God of Fishing - Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Domain of the Sandworms

Chapter 217 Domain of the Sandworms

Wenren Yu suddenly realized that she had turned into a carrier . Yes, the Great Plate Octopus, the sea urchin, the Red Mouth Fish, the shrimp and the sea stars that Han Fei’s team killed on the way had all been given to her to carry . Han Fei said, “Has it occurred to you that this place is not as dangerous as we anticipated although many creatures are hiding here?”

Zhang Xuanyu was suspicious . “I think there’s more to this place than what’s known as the second most dangerous place . ”

Xia Xiaochan said, “It’s actually very dangerous as it is . A regular great fishing master couldn’t have survived half an hour here . ”

Le Renkuang said, “I think this is the fourth most dangerous place, behind the Piercing Electricity Zone . This is beautiful and does not contain many dangers . ”


Alarmed, everybody stomped and swam up . Then, they saw a creature with claws all over its body like a centipede crawling past where they had been . It was more than ten meters long, but it disappeared into the sand in the blink of an eye .

Xia Xiaochan’s face was pale . “Disgusting . I’ve never seen such a huge Hard-Armored Sandworm before . ”

Han Fei blinked his eyes . That was a sandworm? But why did it have a blue glittering shell and such long legs?

Remembering something else, Han Fei asked, “Do the sandworms here live alone?”

Everybody had cold sweat after hearing that . That’s right! Could that be the only sandworm in here?

Hardly had Han Fei finished when the bottom of the ocean was shaking and many big sandworms were breaking out of the sand .

When they opened their mouths, it almost seemed that their head was blossoming, and they were trying to swallow Han Fei and his companions .


“Torrents of Knives and Swords . ”


Han Fei waved his hands, establishing walls of water, while Le Renkuang minced a sandworm to pieces with his Torrents of Knives and Swords .

However, the sandworms far away spurted out something glittering and easily broke through the walls that Han Fei set up .

The attack was aimed at Zhang Xuanyu, and Zhang Xuanyu slashed his rod out to shatter the item . Then, everybody found that the glittering item turned out to be a tooth . Zhang Xuanyu’s face slightly changed . “The attack with the tooth was very powerful . I think it’s stronger than the power of a junior great fishing master . ”

Everybody was rather surprised . A random bug was already stronger than a junior great fishing master?

Han Fei shouted, “Let’s just get the hell out of here then before they catch up! We can’t eat them anyway . ”

However, they were already surrounded by glitter at this point . Thousands of sandworms had emerged from the sand and stretched all the way to the horizon .

Han Fei’s face changed greatly . “Let’s all take action… Attach!”

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp unleashed its tails, and Han Fei darted out ten Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . Adding a spiritual energy protective cover to himself, Han Fei ran out first .

Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai followed him . The two girls were not as sturdy as Han Fei and Le Renkuang, so they stayed in the middle . Zhang Xuanyu was the most unlucky one . He attacked with the Seven-Layered Waves in Furious Sea but only blew up two sandworms while his spiritual energy protective cover was broken three times by the glittering fangs of the sandworms .

Zhang Xuanyu was lost for words . “Han Fei, spiritual energy . ”

Han Fei had been leading the way while transmitting spiritual energy to everybody with the Spirit Concentration Art .

Han Fei yelled at him, “You think you can eliminate all of them? I’ll lead the way, and Le Renkuang will cover your back . You run with your Gold Water Silkworm . ”

Luo Xiaobai was surrounded by vines like a walking flower, and she managed to defend herself . Xia Xiaochan was agile and stealthy too . However, Zhang Xuanyu couldn’t hide himself, and his rod techniques couldn’t clear the sandworms effectively .

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Han Fei and Le Renkuang were the easiest off . They were both enveloped by daggers and swords . On Le Renkuang’s side, all the weapons in his box had been unleashed, and he was like a walking mincer . All the sandworms that came at him were killed .

Wenren Yu followed them at a high speed . She dashed from one sandworm to another quickly, unconcerned about the venomous fangs darting at her because none of them could reach her .

But Wenren Yu was rather surprised at her student’s teamwork . Luo Xiaobai even had the time to help Zhang Xuanyu resist the attacks . The five of them moved in a straight line and left nothing but broken bodies behind them .

But their outburst required plenty of spiritual energy . As a result, most of them ran out of their spiritual energy except Han Fei only one moment later . Han Fei could only transmit spiritual energy to them, but as a result, they were all slowed down, and more sandworms were catching up to them .

Stepping on the Spirit Gathering Array, Han Fei fully carried out the Water Control Technique, which was not enough to block all the fangs but did buy everybody some time .

Luo Xiaobai said, “No, this is still too slow . We need to consider a different approach . ”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Let’s use fishing poles . Han Fei, since you have the best spiritual vision, you’ll cast the hook and leave . I’ll cling to you, and Xiaobai will cling to me . ”

Han Fei said, “I don’t like the sound of that . ”

Le Renkuang said anxiously, “Let’s go! There are too many sandworms here!”

Han Fei nodded . A fishing pole couldn’t be handier in this situation . Han Fei simply cast his hook and bypassed the sandworms ahead of him like a wandering snake .

His teammates took out their poles and clang to each other like Xia Xiaochan said . Then, as Han Fei exerted his strength, they dashed forward at an extraordinary speed as if they were taking an undersea roller coaster, leaving nothing but a mess of blood and pieces in their path . Wenren Yu smiled behind them . She found that Xia Xiaochan was the most responsive one who figured out the usage of the fishing pole first . Han Fei was better at the comprehensive usage of spiritual energy than other people were . Le Renkuang’s attacks were very effective in a group fight . Luo Xiaobai had remarkable performance in every aspect . Zhang Xuanyu was good in solo battles but not as excellent in a group fight . He needed a ranged battle technique .

A moment later, after Han Fei’s team finally escaped from the range of sandworms, they all breathed hard biting the vines .

Zhang Xuanyu said, “I told you that the second most dangerous place deserved its name! We can hide from the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish in the Piercing Electricity Zone, but there’s no way to dodge the sandworms here . Common great fishing masters couldn’t have survived at


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all . ”

Luo Xiaobai agreed with him, “Our life would’ve been at risk if we didn’t have an armorist and a spirit gatherer . This is truly a perilous place . ”

Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on everybody and asked, “How far have we swum just now?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “More than a hundred kilometers . ”

Han Fei nodded . One third of the Deep-Sea Jungle had been occupied by the sandworms . This place was truly dangerous .

Han Fei said, “Let’s take a rest until our spiritual energy is recovered . ”

Luo Xiaobai frowned . “Where are the sea willows?”

Han Fei said in embarrassment, “I think they’re on the other side . ”

Han Fei didn’t see it coming either . He had only dove from here because there was fewer seaweed . Little did he know that he would meet a bunch of sandworms instead of sea willows .

As they talked, Zhang Xuanyu suddenly asked, “Have you realized that there is fewer seaweed and algae here?”

Han Fei noticed that too . He said, “Something must be wrong with this place . Let’s try to swim higher when we leave . ”

Everybody nodded . They had come here to look for treasures, but they found creatures that they never saw in other places instead of any treasure .

Le Renkuang said, “I want to eat hotpot . ”

Everyone: “???”

They were all lost for words . How could you be thinking about hotpot at a moment like this?

Le Renkuang patted his belly and said, “I can easily tell that there are no treasures here . I don’t think we can see another Rock Holding Turtle here, can we? Or do you think the sandworms are treasures?”

Han Fei grinned, “You may find it hard to believe, but if you can eliminate all the sandworms, you would definitely be able to find spiritual fruits in their nest . ”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Forget it! I would rather not have the fruits . If we go to the nest of the sandworms, we may never be able to return . ”

Han Fei shrugged as he agreed with her .

As they talked, they saw that smoke was spreading out a thousand meters away . They didn’t pay much attention to it at the beginning, but then the water got dirtier and dirtier, making them wary .

Luo Xiaobai’s face slightly changed . “Watch out . Be prepared for battle . ”