God of Fishing - Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: Mr. Turtle Is Flying?

Chapter 209 Mr . Turtle Is Flying?

Han Fei did find a nest for the Stone Spirit Turtle in a cave of coral . He had planned to fool the Stone Spirit Turtle into going to the Fire Cloud Cave . After all, that place was much remote, and nobody would disturb the turtle in the next thousand years .

However, the Stone Spirit Turtle stopped swimming and descended the moment it heard that the place was thousands of kilometers away . In the end, Han Fei finally managed to lead the turtle to the coral reefs .

In the cave, Han Fei asked, “Mr . Turtle, do you really not want to reconsider? It’s only ten thousand kilometers away . It won’t be good if you’re caught and end up as a contractual spiritual beast when you rest in here . ”

The Stone Spirit Turtle, however, simply crouched and attracted the coral, stones, and seaweeds nearby to itself . Very soon, the turtle turned into a huge coral reef . The Stone Spirit Turtle said, “Human being, you can go now! I have to sleep . ” Han Fei was lost for words . What an ungrateful turtle . Does our friendship mean nothing to you?

Zhang Xuanyu patted Han Fei’s shoulder and said, “Han Fei, let’s go! It probably won’t even remember you after it wakes up again . ”

Xia Xiaochan remarked, “If only all the creatures in the ocean were as lazy as that turtle . In that case, we could catch them easily . ”

Wenren Yu didn’t know how to comment on that . “Nice dream! The ocean is a place where the strong prey on the weak . The Stone Spirit Turtle is only an exception . ”

Everybody returned to the surface of the ocean, which was now being savaged by storms and tides . But even so, Han Fei saw that plenty of boats were sailing to the Stone Forest . Le Renkuang sighed . “Fools! I wonder what they will feel when they learn that we ran into a Rock Holding Turtle . ”

Now that the Rock Holding Turtle was mentioned, Wenren Yu suddenly asked, “What did you see on the tablet? The Rock Holding Turtle said that it was a gift . Did you get it?” Luo Xiaobai said excitedly, “I saw an enormous tree at the center of the ocean . It’s more than a million meters tall and covers hundreds of thousands of square kilometers .


Everybody was stunned . How could a tree be so big?

Han Fei raised his eyebrow as his vision was different from hers . He saw someone hitting tides with a rod, but Xiaobai saw a tree? Xia Xiaochan said, “I saw a fish thousands of feet long . It was cruising among the clouds lonesomely . ”

Wenren Yu furrowed her eyebrow . Was that the gift? I believe what Luo Xiaobai and Xia Xiaochan say, although it sounds rather surreal… How could a tree rise into the sky, and how could a fish be thousands of feet long?


Le Renkuang looked at Xia Xiaochan in shock . “Really? But what I saw was a sword move . I can’t describe it . It’s just a sword floating before my eyes . That’s all . ”


Zhang Xuanyu gazed at everyone . “I didn’t see any of those things . I was washed over by tides in an ocean again and again, and I almost had a meltdown . ”

Le Renkuang snorted . “Then you’re really poor . At the very least, the sword I saw didn’t attack me . ”

Everybody looked at Han Fei, and Han Fei scratched his head . “I saw a man piercing through a tsunami with a rod . ”

Han Fei felt that the picture was indescribable . It was not a simple stab . When the rod hit the tides and left a hollow in it, he was really amazed, but he couldn’t quite describe it .

But of course, Han Fei decided to keep the God Scaring Painting to himself . After all, the Rock Holding Turtle had always been a legend, and nobody could’ve seen this painting .

Wenren Yu grew suspicious about their description, wondering if they were only bragging and they had exaggerated the stuff that they had seen .

She said solemnly, “Whatever you’ve obtained from the Rock Holding Turtle, just keep it to yourself, or other people may try to take it from you . I’m sure you understand that . ”

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Got it, Master . ”

Wenren Yu said, “Spiritual energy was gathered here when the Rock Holding Turtle emerged . Everybody believes that unusual treasures have emerged . You’ll stay here until Xiaobai and Le Renkuang grasp their spiritual senses . ”

Everybody accepted the task .

Wenren Yu left . She hated the trouble-making students most .

After Wenren Yu left, the rest of them looked at each other .

Le Renkuang asked, “Well, should we start practicing?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “We can communicate with one another somewhere else . This place is too stormy . ”

Three days had passed .

None of the treasure hunters got what they aimed for, but they did find something . The courageous ones among them found that the Stone Forest was gone when they dove into the ocean .

Everybody was shocked to know that . Instead of telling this to the public, they all searched for treasures in the debris of the Stone Forest .

In the end, some captured a few Stone Spirit Crabs, some dug a few stones, and some picked up ragged weapons from the remains . After all, no matter how ragged the weapons were, they could still be sold for money since they were from the Stone Forest .

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As the incident was leaked out, all kinds of rumors were spreading . So, most great fishing masters in the Blue Sea Town were attracted . Hundreds of thousands of people were gathered in the level-two fishery .

At this point, Han Fei and his team were having hotpot on the deck, when Luo Xiaobai said, “I think I’m making progress, but I may need my vines . I regarded my hook as my vine, and I vaguely sensed something near the hook, but it was still fuzzy . ”

Xia Xiaochan was confused . “You can control the seaweed, can’t you? That’s vision too . ”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head . “That’s different . I can control the seaweed within a thousand meters, but not those a thousand kilometers away . ”

Han Fei suggested, “What about binding a part of your vines to your hook? Can you sense the hook by doing that?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head again . “Yes and no . I can’t sense anything if it’s too far away . So, it’s about fishing all over again . ”

Le Renkuang was eager to pick up spiritual senses, but Le Renkuang wasn’t . His mouth full of meat, he murmured, “I vaguely saw something too, but I didn’t practice . When I fished, I remembered the sword I saw on the tablet, and then I detected the things near the hook . ”


Everybody looked at Le Renkuang . They had found their visions to be useless .

They thought that the amazing lives they saw did exist in the boundless ocean and that they just happened to see those lives .

Le Renkuang bit a part of the squid fish off and said, “I kept thinking about that sword, and then controlling the fishing pole became easy for me . Sometimes, I felt that casting the hook was like casting the sword… Why don’t you try casting a tree?”

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Zhang Xuanyu was lost for words . “Yours was a sword, but Xiaobai saw a gigantic tree . You really think it’s something you can throw?”

Han Fei pulled Zhang Xuanyu back . “Hey, even if you can’t throw it, you can still think about it . Didn’t you hear that he could sense the things near the hook just by thinking about the sword?” Luo Xiaobai’s eyes glittered . That’s right . Was what she saw on the tablet meaningless? If it was, would it really count as a gift?

In fact, not just Le Renkuang, Han Fei had been thinking about the astonishing stab and the God Scaring Painting during his fishing too . He did feel that he was particularly energetic when he thought about those things .

At this point, Han Fei saw six boats flying in the sky dragging a huge turtle behind them .

The meat in Le Renkuang’s mouth dropped off . He asked in shock, “Isn’t that… Mr . Turtle?”

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes bulged . “It really is . Was Mr . Turtle found?”

Xia Xiaochan said anxiously, “That’s outrageous! Mr . Turtle was only sleeping . Those people can’t let go of an old turtle?”

Han Fei declared angrily, “Damn it! We can’t let them take Mr . Turtle away, or Mr . Turtle will definitely be killed! Let’s ascend and chase them!”