were too focused on Han Fei’s deception just now to notice the change . It probably happened when the Stone Spirit Turtle crashed against the seal!