God of Fishing - Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: Return

Chapter 228 Return

Early the next morning, Han Fei went to Li Gang

Now, Li Gang had moved to the Blue Sea Town . Their business in the village was mainly managed by Li Qing and Li Gan .

When Han Fei arrived, Li Gang was mobilizing the employees . Han Fei looked from afar . Li Gang’s mobilization work seemed a bit difficult . In the town, the employees recruited by The Fish Dragons were mostly fishing masters, and even great fishing masters . Although Li Gang had upgraded, it was still hard for him, a level-eight fisher, to direct these employees .

Seeing Han Fei come over, Li Gang hurriedly ran up to him . “Young Master, why are you here? Aren’t you going to sea?”

Han Fei casually answered, “I’ve been back . By the way, while we were away, did anyone make trouble in our hot pot restaurants?” .

Li Gang paused and looked a bit embarrassed . Han Fei frowned . “Who?”

Li Gang gave a wry smile . “Young Master, it’s been solved . A great fishing master came to me and asked me to tell him the secret recipe of our hot pot restaurant . Of course, I refused him and went to Mr . Xiao Zhan . He easily drove that guy away . ”

Han Fei nodded slightly . “What about The Fish Dragon Card Rooms?”

Li Gang smiled awkwardly . “Young, Young Master… Fish Dragon Card Rooms…” .

As Li Gang faltered, Han Fei took a deep breath . “Is there a problem? Just tell me . I’m on vacation and I’ll solve it when I come back after the vacation . ”

Li Gang scratched his head . “Young Master, our printing technology has been stolen . ” Han Fei’s face immediately turned dark . “Who did this?”

Li Gang faltered, “Well, this…” “Hurry up! Who dare to mess up with our Thug Academy in the Blue Sea Town?” Li Gang muttered, “The Black River Chamber of Commerce . ”

“Black River Chamber of Commerce?”

Han Fei remembered that the people who tried to take Master Turtle away were from the Black River Chamber of Commerce . Great! How dare they steal our things so blatantly?

Han Fei snorted . “I see . I’ll handle this after my vacation . By the way, if you meet the people from the Black River Chamber of Commerce again, just tell them that The Fish Dragons are now covered by the Thug Academy . If they want to snatch anything, just let them . When the time comes, I’ll make them pay back a thousand times . ”

Hearing Han Fei’s words, Li Gang immediately straightened up . “Yes, Young Master . ”

After thinking for a while, Han Fei threw him a Plate Ray . “This is a rare fish from the level-two fishery . Eat it . You’ll be able to become a fishing master . But don’t eat too much . Your body won’t be able to stand it . ”

Li Gang was shocked to see this Plate Ray five or six meters long . A rare fish from the level-two fishery?! It was a superb contractual spiritual beast for him! Isn’t it a waste to eat it?

Seeing Li Gang’s expression, Han Fei couldn’t help but laugh . “It’s nothing . After you eat this, I’ll also give you some squid tentacles . Increase your strength as soon as possible . If you still can’t make the breakthrough, go buy two pieces of spiritual fruits . You should be able to afford it . ”

Li Gang was very grateful . “Yes, Young Master, I’ll eat this, cultivate harder, and strive to become a fishing master as soon as possible . ” “OK, I will come back to the village on holiday . If something happens here, go to my school to find Luo Xiaobai . She is there . ”

Leaving the hot pot restaurant, Han Fei went straight to the port .

Two hours later .

Han Fei steered the fishing boat directly to his cottage . He first went to the cliff cave behind, which had been covered with dust and seemed deserted for a long time . Maybe it was because the members of The Fish Dragons didn’t know that there was a cliff cave behind the cottage . Han Fei tidied up the cave a little and then climbed up the cliff . As soon as he walked to the cottage, he saw two people walking at him and just about to enter the courtyard .

“Hey, who are you? How dare you break our leader’s home?”

Han Fei blinked . “You don’t know who I am…”

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The two were angry . “Why should we know who you are? Get lost! You aren’t allowed here… No, I’ve gotta check if there is anything missing in the house…”

Han Fei smiled . “This is my home and you said I can’t come here?”

“Your home? Are you kidding? Who do you think you are… Wait, you said this is your home?”

The two of them suddenly shivered and looked at Han Fei in shock .

“Okay, thank you for guarding my home . Let me give you two squid tentacles, which I got from the level-two fishery . You can make soup with them… By the way, call Li Qing and Li Gan over . ”

Han Fei suddenly took out two squid tentacles as thick as a human’s thigh and about two meters long . These two people were startled . Where did he take these out from?! What a magic skill was this!

“Le… Leader?”

Han Fei threw the two squid tentacles to the two of them saying, “I just came back . Don’t tell anyone . ” “Yes, yes! Leader, please wait a minute . Let’s call them over . ”

The two immediately ran away with a look of excitement . They had thought it was a boring job to clean Han Fei’s old house . Who could have expected to meet him here? And he even gave them some treasure he got from the level-two fishery!

Han Fei entered the cottage and found that it was very clean, so he was very satisfied .

He lay down on his little bed . Although he didn’t live here long, this was his home .

After lying down for a while, he heard some people running over .

Li Qing and Li Gan arrived .

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Li Qing asked carefully outside the door . “Young Master?”

“Come in . ”

The two quickly came in .

Han Fei sat up from the bed and said, “Take a seat . Wow, Li Gan is already an intermediate fishing master?”

Li Gan scratched his head . “Th… Th… Thanks… To… You… Le-leader…”

Unable to bear Li Gan’s stuttering, Han Fei waved . “Okay, great . Li Qing, how are The Fish Dragons recently? Did you bully the villagers?”

Li Qingyi said seriously, “Definitely not, Leader . We are quite loved in the village . No member will bully the villagers . Anyone who does this will be kicked out of the gang . ”

“OK, well done . Don’t forget to give a bonus to the members from time to time and help the children who have lost their parents . It’s up to you guys, but no corruption is allowed . ” “Yes, Boss . ”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Don’t be nervous . Relax . By the way, barbecue stalls and hot pot restaurants can cut prices by 30% . After all, the village is not comparable to the town and the villagers have limited spending power . And I don’t lack money . ”

Li Gan grinned . Han Fei was literally the perfect leader in his heart .

Li Qing asked tentatively, “Young Master, are you coming back to our gang?”

Han Fei shook his head . “Not today . I’ll go back to the plantation to have a look and visit the village leader . ”

With that, Han Fei got out of bed, walked out of the door, and waved his hand, and then a huge Plate Ray and a crayfish of the same size appeared . In addition, there were also dozens of squid tentacles and two small bottles .

This scene shocked Li Qing and Li Gan who almost collapsed to the ground .

Han Fei said with a smile, “Don’t be scared . I stored them in a Sea Swallowing Seashell, which is a storage space . Thanks for your hard work . These are some rare foods that I got from the level-two fishery . They should be helpful for your cultivation if you eat them . Distribute these squid tentacles to the most excellent members . As for these two small bottles, each contain a pound of spiritual spring energy which would equal a few months worth of cultivation . Li Qing, you can drink a small amount of it when you are breaking through to be a fishing master . ”

Li Qing and Li Gan were stunned and gaped . Wow! What did they see?! Rare food from the level-two fishery? Eat them? That would be a reckless waste of treasure!

Han Fei waved . “Okay, that’s all . I won’t stay long in the village . Go about your business . Take these away . I’ll rest here for a while . Don’t arrange anyone to come over these two days . ”

After all, Han Fei was already an intermediate great fishing master . Fishing master would be suppressed by his powerful aura when staying with him .

Li Qing and Li Gan didn’t dare to refuse him and they quickly left, telling the other members who were waiting outside to greet the leader .

They all greeted Han Fei respectfully and then looked at the Plate Ray and crayfish dumbfounded . Wow, are these sea monsters?!

They carried the crayfish, the Plate Ray, and the squid tentacles away and kept looking back, trying to remember Han Fei’s appearance so that they could brag about it with others later .

Han Fei clasped his hands behind his back and stood at the edge of the cliff, saying to himself with a smile, “Gee, not bad, Han Fei, flop to the top just in a year! Well, now you should synthesize your second spiritual beast . You’re in your own house now . No one can spy . ”