God of Fishing - Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: The Plate Rays and Spider Crabs

Chapter 218 The Plate Rays and Spider Crabs

Something was happening while they were taking a rest . Everybody couldn’t help but smile bitterly . Really? Again?

Han Fei said, “Wait, it’s not right . The smoke only covers dozens of square meters . It can’t be caused by sandworms . ” Xia Xiaochan waved her fishing pole and darted the hook over . “Whatever it is, we can take a look at it . ”

It was much more convenient for them to observe remotely now that they had all picked up spiritual senses .

Xia Xiaochan suddenly asked weirdly, “It’s a fish that looks like a pot cover . What’s that?”

Picturing a pot cover in his head, Han Fei asked, “Is it a ray?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Huh? A ray? How can there be rays in a level-two fishery?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “There are lots of spider crabs besides the pot cover…”

Zhang Xuanyu was relieved . “They’re easier to deal with than the sandworms are . Chances are that we can get some Blood Spider silk and sell it in the town . Blood Spider silk isn’t cheap . ”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Why don’t you take a look yourself?”

Confused, Zhang Xuanyu threw his fishing pole, only to be shocked . He shook his head quickly . “Forget it . I think we’re making enough money with the Fish Dragon Hot Pot Restaurants . We don’t have to sell Blood Spider Silk!”

Han Fei asked, “So, where should we go now?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Where else? Up, of course!” Everybody swam upward, but they found a layer of spotted algae after only fifty meters . On the spotted algae were little bugs that looked like long sticks .

Luo Xiaobai’s face changed greatly . “Not good . Spirit Devouring Bugs . Let’s retreat…”

Han Fei looked awful when he saw the data of the tiny Spirit Devouring Bugs .

Spirit Devouring Bug

This is a low-level spiritual bug that lives on spotted algae . When it’s touched, it will melt and nest in the human body .



15 Points


Han Fei’s blood was almost freezing . The bug was not of a high level, but it could melt and nest inside the body of a human . He found it creepy . Earlier, Han Fei had seen reports on a spider that laid eggs on a human and turned the human into a spider nest . He still remembered the horror . Le Renkuang was the fastest . While running, he said, “I would rather fight the spider crabs than to get close to these things . ”

So, everybody went back as fast as they had gone up .

But their situation wasn’t any better after they retreated .

Le Renkuang was twenty meters away from the bottom of the ocean . Below him were spider crabs which were so dense that their legs almost formed a ladder .

In places where the spider crabs were fewer, some rays were indeed poking through . They were no regular rays, but rays more than ten meters long with their tails .

Han Fei glanced at them .

Plate Ray

This creature has a highly-attractive mouth . It likes to prey on spider crabs . It’s territorial and has a venomous thorn in its tail .



808 Points

Tail thorn

Han Fei said in a hurry, “Don’t be stung by the rays’ tails . They’re lethal . ”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Who cares about the rays? Just look at the spider crabs . Why are there so many of them here?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Some of the spider crabs are soft . Look, the rays can eat half of them after a single bite . ” Luo Xiaobai explained, “Those spider crabs are only molting . The spider crabs have to molt in order to grow bigger . It’s said that they will molt nine times in their lifetime, and they will be stronger after each molting . However, they’re weakest when they’ve just molted . Let’s go past them while their new shells are not hardened yet . ”

Han Fei was slightly surprised . He knew a thing or two about spider crabs, but the spider crabs before his eyes were more than two meters long and covered in thorns . Also, he was under the impression that there were more spider crabs that were not molting than those which were molting .

They swam quickly and saw nothing but spider crabs on their way . Some of the spider crabs had been piled dozens of meters high . Those at the bottom were probably already dead . Han Fei said, “We can only go from below . Just pay attention to the rays . ”

It was impossible for Han Fei’s team to bypass the hills of spider crabs, and they could only go through the places where the spider crabs were fewer . But rays were busy hunting the spider crabs in those places .

Zhang Xuanyu patted Han Fei and Le Renkuang . “You can walk in the front since you’re sturdier than me . I definitely have to build up my body after we return . ”

Le Renkuang said, “I’m not resistant to poison . Han Fei, you stay on the outside . ”

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Han Fei: “???!”

He was lost for words . What’s your problem? You’re talking as if I’m strongly resistant to poison .

But Han Fei was not really bothered . He nodded back at everybody, only to see that Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai were already gone .

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Stop looking . Both of them are in stealth mode . Have you forgotten that Xiaobao’s contractual spiritual beast is a stealthy jellyfish?”

Han Fei nodded after the initial surprise .

Then, he glanced around . Although he didn’t see anyone, he detected that Luo Xiaobai was three meters on his left with his spiritual senses .

Han Fei was rather surprised that his spiritual senses could detect those who were in stealth mode . He immediately looked for Xia Xiaochan, but he could only vaguely see her shadow .

Han Fei wondered whether Xia Xiaochan was better at stealth, or Luo Xiaobai’s stealthy jellyfish was simply too weak .

Having no time to care about that, Han Fei swam over quickly, and when he approached the bottom of the ocean, those rays hopped and charged at Han Fei .

Ignoring them, Han Fei said to Le Renkuang, “Give me a rod . ”

The weapon box flashed and darted at Han Fei, and Han Fei unleashed a Spiritual Energy Explosion after accepting the rod . The powerful explosion knocked away the rays’ long tails and made them spin in water

But it was not over . One of the rays sat straight and opened its big mouth, attracting both the water around as well as Han Fei and his companions .

Han Fei’s face slightly changed . He was about to break the mouth with the Million Knife Art, when a spider crab was grabbed by vines and stuffed into the ray’s big mouth, stopping the attraction force . Han Fei almost laughed aloud .

Han Fei said in amusement, “Xiaobai, your hands are truly useful!”

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Luo Xiaobai said, “Hurry up! There are more rays here . ”

Han Fei said, “Got it . Le Renkuang, hurry up . You’re the slowest . ”

Le Renkuang was lost for words . I don’t have Zhang Xuanyu’s Gold Water Silkworm . My spiritual beast is a clam and my contractual spiritual beast is a tortoise . How can I possibly be fast?

At this point, Luo Xiaobai gave him a hand . She bound her vines to Le Renkuang and gave him a boost .

Han Fei was responsible for dealing with the rays together with Luo Xiaobai . The battle was easier than the one against the sandworms earlier .

However, before they were in the clear, they had seen hundreds of rays gathered before them .

Then, Zhang Xuanyu shouted, his voice shivering . “Look… A big ray!”

Han Fei swam forward and his heart was palpitating, as he had seen an enormous Plate Ray more than thirty meters long . It was as huge as a spaceship . Han Fei’s eyes were almost popping out .

It was impossible to figure it out now . Behind them were hills of spider crabs, before them was the enormous Plate Ray, and there were also Spirit Devouring Bugs above them . They had to fight one of them! They definitely couldn’t go back now . They would be exhausted if they were to pass the sandworms’ territory again, and they certainly didn’t want to conclude the adventure empty-handed .

When they were wondering which to choose, an enormous leg almost twenty meters long suddenly extended from the spider crabs and grabbed the gigantic Plate Ray .