God of Fishing - Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Rod

Chapter 226 Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Rod

After the meal, only Xia Xiaochan crawled into her treehouse to sleep . In her words, sleeping was also a kind of cultivation, which was much more comfortable than inside a cave .

The others couldn’t agree more . So, except for Han Fei, all the others climbed into their treehouses, claiming that they were going to meditate on the picture . Han Fei went into a cave instead . His spiritual perception range was now big enough . So, what he needed to do now was not meditate on the picture!

Han Fei took out a Wood Spiritual Fruit to illuminate the dark cave .

It doesn’t smell fragrant, but it can shine . Whatever, eat it first .

It was not the first time he ate a spiritual fruit . Like eating a peach, Han Fei ate it in a few bites .

Spiritual energy diffused throughout his body and those that could not be absorbed by the body were stored . Han Fei felt a chill over his head . He felt like he had never been so conscious and his thinking was extremely fast! This feeling lasted more than an hour before slowly dissipating . When Han Fei opened his eyes again, he felt that his vision was extremely clear and his hearing and smell were improving . This feeling was very subtle . His five senses were strengthened, which was definitely helpful for combat . He also tried to communicate with the wild grass outside the cave but got no response . It was normal because he was not a manipulator . After all, a mysterious thing like the affinity for spiritual plants varied from person to person .

The remaining round core felt cool . Han Fei pondered a bit, threaded it with Blood Spider Silk, and hung it around his neck . This thing could calm the mind, so he’d better wear it for a long time .

Of course, this spiritual fruit didn’t help him much . After all, he was already an intermediate great fishing master .

“Shall I cast a fishing rod?”

Han Fei wanted to take out the dragon head, but then he realized that he lacked a fishing line!

At this moment, Han Fei remembered the tendon of the Ghost Serpent . That thing should be able to be used as a fishing line, right? Although it was just the tendon of a serpent, it was much better than Blood Spider Silk!

With such a thought, Han Fei decided to get the serpent tendon from Wenren Yu in a few days .

Then he began to practice the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies Art .

He practiced it for one day and one night . Wenren Yu shouted outside, “Han Fei, come out to cook . ”

Han Fei was stunned . Come on, I’m cultivating!

Wenren Yu continued, “Come out to cook after finishing this set of actions . ”

After a while, Han Fei came out and looked at Wenren Yu aggrievedly . “Teacher, is it good to interrupt someone’s cultivation?”

Wenren Yu chuckled . “You’re not cultivating but tempering your body . You can stop at any time, but they can’t . Just go to cook . ”

Han Fei was helpless . “Teacher! I need to upgrade too!”

Wenren Yu looked confused . “Didn’t you just upgrade? Why are you upgrading again?”

Han Fei cast a sideways glance at her . “Teacher, it’s been more than a month since my last upgrade . I have experienced a lot during this time . Isn’t it normal for me to upgrade again?”

Wenren Yu narrowed her eyes . “You mean upgrading from an intermediate great fishing master to an advanced one in a month or so?”

Han Fei waved his hands . “Fine! I’m going to cook! Oh, by the way, Teacher, can you give me the tendon of the Ghost Serpent?”

“Huh? Do you need it?” “The quality of my fishing rod is too poor! I want to get a good one . ” “OK, I can give it to you . ”

Wenren Yu did not refuse him . After all, this serpent tendon was useless to her .

Thinking about it, Wenren Yu said, “I can give you the tendon, but I am going to give the snake gallbladder to Xia Xiaochan . It’s of no use to you . And I’ll give the unicorn to Le Renkuang to cast weapons . Do you agree?”

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“Sure! I have no problem with it!” .

Han Fei disdained this in his heart . How useful was a snake gallbladder? Could the unicorn horn be better than the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon bone?

After dinner, Han Fei went to the school

library .

There were not only the spirit tablets of the former students, but also book collections and combat skills, as well as some ancient books and records . Now he needed to find a book about spiritual weapons .

After picking three or four books, Han Fei ran back to the cave . Instead of rushing to cultivate, he started to study the knowledge of spiritual weapons .

“Huh! A spiritual weapon needs a spirit! And the spirit has to be sealed in the spiritual weapon! No wonder my Blue Sea Wandering Dragon daggers are only sharp but have no spirituality… It’s because there aren’t spirits sealed in them . ”

“Oh, spiritual weapons also need to be nourished with one’s own spiritual energy or blood essence?”

Han Fei was speechless . If he made ten thousand spiritual weapons and dropped a drop of blood on each of them, his blood would be drained!

Fine, let me nourish them with spiritual energy first! I’ll throw them all into Forge the Universe for now . Anyway, there is still a plentiful amount of spiritual spring inside it .

After reading the books, Han Fei learned why Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers are only low-quality spiritual weapons . It seemed that he still had a long way to go in the exploration of spiritual weapons . If he could make 10,000 spiritual weapons, seal a demonic fish in each of them, and nourish them with spiritual energy for a few years, then he would be unimaginably strong!

But now he could only control ten spiritual weapons at the same time at most, and his inventory was only 40 . It was too early to think about sealing a spirit in each of them .

But he could make a new fishing rod now . Han Fei carefully sealed the cave and left a note, reading: I came up with a new idea about cultivation, so I’ll cultivate in seclusion for three days . Do not disturb me .

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Not thinking of the others’ reactions, Han Fei took out the Demon Purification Pot in the cave .

“Haha! Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Rod! It sounds terrific . ”

Han Fei threw the dragon head and the snake tendon into the Demon Purification Pot . Then he thought about the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bone being so cold .

Will it freeze my hand? Shall I put some Fire Element Crystal in?

When Han Fei was in the Fire Cloud Cave, he dug hundreds of pieces of Fire Element Crystal . Shall I use the strongest Fire Element Crystal? But that one is too strong and hot . It will do more harm than good if it completely suppresses the characteristics of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bone . But those Fire Element Crystals embedded in the wall are not powerful enough . It should be no problem if I put many of them .

Thinking about it, Han Fei looked down at the Wood Spiritual Fruit core hanging around his neck . This thing doesn’t seem to be useful . Should I throw it in too to make the fishing rod?

Then he no longer hesitated . Since he decided to make a fishing rod, he may as well try to make a good one . It would be worth it if he could upgrade the spiritual weapon-level fishing rod of mortal level and high quality into a magic weapon!

“Forge . ”

Han Fei focused and stared at Forge the Universe, only to find that the liquid level of the spiritual spring in it had dropped a great deal, at least by 3 centimeters .

Han Fei took a slight breath . Gosh, the spiritual spring had been absorbed by three cubic meters! How much spiritual energy was it? In order to build a magic weapon, he had consumed so much spiritual spring! After more than ten minutes, a blue, white, and purple fishing rod appeared .

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Rod

Forged from the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bone, Fire Element Crystals, tendon of Ghost Serpent, and Wood Spiritual Fruit core . The rod feels cold . In fishing, it can calm the angler’s mind .

Mid-quality Spiritual Weapon


Note: Due to limited forging materials, a large amount of spiritual energy was consumed to cast it into a mid-quality spiritual weapon .

Han Fei was very satisfied and immediately dropped a drop of blood on the fishing rod to refine it . After a while, the rod was taken into his body . Although he didn’t know where it was, it was much more convenient than carrying it .

Han Fei considered if he should take the chance to forge a bow . After all, the War Soul Art was another trump card for him . But soon he dismissed this idea . He didn’t have the material for the bowstring! Perhaps he should go to the Linglong Tower to see if there was a good bowstring…