God of Fishing - Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: About the Infinite Ocean

Chapter 225 About the Infinite Ocean

When they returned to the Thug Academy, it was just late in the evening, and Old Bai and Xiao Zhan were making hot pot . Before the food in the hot pot was cooked, the two began to drink wine .

The two were drinking and suddenly saw Wenren Yu and the others appear from thin air .

“It’ll be your turn next time, Xiao Zhan . ”

Xiao Zhan was surprised . “Oh, you are back so soon!”

Wenren Yu asked crossly, “So how long did you want me to stay at sea?”

Xiao Zhan hurriedly put down the wine cup . “No, have they learned spiritual perception?”

Wenren Yu sneered . “Spiritual perception? Your good students have traversed everywhere in the level-two fishery except the Fiery Mountain, and even a Rock-Holding Turtle was released by them . Didn’t you hear in the town?”


“Rock-Holding Turtle?”

Old Bai’s eyes almost popped out . “Stone Forest?”

Wenren Yu narrowed her eyes . “Do you know that there is a Rock-Holding Turtle in the Stone Forest?”

Old Bai shook his head . “No . That’s just a legend but no one had seen it . The Stone Forest is literally a maze, and there is also a seal, which no one knows what is suppressing . The great fishing masters who entered the Stone Forest were mostly killed and the survivors were very few . How could I know that there is really a Rock-Holding Turtle inside?”

Xiao Zhan lunged to his feet curiously . “So, did you see a Rock-Holding Turtle? Does the boulder on its back really record magical combat skills?”

Wenren Yu frowned . “I didn’t see it, but Han Fei and the other students did, but just for a little while . You can ask them about the details . They should be arriving soon . ”

As soon as she said so, Le Renkuang’s voice came from behind the door, “I smell hot pot . It’s great that I can eat hot pot as soon as I get home . ”

Han Fei shouted quickly, “President, don’t rush to eat . I’ve got ingredients here, fresh . ”

Zhang Xuanyu scoffed . “All you two know is eating!” Xia Xiaochan added, “I miss my little treehouse so much . It’s really uncomfortable to float on the sea!”

Han Fei agreed . “But we often ate hot pot at sea, too . ”

As they chattered, the Thug Academy’s cold and quiet campus seemed to be a bit more vibrant at once . Of course, it was just a bit more .

The five of them ran to the table cheerfully, greeted Old Bai and Xiao Zhan, and started to make the food .

“Feifei, where is the grill?” Le Renkuang asked .

“Here you are!”

Han Fei took out the barbecue grill, threw it on the ground, and at the same time took out a bunch of things from the Sea Swallowing Seashells, such as kelp, jellyfish, squid tentacles, clams, conch, crayfish, starfish, Pearl Fish… In the end, he even pulled out a Plate Ray and Spider Crab .

Xia Xiaochan widened her eyes . “Han Fei, when did you catch the Plate Rays and Spider Crabs?”

“Their bodies were scattered around and I picked up some!”

Seeing this, Old Bai and Xiao Zhan froze .

Old Bai said helplessly, “Did you go to cultivate or look for ingredients?”

Xiao Zhan asked, “Han Fei, is your Sea Swallowed Seashell full of these kinds of things?”

Han Fei scratched his head . “Otherwise, there’s nothing else to put in! Anyways, I can’t just lay the Sea Swallowing Seashell idle without using it! Oh, I still have hundreds of squid tentacles here . And there are also many sea urchins and the like in Ms . Wenren’s shell…”

Old Bai and Xiao Zhan looked at Wenren Yu as if asking, “Since when did you become their warehouse . ”

Wenren Yu’s face was black . “Hoho, my Sea Swallowing Seashell is stuffed . ” The hot pot was ready and the teachers and students gathered around the table .

Old Bai was busy eating and only Xiao Zhan was asking about their experience in the level-two fishery .

After a moment .

Xiao Zhan asked, “So, have you all mastered spiritual perception now?”

Luo Xiaobai’s face lit up . “Yes! But the consciousness ranges of me and Le Renkuang are still very small, and Han Fei and Xiaochan have the largest ranges . ”

Xiao Zhan was actually surprised . Originally, they just let them have a try but didn’t expect that they would all succeed .

Xiao Zhan asked another question, “Is the painting on the back of the Rock-Holding Turtle really so magical? Can it even enhance your spiritual perception?”

Luo Xiaobai’s face lit up again . “Yes! This was discovered by Han Fei . After we tried it, we were very sure that it really could . ”

Xiao Zhan took a deep breath . “Then you must remember that picture . This is a great opportunity which others don’t have . ”

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During the whole process, only Luo Xiaobai was answering his questions . Han Fei and the others were eating . From capturing exotic creatures to the Fire Cloud Cave, the Piercing Electricity Zone, the Stony Forest, and the Deep-Sea Jungle, everything sounded so exciting

When Luo Xiaobai said that they met the little treeman in the Deep-Sea Jungle, Old Bai suddenly said, “Don’t go to the Deep-Sea Jungle again . ”

Hearing his words, Han Fei, who was busy eating and drinking, immediately asked, “Is it because of that little treeman, President?”

Old Bai grunted . “Don’t ask about things that you shouldn’t know . Anyway, you’ve got what you can get . There is nothing in the Deep-Sea Jungle that you need to get . ” Han Fei continued to ask, “President, are there any secrets in the Deep-Sea Jungle?”

Everyone was listening keenly but Old Bai just snorted . “Secrets my ass . In the Infinite Ocean, there are countless jungles that are more dangerous than the Deep-Sea Jungle . The 300-mile jungle is nothing! Have you ever seen a 100,000-mile seabed jungle?”

“Hundred thousand miles?!”

The students exclaimed . All the ordinary fisheries, level-one fishery and level-two fishery in Blue Sea Town didn’t add up to 100,000 miles . Old Bai, are you sure you are not kidding? Old Bai cast a contemptuous glance at them . “Is one hundred thousand miles very large to you? In many Unknown places, let alone a 100,000-mile Deep-Sea Jungle, there are even million-mile ones . Any creature in them can kill you at will . Don’t think you are strong . You are just small fries . ”

Han Fei and the others believed what he said but that was still too far away from them .

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “President, how big is our world? A random sea jungle can extend a million miles? Are there also million-mile coral reefs or what?”

Old Bai sneered . “No one knows how big this world is in the entire Thousand Star City, including the castellan . And you’re asking me this question?”

Han Fei thought to himself, It seems that this planet is super super large! Old Bai picked up a piece of squid tentacle and put it into his mouth . “I can tell you some hearsay . The Infinite Ocean you talk about every day does exist . It is in the unknown place outside the unknown place . According to the records of ancient books, that sea area alone extends hundreds of millions of miles, and very few people who have entered it can return . ”

Han Fei was stunned . “Doesn’t ‘Infinite Ocean’ just describe how vast the sea is?”

Old Bai shook his head . “That’s just a sea area . Maybe, there is another Infinite Ocean at the end of the Infinite Ocean . When you grow up and go to these unknown places, maybe you can know them better . ”

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For some reason, Han Fei was a little bit excited!

Han Fei asked again, “President, then what is the Unknown Place? Can we go to the Unknown Place after we go to the level-three fishery?”

Old Bai said casually, “Only if you survive the level-three fishery . The level-three fishery is completely another story compared to the level-two fishery! You can ask Xiao Zhan and Wenren Yu how dangerous it is!”

The students immediately turned their eyes to them .

Xiao Zhan said honestly, “The level-three fishery is full of peril, where there are thousands of dangerous secret areas and many places have seals . Even Dangling Fishers and Hidden Fishers may be killed there, not to mention fishing masters . ”

Han Fei and the others were shocked . No wonder that they could only get to the level-three fishery via the teleportation array . That place was completely not at the same level as the level-two fishery!

At this time, Han Fei remembered that Ren Tianfei said that he had left him a chance at the level-three fishery . But could he come back from it alive?

Wenren Yu said flatly, “Don’t think too much . After the meal, get your asses up to cultivate and take time to digest what you experienced these two months . Except for Han Fei who is responsible for cooking, the others don’t come out before upgrading . ”

Han Fei: “…”