God of Fishing - Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: Sea Willow

Chapter 221 Sea Willow

Everyone stayed in place and Luo Xiaobai asked, “Teacher, is it the Spider Crab’s breeding season now? Why do they appear near the Sandworm’s territory?” Le Renkuang also scratched his head . “Yes! The Spider Crabs that have just shed their shells are so soft that the Sandworms can easily eat them . ”

Wenren Yu smiled . “Do you think Spider Crabs are stupid? They come here to shed their shells for a reason . Spider Crabs after molting need a lot of food . And these mountain-like Spider Crabs will not all shed shells at once . Only female crabs will shed shells, and male crabs will hunt for silkworms after the female crabs have molted… Each creature has its own way of survival, and you still have a lot to learn . ”

Han Fei was shocked . “So we just happened to meet them at the wrong time?”

Le Renkuang added, “If we had known this earlier, we should have gone down from the Sea Willow area . Although there are many vines, at least it’s not as dangerous as this place . ”

Han Fei said, “In the future, we will have to face much more dangerous situations than this . This is only the level-two fishery . If you’re so scared now, then what about the level-three fishery or the sea areas beyond it?”

Wenren Yu nodded . “Han Fei is right . This was a piece of cake compared to the challenges you will face in the future . To tell you the truth, in fact, there is no treasure in the Deep-Sea Jungle . The ordinary things in your eyes are treasures in the eyes of ordinary fishers . Which ordinary fishers have the ability to catch the exotic creatures here? Those who have this ability won’t bother to catch them . So now you understand? The best resources are always in the hands of the strong . ”

Yes, for a strong master like Wenren Yu, Sandworms, the Ghost Serpent, and the gigantic Plate Ray were nothing to her . She just needed to lift a finger to kill them .

At this moment, Han Fei was more convinced that the only places worth exploring in the level-two fishery were the Stone Forest and the Fiery Mountain . The former was sealed, so the latter ranked the first .

As for the Deep-Sea Jungle and the Piercing Electricity Zone, in fact, they were worthless to the strong . Everyone could get Soul Resistance Pearls here . Therefore, in a certain sense, they just made up for the gap with others and wouldn’t be able to exceed them .

Zhang Xuanyu had recovered some strength, and lines appeared on his body again . It seemed that his strength had been greatly enhanced .

Han Fei asked, “Are you OK?” Zhang Xuanyu patted his chest . “Yes, I feel so good! Not only that, I feel that I’m only one step away from being an intermediate great fishing master . ”

Han Fei couldn’t help but gape . Zhang Xuanyu had made rapid progress! It had been less than three months since they won the one hundred-game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena but he was already going to be an intermediate great fishing master?

This time, they walked directly from the bottom of the water without encountering any special obstacles . Some obnoxious creatures such as sea urchins and sea snakes couldn’t stop them at all .

Soon, they saw a huge tree . Yes, there was more than one tree around, but each of them were as high as 100 meters, covering an area of nearly 500 meters . They were the largest trees Han Fei had ever seen . He was really amazed .

Looking down from above on the sea surface, they didn’t look special . But now when they stood in front of them at the moment, they were simply soul-stirring .

Thousands of wicker branches floated along with the waves, and every branch was hung with large or small Wooden Fish . The Wooden Fish often bumped into each other and made clicking sounds . Han Fei had no doubt that if the willows were hung with bells, the tree would be called the Bell Tree .

Not only Han Fei, but everyone else was also dumbfounded .

Le Renkuang was curious . “Those Wood Fish can stick out their tongues! Are they alive or dead?”

Luo Xiaobai suggested, “They must be controlled by the Sea Willows . ”

Xia Xiaochan exclaimed, “This is so beautiful! Why is there still light on the tree?”

Yes, everyone noticed it . On the dark bottom of the sea, any flash of light was extremely dazzling . At the moment, there were flashes of light on those Sea Willows like the stars in the night sky, but not as many as the stars . There were about a hundred light spots on each tree .

Han Fei was overjoyed . “They are Wood Spiritual Fruits, which contain several times more spiritual energy than ordinary spiritual fruits . They can enhance the human body’s affinity with plants . Its fruit core can make people calm and enhance the effect of cultivation . It’s good stuff!”

Xia Xiaochan raised her brows . “How do you know this?”

“I have read the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants . It says that there are divine trees in the sea, which produced Wood Spiritual Fruits . I didn’t know the so-called divine trees were just Sea Willows . ”

Luo Xiaobai shrugged . “Let me try . ”

Forests were Luo Xiaobai’s territory . Countless vines immediately stuck out in all directions like countless tentacles, trying to climb onto the trees from the seabed mud .

But before they climbed onto the tree, Luo Xiaobai’s face changed and quickly said, “These trees… Are conscious . ”

Luo Xiaobai had just said that when the others saw dust rise, the soil broke apart, and countless vines were entangled, tearing each other .

Luo Xiaobai muttered, “Han Fei, give me spiritual energy . ”

A spirit gathering array appeared under Han Fei’s feet and spiritual energy was injected into Luo Xiaobai’s body in wisps . Luo Xiaobai was glassy-eyed and her hair flew about and gradually, her eyes turned white .

And the vines around, like mushrooms after rain, were popping up and growing rapidly like crazy .

At first, it was only a contest between vines . But immediately, the noise grew louder and louder . Gradually, they discovered that the soil under their feet was shattering and vines protruded from under the soil .

Xia Xiaochan explained, “Xiaobai’s vines are flower vines, and these dry and dark vines are tree vines . ”

The four of them attacked at the same time, and as soon as the tree vines came out, they were cut off by them . But countless trees vines still swarmed over them from all directions .

Han Fei said, “Not only tree vines, but there are also tree roots . These giant trees have countless roots . Block them . Let me check what kind of a creature the Sea Willow is?”

Then, Han Fei cast his fishing rod . The fishhook turned into a stream of water, quickly approaching a shining place like a spring . Just halfway through, it was discovered by the willows, so the Wooden Fish on the whole tree moved .

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To their shock, these Wooden Fish opened their mouths and were squirting like crazy with swishing sounds .

Han Fei’s plan failed . Those arrow-like tongues completely blocked Han Fei’s way completely . Even the Blood Spider Silk was pulled apart and Han Fei’s fishing rod lost its hook .

Han Fei gave a wry smile . It seemed that it was time to change the fishing rod . It was too easy to break .

Seeing that Xia Xiaochan was about to go into stealth mode to kill, Han Fei stopped her . “It won’t work . Those Wooden Fish seem to be able to feel the pulsation of water flow, so your invisibility is ineffective against them . ”

Zhang Xuanyu scratched his head . “May I help?”

“What if you encounter this situation?”

Zhang Xuanyu shrugged . “What can I do? Fight my way out! As long as I’m strong enough, I can destroy a thousand branches with one blow . Let me try . ”

With that, Zhang Xuanyu launched the Seven-Layered Waves in Furious Sea again, which was much stronger than before . His rod set off huge waves on the seabed .

However, under this blow, only less than 20 willow branches were destroyed . As for the others, it at most knocked the Wooden Fish off . No more than 50 branches were affected .

Zhang Xuanyu retreated and looked embarrassed . “After all, the willows are soft, and my stick is not sharp . ”

Le Renkuang shrugged . “Let me try?”

Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu nodded . Han Fei had discovered that an armorist was not just a meat shield . Under the sea, he was even more versatile than Luo Xiaobai . Although an armorist’s explosive power might not be as strong as that of a hunter or a soul warrior, their group combat power was first-class . Le Renkuang launched an attack and the seabed immediately flashed with swords and knives .

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Of course, there were not many armorists as strong as Le Renkuang . Normal armorists could only use the weapons in their armor box . Ordinary people couldn’t even catch a Thousand-Bladed Turtle!

With the outbreak of Le Renkuang, waves of swords and knives swept across the seabed . Although it looked messy, it worked very well . In a moment, countless willows were crushed, causing the attacks of this tree to a sudden halt .

Han Fei’s eyes lit up . “Great, the willows are not sturdy enough . ”

However, as soon as he said so, countless Wooden Fish suddenly began to collide with each other, making banging sounds .

At first, it didn’t seem to cause any harm . However, soon, other trees followed suit . For a moment, the whole water area was full of percussive sounds .


Luo Xiaobai suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, her face pale . “Retreat!”