God of Fishing - Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: The Strange Little Treeman

Chapter 224 The Strange Little Treeman

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . A soul attack?

This blow made Han Fei sober up and his thirst for bloodshed was gone .

Han Fei wanted to send a message to Zhang Xuanyu, asking him to block this soul attack .

But he couldn’t control his body very well . Although he was already a great fishing master, he still couldn’t control Little Black and Little White well .

However, fortunately Zhang Xuanyu was very sensitive to soul attacks . His face immediately changed . “Xia Xiaochan, go help Han Fei . ”

Being struck by the airwaves of the ripples repeatedly, Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang had retreated .

Zhang Xuanyu glared and the Bloodthirsty Shark suddenly appeared behind him . He stood on the Bloodthirsty Shark and his eyes turned red .

“Soul Explosion!”


In the void, invisible energy suddenly erupted . Zhang Xuanyu tried to resist it, only to be nailed into the mud on the bottom of the sea .

Han Fei’s face changed greatly . “Zhang Xuanyu, come back . ”

Wenren Yu had appeared beside this Sea Willow, ready to activate her Sword Grass . The current results were still acceptable to her . But if that thing came out, she would have to do something

Han Fei had rushed towards the fourth willow tree now . He certainly wouldn’t stop now! The target was already close at hand . Although all the Wooden Fish were detonating along the way and bursting his spiritual energy protective cover over and over again, the gain was far more than the cost .

“Spirit Gathering! Water Thickening Technique!”

Han Fei was immediately surrounded with spiritual energy and the water around him turned thick . Just when Han Fei was about to grab the spiritual fruit, out of the corner of his eyes, he glimpsed a little man emerging from the seabed mud .

Yes, it was a man . Han Fei was horrified and immediately turned his body to one side . The next second, a branch suddenly whipped where he was just swimming .


Han Fei broke into a cold sweat . He saw a treeman, a treeman of human size, raising his hand… A trunk-like hand, waving at him .

Han Fei glanced at Wenren Yu and looked at the Wood Spiritual Fruit again . “Universe Machete . ”

In an instant, a broadsword shot out . Han Fei grabbed the fruit, but at this time, the branch reappeared and whipped Han Fei .


Han Fei was nailed into the mud too . He felt his internal organs were rolling and tumbling . What the hell was that little treeman?

Outside .


Dragon howling was heard . Needless to say, Xia Xiaochan had summoned her Giant Arowana . Han Fei vomited blood, and when he climbed out of the pit, he saw the Giant Arowana was roaring at the little treeman .

The dragon roars made rough waves on the seabed . This sound wave was not much weaker than the roaring of the Wooden Fish .

However, the little treeman blocked its howling attack with its trunk-like hand and opened his mouth at the Giant Arowana .

The moment the little treeman roared back, Xia Xiaochan suddenly appeared behind him, with dazzling spiritual energy on her dagger . She stabbed the little treeman and pierced through his body . Everyone let out a breath of relief . She killed him! This little treeman was too weird . How could a tree look like a man?

Xia Xiaochan retreated quickly . But in the next second, a branch appeared in front of Xia Xiaochan .


However, as soon as Xia Xiaochan flashed and avoided the branch, another branch appeared beside her .


Xia Xiaochan was whipped hard and vomited blood . This surprised everyone . For the first time in combat, Xia Xiaochan was injured because she wasn’t fast enough .

Han Fei jumped out of the pit and caught Xia Xiaochan . At the same time, Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers flew at the little treeman .

Clank, Clank, Clank… Crack!

Han Fei saw a branch snap off and then heard sobbing cries from the seawater; like a little child was crying aggrievedly .

“Huh?” Wenren Yu, who was about to launch an attack, was surprised . Was the little treeman scared?

Han Fei hadn’t canceled the fusion yet, but the time for Rage was running out . He used the Divine Healing Technique on Xia Xiaochan and rushed at the little treeman, activating his most brutal combat skill, Scar of War Shadows . Meanwhile, he secretly held the Water-Stirring Seal in his hand .

A branch suddenly grew out of the little treeman’s hands .



Han Fei was whipped into the soil again . Even the Water-Stirring Seal failed to block the little treeman’s attack .

But Wenren Yu saw clearly that Han Fei grabbed the branch of the little treeman . Although his hands were cut bloody, he did catch it .


The Water-Stirring Seal suddenly soared dozens of feet high and smashed at the little treeman . At the same time, Han Fei pulled the branch, and once again, Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers shot at the little treeman uniformly .

But soon, Han Fei felt a tremendous force to break free of his hand, and the little treeman drilled into the soil and slipped away!

A voice rang in Han Fei’s mind . “Don’t come again, or I’ll kill you . ”

Han Fei scratched his head in shock, looked up and found that Wenren Yu had approached them .

Han Fei wondered, “Teacher, are you going to attack him?”

Wenren Yu took a deep look at Han Fei . “Just go! You’ve gotten enough Wood Spiritual Fruit . That little treeman is not something you can catch!”

“Is he very strong?” Wenren Yu shook her head . “He is a very special existence in the Deep-Sea Jungle, who has also mastered Xiaobai’s Death Replacement Art and can even use that art repeatedly . Someone once tried to hunt him but failed . ”

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Xia Xiaochan was shocked . “Even you can’t catch him?”

Wenren Yu shook her head . “Sometimes, strength is not everything, especially for some strange creatures . ”

It was a pity that Han Fei wasn’t close enough to the treeman, so no data appeared in his eyes and he didn’t know what kind of creature this little treeman was . But how dare he speak to him that way?!

Han Fei thought to himself . I will come back in a few years . Just wait and see…

After this little treeman showed up, Han Fei had a feeling that there must be a secret in this place, a secret that nobody had discovered .

Unfortunately, this exploration had to stop here .

If Wenren Yu hadn’t come, no one would have known what would have happened .

Xia Xiaochan wondered, “I just stabbed him, but it felt as if stabbing a piece of wood and he didn’t seem to feel anything . ”

Han Fei simply said, “Treemen have no heart . ”

The battle stopped and the five of them were all wounded . And this was only the level-two fishery . They looked at each other in dismay . Zhang Xuanyu shook his head slightly . “Fine, let’s go!”

Le Renkuang also said, “Let’s go back . I want to eat hot pot . ”

Han Fei muttered, “Well, the Fiery Mountain…”

Wenren Yu snorted . “Forget about it! Go back to town . ”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei . “Yeah, we really should go back . We need to take a rest . ”

Le Renkuang agreed . “I want to go back and get a good sleep . I’m swollen soaking in the water every day . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “Don’t make excuses for yourself . You are just fat . ”

“Although you have lost a lot of weight, you are just about the same size as me!”

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Han Fei: “…”

On the sea .

Han Fei was fishing for kelp and jellyfish . There was too much seafood for the Sea Swallowing Seashell, so he asked Wenren Yu to store them for him . He caught hundreds of sea urchins and even wanted to catch two sea turtles…

Wenren Yu’s face turned dark . “Han Fei, that’s enough . Take off!”

Han Fei and Le Renkuang shouted at the same time, “No, Teacher, no hurry! Let’s catch some more seafood…”

Wenren Yu was helpless . “My space is full . ”

“It’s okay, Teacher . We can store them in the cabin…”

Wenren Yu: “…”

It wasn’t until this guy filled up the cabin with seafood that they started flying back to the Blue Sea Town .

On the way .

Han Fei asked, “Why can’t we go to the Fiery Mountain, Teacher?”

Wenren Yu said casually, “You will know it by then . Anyway, you’ve explored all the most dangerous places in the level-two fishery, except for the Fiery Mountain, and have got all the opportunities you can get . Have a good rest and start again . ”

Although Wenren Yu looked calm, she had never once been calm in the past two months . These kids really opened her eyes! They caught so many exotic creatures, destroyed the den of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon, and explored three of the four recognized Forbidden Places in the level-two fishery . The Rock-Holding Turtle alone had surprised her, let alone the Piercing Electricity Zone and the Deep-Sea Jungle .

At this time, Zhang Xuanyu suddenly asked, “Han Fei, where is the rod you pulled out . Let me see it?”

Han Fei cast a contemptuous glance at Zhang Xuanyu and said, “I’ve decided I will use a rod from now on . ”

Zhang Xuanyu was helpless . “You speak as if I’m going to take it away from you . Although you pulled it out, you can’t lift it . ”

“I will be able to lift it sooner or later . ”