God of Fishing - Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Great Plate Octopus

Chapter 216 Great Plate Octopus

Han Fei didn’t know if there were rainforests in this world, but the woods like the Deep-Sea Jungle were the main source of oxygen here .

When there was more oxygen, the body size of creatures tended to go bigger . Han Fei had found that the creatures here were multiple times bigger and stronger than their counterparts in other places .

At this point, the situation was obvious . Tremendous amounts of seaweeds were floating along the current like a green undersea carpet, but the carpet was a dangerous one . Apart from anything else, the hundreds of sea urchins on the carpet were terrifying enough .

An explosion burst out a thousand meters away . Everybody saw a ball being shot at them by something . It turned out to be a Dragon-Head Fish a couple of meters long, and it was chasing the ball with its sharp teeth .

Zhang Xuanyu asked in amazement, “Isn’t this place very dangerous? Why is this Dragon-Head Fish playing with a ball?”

However, Han Fei saw the data of the ball, which was not a real ball .

Great Plate Octopus

This is a rare squid in the undersea jungles . It’s highly intelligent, and it’s eyes can help with the training of Pupil Spells .



581 Points

It can increase one’s health if it’s eaten over a long period of time .

Squid Eyes

When it was closer, everybody noticed that the ball was actually made of a bunch of shells, and that outside of the shells were plenty of sucking discs .

Zhang Xuanyu’s face slightly changed . “An octopus?”

The other people’s faces slightly changed too, but Han Fei was quite excited, as he had never seen an octopus before .

Luo Xiaobai pulled Han Fei back and said, “Don’t get close! The octopus will claim to have much more strength than squids . They’re rare in level-one and level-two fisheries . Because they are too strong, an operation is conducted to hunt them every hundred years . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “They’re hunted regularly?”

As Han Fei recalled, the octopus was a smart but timid creature . Had it also become a strong creature in this place?

As they talked, Han Fei saw that the Dragon-Head Fish bit one corner of the ball and spun it hard, which was a regular way of hunting to tear apart their prey .

However, the prey of the Dragon-Head Fish was in a ball this time, and it could also spin . While the ball was spinning, two tentacles suddenly stretched out and stabbed into the Dragon-Head Fish’s gills, before they pressed into its head .

Everybody was chilled by what they saw .

Wenren Yu said casually, “The octopus was only hunting with itself as the bait . It may seem small, but it can easily tear this Dragon-Head Fish into halves . ” Hardly had Wenren Yu finished when the ball was opened and all the shells dispersed, revealing the real appearance of the octopus that was almost four meters long . While escaping with the Dragon-Head Fish, it peeped at Han Fei .

The Great Plate Octopus seemed to have sensed danger . During its escape, its body color changed from red to green while it disappeared into the seaweed with the Dragon-Head Fish .

Xia Xiaochan remarked, “This octopus seems smart!”

Le Renkuang nodded . “It noticed us a long time ago and has been observing them . If a lot of them are gathered, they can be much trickier than squid and cuttlefish . ” Luo Xiaobai said, “Let’s go! This is just a common place in the jungle . We should press on . ”

Everybody agreed with her, and Wenren Yu slightly shook her head . Those kids are as bold as her and her friends back in the day . She and her friends also explored many dangerous lands, until…

The seaweeds floated with the rhythm of the current, and Han Fei swam forward dozens of meters above them . Occasionally, the sea urchins would shoot their thorns at the intruders, but they all reacted fast enough and avoided the thorns easily .

Very soon, everybody saw bamboo wood .

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Yes, it was bamboo wood at the bottom of the ocean . From the bamboo poles almost a hundred meters tall, leaves were falling now and then .

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes bulged . “Is that… Bamboo? So much bamboo?”

He Xiaoyu was rather shocked too, as they were the bamboo rods that He Xiaoyu used at the beginning . He had thought that bamboo was rare in the ocean, but there was too much to be counted here .

Luo Xiaobai unleashed her vines to the bamboo, but then many long insects that were melded with the bamboo attacked the vines .


They live with bamboo and feed on fish . When they’re dead, they will become bamboo seeds .



404 Points

Can be refined into pills and enhance the body . None

Everybody came to a stop, and Luo Xiaobai said, “There are too many bugs here . We need to figure something out!” Han Fei said, “Wait a minute . ”

Everybody looked at him, and Han Fei simply took out his fishing pole, cast the hook, and pulled back one of the bamboo shoots .

Everyone: “???”

Han Fei continued casting the hook . “What are you waiting for? Natural sea bamboo shoots are a delicious food that you can’t get on the floating island . ”

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Everyone: “…”

Le Renkuang immediately cast his hook and said, “Han Fei, you’re my idol . Why can you think of food when you see anything when I can’t?”

Han Fei snorted . “Do you know what’s most important for ocean creatures?”

Le Renkuang shook his head .


Han Fei put on a smile . “All ocean creatures are busy getting food every day, so most of them are edible except the poisonous ones, although you should carefully consider how to eat them . ”

Xia Xiaochan remarked, “Han Fei, you definitely should be a fatty . ”

Zhang Xuanyu agreed with her . “That’s right . You’re much better at this than Le Renkuang . I don’t know why you’re getting slimmer . ”

Han Fei grumbled . “Nobody should refuse delicious food . I only appreciate delicious foods, but I’m not a glutton . Of course I won’t grow fat . ”

Considering that they counted on Han Fei for their food in the following month, everybody began to fish for the sea bamboo shoots and didn’t stop until they obtained a thousand kilograms .

Passing through the bamboo woods, Han Fei’s team had to cross a place of rocks that were covered by seaweed . They were about to go through, when an enormous whip slapped them .

Luo Xiaobai’s face changed . “We’ve been ambushed . ”

Her vines slapped the whip quickly . Then, everybody finally saw that it was a huge tentacle more than ten meters long .

At the same time, tentacles were whipping them from all directions .

Luo Xiaobai said, “It’s an octopus . ”

Without Luo Xiaobai saying it, everybody had seen an octopus dozens of meters long right next to a rock in the same color as the rock .

Han Fei said excitedly, “Fatty, go easy on it and don’t break it . We can cook it later after you kill it . ”

Le Renkuang was lost for words after he released his weapons . This octopus was truly unlucky to have run into Han Fei, and its only ending would be in a pot .

However, the tentacles of the octopus were filled with spiritual energy and slapped away Le Renkuang’s blades .

Luo Xiaobai said, “It’s above level thirty . Let’s work together . Blue…”

Dozens of vines erupted from the bottom of the ocean and blocked the tentacles, but the tentacles were much swifter than the vines . They simply bypassed the vines and attacked Han Fei with the creepy sucking discs .

It was Han Fei’s turn to take action . He cut the tentacles with multiple Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, freezing the tentacles . Then, Xia Xiaochan flashed and appeared next to the octopus’s head, giving it quite a shock . She stabbed her dagger into its head before it realized what was going on . However, the octopus was not to be killed so easily, because it had three hearts and nine brains . For that, it was even suspected to be an alien creature .

Immediately, many tentacles tried to strangle Xia Xiaochan, but Xia Xiaochan simply flashed away and left her Red Fire Tricky Lobster behind .

It was the only fire-natured contractual spiritual beast . After it crawled into the head of the Great Plate Octopus, everybody saw that the head of the octopus was reddening . Its brains had probably been burnt up .

Han Fei said in a hurry, “Hey! Wait! How can we eat it if you burn it up?”

Xia Xiaochan: “…”

Wenren Yu had been observing them in silence . This Great Plate Octopus was truly unfortunate to run into those guys . It could’ve killed a regular great fishing master if it hadn’t run into Han Fei’s team .

Han Fei suddenly looked at Wenren Yu . “Master, is there still room in your Sea Swallowing Seashell?”